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Brake Hardware Kit for B & 50 Series

Fits John Deere - BO, BR, 50, Styled and Unstyled: B, BN, BNH, BW, BW40, BWH, BWH40 11 piece kit includes:* (2) AB2565R, AB4057R Brake shoe roller assemblies which include:* (4) B224R rollers* (2) A345R pin* (4) A2299R washers* (2) 11H41R pin* (2) B227R Adjusting pins* (2) B228R Brake springs…

Product Number: JDS3519
Price: $104.50

Complete Magneto

Fits John Deere - A (sn 488000 and up), [ AO, AR (sn 260000 and up) ], AR (sn 250000 - 251485 AND sn 258800 and up), B (sn 90000 and up; BR), BI (ALL sn 331500 and up), BO, G (sn 13000 and up), H (sn 1000 and up) * Short prong* Prong measures 1/4" (0.250") from drive to end of lug* If you need the…

Product Number: XH1042
Price: $439.99
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Ignition Tune-Up Kit

Autolite - Replaces: Spark Plug: 3076 Fits John Deere - [ A, AH, AN, ANH (up to sn 487999) ], [ AI, AO, AR (up to sn 259999) ], [ B, BN, BNH, BW (up to sn 95999) ], BI (sn 326016 - 332250), [ BO, BR (sn 325000 and up) ], BWH (up to sn 96000), [ G, GN, GW (up to sn 12999) ] * For DELCO distributors…

Product Number: JDS267
Price: $25.99

Horizontal Distributor, fits John Deere A, B, G, 50, 60, 70

Delco - Replaces: 1111558 Fits John Deere - A, AO, AR, B, G, 50, 60, 70; Replaces: AA4877R * Includes A4158R mounting gasket.* Requires 2 distributor hold down clamps (ABC2523) when replacing Magneto

Product Number: JDS5554
Price: $299.95

Carburetor Gasket Kit

Fits John Deere - A, AI, AN, ANH, AO, AOS, AR, AW, AWH, B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, D, DI, G, GH, GM, GN, GW Carb Mfg #'s - DLTX10, DLTX11, DLTX12, DLTX13, DLTX15, DLTX16, DLTX17, DLTX18, DLTX19, DLTX24, DLTX31, DLTX33, DLTX34, DLTX38, DLTX39, DLTX41, DLTX51, DLTX53, DLTX63, DLTX67, DLTX7, DLTX71, DLTX72,…

Product Number: JDS982
Price: $6.95

Exhaust Pipe

Fits John Deere - B (Styled ALL-FUEL - sn 183972 - 200999), B (Styled GAS - sn 60000 - 183972); Replaces: AB3427R * Exhaust flange bolt holes at an angle* Mandrel bends

Product Number: JDS372
Price: $39.95
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Exhaust Pipe

Fits John Deere - B (Styled sn 60000 - 183971 ALL FUEL); Replaces: AB1526R EXHAUST FLANGE BOLT HOLES STRAIGHT ACROSS

Product Number: JDS361
Price: $41.99
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Engine Gasket Set

Fits John Deere - [ B, BI, BN, BNH, BW, BW40, BWH, BWH40 (Unstyled, up to SN: 59999) ], [ BO, BR (Unstyled, up to SN: 328999) ]; Replaces: AB3874R, RE526784 * Includes cylinder head sealing washers* Does not include oil pump gaskets, crankshaft seals or main bearing housing gaskets.

Product Number: JDS2377
Price: $219.99

Step and Bracket Assembly

Fits John Deere - [ A, AN, AW (fits unstyled and early styled using drawbar, up to SN: 561902) ], [ B, BN, BW, BW40 (fits unstyled and early styled using drawbar, up to SN: 186133) ], [ G, GM, GN, GW (fits unstyled and early styled using drawbar, up to SN: 18699) ] The dimensions of this assembly…

Product Number: JDS3105
Price: $57.70

Fuel Cap

Fits John Deere - These were used on JD until approx. 1941-42 year then they used IHS226 cap with lettering. : A, AH, AI, AN, ANH, AO, AOS, AR, AW, AWH, B, BN, BNH, BO, BR, BW, BWH, BWH40, D, DI, G, GM, GN, GW, H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH; Replaces: AD709, AD709R Minneapolis Moline - Fits: [ G1050, G1350,…

Product Number: JDS416
Price: $10.50

Exhaust Valve

Fits John Deere - 50, SN 96000 and up: B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, BWH40; Replaces: B1793R, B2503R 2 used per tractor, sold individually. ***WONT FIT AFTERMARKET HEISLER HEADS ***

Product Number: JDS2179
Price: $26.99
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Gasket (for brakes)

