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Repair the Wobbly Steering on your Farmall

…demonstrating the installation of a new steering shaft and more on a Farmall M. In this newest series of tractor repair videos offered exclusively online at SteinerTractor.TV Rachel Gingell shows you helpful tips when removing and installing a new shaft, gear, bearing and joint. Start watching…
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Steering Sector Gear

International - Fits: BM, M, MD, MDV, MTA, MV, Super M, Super MD, Super MDV, Super MDV-TA, Super MTA (diesel), Super MTA, Super MV, Super MVTA, 400, 450, British: 450; Replaces: 50037DA, 50037DB, 704168R1 The style of this gear is full circle. This gear has 32 teeth. It can also replace a 19 tooth…
Product Number: IHS2931
Price: $149.95

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Tighten up your IH tractor’s steering

steering Tighten up your IH tractor’s steering 03/05/2015 by Suzette Thomas Leave a Comment Does your 75 year old IH/Farmall M, Super M, MTA, 400, 450 have excessive play in the steering? Our new gear and shaft help tighten up your steering. IHS2931 is a new full circle steering gear that can…
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Oil Seal

M, MD, MDV, MV, Super C, Super H, Super HV, Super M, Super MD, Super MDV, Super MDV-TA, Super MV, Super MVTA, 200, 230, 240, 400, 450 (when used as a steering worm shaft oil seal) ], MTA (diesel, when used as a steering worm shaft oil sea), [ Farmall Rowcrop: 300, 340, 350 (when used as a steering
Product Number: ABC1630
Price: $7.95

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…MANIFOLD, GAS: 706, 806, 656, 756, 856, 460 12/18/2015 IHS191 MANIFOLD: 130, 140, 200, 230, 240, 330, 340, 404.. 11/27/2015 IHS194 "FARMALL" FRONT EMBLEM: H & M USA MADE 10/2/2015 IHS211 CUB CRANKSHAFT 12/11/2015 Page 2 of 4 Item Number Item Description Promised Date Steiner Tractor Parts, Inc.…
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…& gasket - $9.95 ea Fits: Allis Chalmers Unstyled WC, Unstyled WF, U, UC; IH/Farmall F12, F14, F20, F30, 10-20, 15-30, W-30, Cub, A, B, C, H, M, MTA, Supers, 100, 130, 200, 230, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 650, All I, O, W series, Replaces: 23995DA; John Deere A, AO, AR, B, D, G, H, R, (50 up to…
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…the correct recess for the steering shaft, these new wheels are better than ever. We also improve the OEM design when necessary. This is exemplified with our use of ductile iron instead of grey iron on our IHS1566 steering shaft support bearing assembly for the Farmall C - 240." - Dan Steiner JDS399…
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Tractor Stories – 1951 Farmall M

…Tractor Stories – 1951 Farmall M Tractor Stories – 1951 Farmall M 04/23/2012 by Suzette Thomas 1 Comment I was raised on a farm in extreme Southern Illinois and as long as I can remember, there have been Farmall tractors around. H's, M's, a Super M, 350 and a 400 are all tractors…
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Steering Worm Gear Housing Cover Gasket

International - Fits: BM, BMD, M, MD, MDV, MTA, MV, Super M, Super MD, Super MDV, Super MDV-TA, Super MTA (diesel), Super MTA, Super MV, Super MVTA, Farmall: 400, 450; Replaces: 45379D, 48952D, 48952DA
Product Number: IHS3250
Price: $4.95

John Deere M Restoration in Progress

…this John Deere Model M about three years ago. It had been left out in a field for many years and it was full of water. It has since been in the process of a ground up restoration where all cast iron has been cleaned, crack checked, and re-machined. Also, every bearing, gear, nut, bolt, seal, and…
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Family Farmall – New to Rust to Restoration

…until 2005. The way he would start the Farmall was to hook it to the 2440 John Deere, put the M in low gear with the choke out, and pull start it. He would then stop the John Deere and run back to the Farmall as fast as he could to let it out of gear before it crashed into the back of the Deere.…

Replace your worn crank and cam gears with new, USA made gears.

…crankshaft gear for 9N, 2N, 8N; FDS2040 camshaft gear & FDS2042 crankshaft gear for Jubilee, 600, 700, 800, 900, 2000 4-cyl., 4000 4-cyl. Also available is the IHS2050 crankshaft gear, IHS2048 camshaft gear for IH 340 diesel, 504 diesel & 454 – 706; IHS2046 crankshaft gear for M
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Antique Tractor Engine Rebuild Kits – Request a Quote Online

…Comments * Ron Karn says 12/13/2009 at 13:29 I have a Farmall Super M and need to overhaul it. could you price me std rod bearings, head gasket, 4 1/8″ piston rings set ( 4 per piston), Oil pan gasket, the 2 thermostat gaskets, Camshaft gear & keyway, lifter plate gasket,water pump…
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2011 Catalog Cover Winner!

…Winner Neal Hazelton Omaha, NE 1951 Farmall “Timeless International” (This old barn and I) “This 1951 Farmall “M” is a special part of who I am. As a kid I remember my cousins and I climbing our way to the top of “Grandpas tractor” and shifting gears while we pretended to harvest corn.…

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