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8n Carburetor Gasket Kit

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Economy Zenith Carburetor Repair Kit

…14008, 14011, 14017, 14544, 16232 * Also fits Earthmaster Model C* Kit includes:* needle and seat* float lever pin* seal, gaskets and instructions* Repairs 61, 68 and 161 series Zenith carburetors.* Includes parts shown in picture above.* Note: For reassembly purposes…

Product Number: ABC1346
Price: $26.50
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Economy Carburetor Repair Kit, Marvel Schebler

carburetors. Please make sure your carburetor manufacturer number in the list above; If your number is not in this list, this kit is not the correct kit for your application.* Kit contains:  0.80" Needle and seat, idle adjust needle and spring, float lever pin, gaskets, seals and…

Product Number: ABC220
Price: $23.50

Carburetor Gasket Kit

…900, 950, 960 (1954 THRU 1957) ], 8N, 9N, Golden Jubilee, Jubilee, NAA, NAB; Replaces: Carburetor to manifold gasket: 9N9447, Gasket kit: 9N9502, Bowl gasket: 9N9519, Power adjusting needle gasket: 9N9563, Float valve seat gasket: 9N9596, Main nozzle gasket: 9N9608 IH Combines - Fits: SOME: 105,…

Product Number: ABC3233
Price: $3.50

Gasket Set (includes carburetor gasket)

Ford - Fits: 2N, 8N, 9N; Replaces: 9N9447, 9N9448 Intake and exhaust manifold gasket set complete with carburetor mounting gasket.

Product Number: FDS001GK3
Price: $5.95

Premium Carburetor Repair Kit

…only.Premium carburetor repair kits contain:* throttle shaft* throttle plate * choke shaft * choke plate* throttle shaft bushings and packing * metering nozzle * brass plugs* float pin * needle and seat * drain petcock* gaskets* fuel strainer*…

Product Number: FDS3586
Price: $58.95
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How to identify your carburetor

Learn how to fund the correct identification number on your carburetor before you order the parts and repair kit. Save yourself time and frustration when working on your antique tractor by ordering the right replacement parts.

Muscle Up Your Classic Ford Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

…restored Ford 8N tractor – but there’s a big soft spot in my heart for a V8 conversion job! It’s one of my favorite custom projects that we’ve done in the shop. Here’s a quick walk-through of conversion kits and the basic steps you’d need to take to muscle up your own Ford 8N tractor. With a…

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