Fits John Deere - B (sn 232468 and up), 50, 520, 530; Replaces: B2743R

Product Number: JDS874
Price: $5.89

New & Improved! Spark Plug Wiring Set with copper wire, 2 Cyl

JD Industrial - Fits: [ LUC, LUS, LUW (STATIONARY ENGINE) ] JD Miscellaneous - Fits: W (STATIONARY ENGINE) Fits John Deere - A, AH, AI, AN, ANH, AO, AOS, AR, AW, AWH, B, BI, BN, BNH, BO, BR, BW, BW40, BWH, BWH40, C, D, DI, G, GH, GM, GN, GP, GPO, GPWT, GW, H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH, L, LA, LI, [ W111,…

Product Number: JDS643
Price: $14.99

JD B Styled Hood 1947-52: Mylar Decal Set

Fits John Deere - B (STYLED HOOD 1947-1952) Inspect all decal pieces before applying to the tractor.* Warranty is void after decals are applied and / or if damaged during application.Store decals in a cool, dry place. Do not soak these decals in water. Detailed how-to application instructions are…

Product Number: DEC240
Price: $36.99
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Operators Manual Reprint: JD Styled B Series Serial Number 201,000 and higher

Fits John Deere - [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, BWH40 (Styled, SN 201000 and up) ]; Replaces: OMR2006 72 pages Operator manuals explain how to operate the tractor. This book is sometimes referred to as an owner's manual and it is a reprint of the original book that came with the tractor. The operator's…

Product Number: REP2752
Price: $25.95
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Universal Alternator Mounting Kit

…models Oliver - Fits various models * You might need to drill or modify for your specific application.* This is NOT suitable for conversion on JD Dubuque series tractors: M, MT, MC, 40, 320, 330, 420, 430. * Does not include the top adjusting bracket* This alternator mounting kit is used when…

Product Number: ABC404
Price: $34.95
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Rubber Gasket (for headlight)

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B, C, CA, D10, D12, D14, D15 (up to sn 9001), RC, WC, WD, WD45, WF Case - Fits: DC, DI, DO, DV, LA, S, SC, SI, SO, VA, VAC, VAH (All up to sn 5400000), VAO, 400, 500, 700, 900 Case Industrial - Fits: VAI, 600 Skidder, 800 Skidder Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op with Buda Over Head…

Product Number: ABC560
Price: $4.50

Condenser (for Wico XH, XB Magneto Only)

…U6 International / Farmall - Fits: A, AV, B, BN, C, H, HV, I9, M, MTA, MTAV, MV, O4, O6, OS6, Super A, Super C, Super H, Super M, T6, W4, W6, W6TA, 100, 130, 200, 230, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 650 Fits John Deere - [ A, AH, AN, ANH, AO, AR, AW, AWH, B, BN, BNH, BW, BW40, BWH, BWH40, D, G, GH, GM,…

Product Number: FXH2024
Price: $15.95
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Clutch Drive Disc

Fits John Deere - B (sn 201000 and up); Replaces: AB3810R, B2463R

Product Number: JDS799
Price: $169.99

Starter Drive Assembly

…MAX4081, MZ4114) ]; Replaces: TO12010 Delco - Replaces: 185548, 1864684, 1868804, 1913749, 1915898, 1922819 International / Farmall - Fits: [ A, AV, B, BN, C, H, HV, M, MTA, MV, O4, O6, Super A, Super AV, Super C, Super M, Super W4, Super W6, W4, W6, 100, 130, 200, 240, 300, 330, 340, 350, 400, 450…

Product Number: ABC458
Price: $41.50
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Riveted Brake Shoe Assembly (2-piece set)

Fits John Deere - [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BW40, BWH, BWH40 (all models up to SN: 200999) ], BR (uses differential brake only); Replaces: AB279R * See JDS3345 for brake shoes with 8 rivets used on John Deere B SN 201000 and up * 9-5/8" overall outer shoe length* 6-7/8" lining length* 1-1/2" width* 6 rivets…

Product Number: JDS3340
Price: $102.50

Rebore Kit (0.090" overbore)

Fits John Deere - [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, BWH40 (all SN: 96000 to 200999) ]; Replaces: AP124-90, SP124-90 * This 2-cylinder rebore kit has a 0.090" overbore (4.590" diameter).* The aluminum pistons are designed for increased compression (approximately 6.3 to 1 compression ratio).* Kit includes…

Product Number: JDS3045
Price: $449.95

Water Pump (New)

Fits John Deere - [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, BWH40 (Sn: 306600 and Up ) ], 50 (To Sn: 5016057); Replaces: pulley casting number: A4283R, AB4262R, housing casting number: B2886R * 1/2" pulley groove width* No hole (port) for bypass tube

Product Number: JDS764
Price: $124.50
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