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Universal Full Suspension Seat

…TO20, TO30, TO35 Massey Harris - Fits: 50, 50 Oliver - Fits various models On tractors using remote hydraulics you may have to trim base mount------------Can be adapted to fit many tractors & lawn mowers.---Includes backrest --- Black --- Adjustable 5 angle base with slide track and mounting…
Product Number: ABC445
Price: $139.30

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6 Volt Distributor Coil

…Distributor Ignition) ], TO35 (up to SN: 161250, And Others Using A 6 Volt Distributor Ignition); Replaces: 189673M92, 1024481M91, 181542M91 Massey Harris - Fits: [ 101 Jr, 101 Sr, 102 Jr, 102 Sr, 44 Special, 44-6, Colt (21), Mustang (23), Pacer (16), Pony, 20, 22, 30, 33, 44, 55, 81, 82, 201, 202,…
Product Number: ABC011
Price: $19.95

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Sediment Bowl Assembly

…in addition to this sediment bowl. ) ], [ 4030, 4230 (gas Using 2.315 Long Glass Bowl) ]; Replaces: AA4331R, AA4295R Massey Ferguson - Fits: Super 90 (Gas To Sn: 888673, Using 2.315 Long Glass Bowl), 85 (Gas Sn: 807752 & Up, Using 2.315 Long Glass Bowl), [ MF Industrial: 20, 30, 204, 304,…
Product Number: ABC281
Price: $34.45

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(Blog) Ferguson TO-20 Assembly | Steiner Tractor Parts

…Skip to content * Tractor Shows Calendar * Tractor Stories * Tractor Story Submission * Tractor Club Search * Contact Us Search for: Massey Harris / Ferguson, Tractor Photos, Tractor Shows, Tractor Stories, Videos Ferguson TO-20 Assembly 09/04/2013 Suzette Leave a comment Thank you to the Ferguson…
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Cockshutt 20 Mylar Decal Set

Cockshutt - Fits: 20; Replaces: TO16958
Product Number: DEC1957
Price: $126.00

(Blog) 20 | Steiner Tractor Parts

Steiner Tractor Parts Search Primary Menu Skip to content * Tractor Shows Calendar * Tractor Stories * Tractor Story Submission * Tractor Club Search * Contact Us Search for: 20 08/20/2013 480 × 321 Everyone loves jerky! Previous Image Next Image Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address…

(Blog) old 20 | Steiner Tractor Parts

…Primary Menu Skip to content * Tractor Shows Calendar * Tractor Stories * Tractor Story Submission * Tractor Club Search * Contact Us Search for: Tag Archives: old 20 Tractor Photos, Tractor Shows Old 20 at Tractor World Image 03/03/2014 Suzette Leave a comment Our friends at Old 20 in the UK sent…

(Blog) restoration | Steiner Tractor Parts | Page 20

…from 6 to 12 Volt 11/13/2009 Suzette Leave a comment If the tractor is a positive ground system it will have to be switched to a negative ground polarity. To do this reverse the battery cables, reverse the amp gauge wires (negative ground  = negative terminal on the coil going to the…

(Blog) antique | Steiner Tractor Parts | Page 20

…products recently added to our line, product that has been out of stock for some time and is back on the shelves, or a 'product pick' that either Danny or Jenny feel should be brought to the attention of our customers. To view our featured products go to our home page at…

(Blog) tractor | Steiner Tractor Parts | Page 20

…it to help loosen the rust, etc. Some people use a piece of chain, or bolts to loosen it. Then clean the tank out with a mild acid to etch the tank so you can pour a tank liner in it to seal up the rust and pits. If you are not comfortable sealing the tank you can take it to a local…

(Blog) John Deere | Steiner Tractor Parts | Page 20


(Blog) Steiner Company Info | Steiner Tractor Parts | Page 20

…be impossible to find later. What is Trackback? Trackback is a tool to allow you to notify other blog authors of your blog posts. Most bloggers use it to comment on a blog post as an entry on their site, rather than as comments on the other blog. It’s similar to linking to a permalink…

(Blog) Tractor Stories | Steiner Tractor Parts | Page 20

…learned to drive on an H Farmall.  I entered the Air Force when I graduated from high school in 1976, and returned to South Dakota when I retired from the Air Force in 2003.  I have since purchased a few old Farmall tractors to use on my acreage, but these two mean the most to me because…

(Blog) International | Steiner Tractor Parts | Page 20

…Judges require all parts to be operable and I needed to be able to drive my tractor for the competition as well.  I am happy and appreciative to say that Steiner quickly sent the parts to me a different way so that I would be able to show my tractor.      …

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