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8n Ford Hood

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Hood with battery door and hinge

Ford - Fits: 8N (1947-1952, Will also fit FORD 9N & 2N but these models did not originally have the side air cleaner opening, (must also order FDS007 & FDS085 to fit 9N & 2N); Replaces: 8N16612, 9N16938C * Primer paint, color may vary,* This hood does not have the Ford Script.* Includes latch kit…

Product Number: FDS069
Price: $339.99
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RH Lower Hood Side Panel

Ford - Fits: [ 2N, 8N (1942-1952) ]; Replaces: 8N16618A * Primer paint, color may vary.* Please fit to tractor before painting.

Product Number: FDS083
Price: $79.95
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Ford Tractor Before and After - Antique Tractor Blog

…that works for a power co.and he is an electrician journeyman. again sorry… how did like my little mini rod pulling tractor with an 8n ford hood over the 195 pontiac slant 4 engine…thank-you all for gazing lol Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.…

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Muscle Up Your Classic Ford Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

…Contact Us * Tractor Parts * Home * Ford * Repair Blog * Wrenching with Rachel * Tutorials * Muscle Up Your Classic Ford Tractor Muscle Up Your Classic Ford Tractor 08/10/2015Written by RG 4 Comments   There’s something beautiful about a perfectly restored Ford 8N tractor – but there’s a big…

Hood Side Panel (Dog Leg) to axle support bolt

Ford - Fits: [ 2N, 8N, 9N (1939-1952 All using single bolt dog legs ) ]; Replaces: 350782S8

Product Number: ABC2257
Price: $5.99
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Air Cleaner Funnel Assembly

Ford - Fits: 8N (1947-1952); Replaces: 8N9684

Product Number: FDS085
Price: $14.95
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Rubber Bumpers for battery door

Ford - Fits: 2N (1942-1947), 8N (1947-1952), 9N (1939-1943 WITH STEEL HOOD); Replaces: 11A-16758A

Product Number: FDS380
Price: $8.95
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Ford 8N Hood Emblem

Ford - Fits: 8N (1947-52); Replaces: 8N16600A, 8N16600B * 4 5/8" W X 2" H* Economy, painted pot metal* Includes (1) clip to retain the emblem to the hood* For diecast version see FDS009B

Product Number: FDS009
Price: $17.95

One lucky winner will be taking home this restored Ford 8N ! - Antique Tractor Blog

…something in common. The Ford 8N is also having a big anniversary this year, it is officially 70 years since the first 8N rolled of the assembly line in Highland Park, Michigan. We purchased this little lady in need of some TLC and got her a face lift and some under the hood care. If you think this…

Ford Tractors: Difference between a 9N, 2N, and 8N - Antique Tractor Blog

…learn not to leave home without them!).   Ford 8N As beloved as factory original N-series tractors are, I’ve seen plenty that are rather… unique. Like the one I bought from an old hippie that was painted bright yellow, with flowers all over the hood. I thought I’d have to repaint it, but before…

Radiator Hood Pad

Ford - Fits: 2N, 8N, 9N; Replaces: 2N8032

Product Number: ABC057
Price: $2.49
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Air Cleaner Grille Door with thumb screw

Ford - Fits: 8N (1947-1952); Replaces: 8N9661 * Fits outside right rear hood.* Will also fit Ford 9N and 2N if they are converted to an 8N hood.

Product Number: FDS007
Price: $9.50

Battery Door Hinge

Ford - Fits: 2N (1942-1947), 8N (1947-1952), 9N (1939-1943 With Steel Hood); Replaces: 9N16689

Product Number: FDS279
Price: $24.30
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12 Volt Headlight Assembly

…Replaces: TO20776, TO20777 Ford - Fits: The following when converted to 12 volt systems: 2N, 501, 541, 600, 601, 611, 620, 621, 630, 631, 640, 641, 650, 651, 660, 661, 671, 681, 700, 701, 740, 741, 771, 800, 801, 811, 820, 821, 840, 841, 850, 851, 860, 861, 871, 881, 8N, 900, 901, 941, 950, 951,…

Product Number: FDS213
Price: $48.50
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Battery Door With Latch And Hinge Assembly

Ford - Fits: 2N (1942-1947), 8N (1947-1952), 9N (1939-1943 With Steel Hood ); Replaces: 9N16938C FIT TO TRACTOR BEFORE PAINTING

Product Number: FDS144
Price: $38.95

Heavy Duty Ford Front Bumper -- Fits 8N, 9N, 2N, NAA, 600, 800 & More!

…821, 840, 841, 850, 851, 860, 861, 871, 881, 8N, 9N, Golden Jubilee, Jubilee, NAA, NAB Ford Industrial - Fits: Following with I-Beam Style Front Axle, 1939-64: 4030 4 cylinder, 4130 4 cylinder, 4140 4 cylinder Massey Ferguson - Fits: 35 (Hood will NOT be able to tilt forward ), Ferguson Utility:…

Product Number: FDS031
Price: $134.95
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Ford 8N Hood Emblem -- Beautiful Reproduction!

Ford - Fits: 8N (1947-52); Replaces: 8N16600A, 8N16600B

Product Number: FDS009B
Price: $33.99
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LH Lower Hood Side Panel

Ford - Fits: 2N, 8N; Replaces: 8N16619A * Primer paint, color may vary.* Please fit to tractor before painting.

Product Number: FDS084
Price: $79.95
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Battery Door Handle With Stud, Nut And Latch

Ford - Fits: [ 2N, 8N, 9N (1939-52) ]; Replaces: 9N16625

Product Number: FDS008
Price: $15.95

4-Piece Hood Bolt Kit

Ford - Fits: 8N (1947-1952); Replaces: 355494S * This instrument-panel-to-hood-bolt-kit secures the hood to the dash using 4 bolts.* It can also be used to bolt the air cleaner to the battery tray using 2 bolts.* Bolts measure 3/8" x 24.

Product Number: FDS382
Price: $7.20
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Ford Script Painting Mask Kit (for - fenders and hoods)

Ford - Fits: 8N (1948-1952) * 2 Hood and 2 Fender self-adhesive masks per kit* Licensed by Ford

Product Number: FDS174
Price: $14.50
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“Henry” the 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee - Antique Tractor Blog

…working. Fenders, hood, front bumper, lights and decals and the Rehab will be complete. Have to take a trip to Georgia for that though. For now, Henry is glad to be working in the pasture and Sally is glad to be able to clip pastures for the first time since June! Ford, Tractor Photos, Tractor…

How to determine 9N from 2N Ford tractor. - Antique Tractor Blog

…also made choosing a delivery option easier. We are excited […] A Ford and A Farmall 06/11/2019 1951 Ford 8N was my first project over the winter of 2017 and 2018. A friend had ask me for help reinforcing a lean-to. The Ford was parked underneath. I was only going to buy it to park outside as…

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