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Rear Rim 7" X 24" 4 Loop

Avery - Fits: V; Replaces: 130017 International / Farmall - Fits: Cub; Replaces: 351428R91 * 4 Loops* 7" x 24"* 14-12" Center to center loops* Also fits Power King tractors & Waterloo Bronco* For the rim bolts, use IHS2423.* To determine the width of your rim, measure the inside…

Product Number: WHS003
Price: $149.99

Bolt & Nut, Rear Rim To Center*

…Replaces: 351085R1 * 1/2"-20 NF X 1-3/4" Long, with 3/4" wide head* Note:This will fit an original cub rim.* This does not fit an aftermarket rim.* Will not fit WHS003 Sold by Steiner Tractor Parts* IHS2423 is designed for the aftermarket rims which do not have the correct square factory loop.

Product Number: IHS822
Price: $4.95
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Rear Rim Flat Washer

…bolt assembly* Can also be used behind the lug nut on 9N, 2N Ford tractors.* Does not fit Steiner Tractor Parts rim WHS003.* Can be used with WHS001, WHS002, WHS004, WHS012, WHS013 and WHS016.* 5/8" ID* 4 to 6 washers used per rim; sold individually

Product Number: MIS121
Price: $0.70
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