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…B-275, B-276, B-414, 354, 434, 444; Replaces: 1970964C1, 3044193R92, 3063945R91 Carb Mfg #'s - 3044193R92, 3063945R91, 341V, C1751, C1759, C1836, VN, VNN --This carburetor looks different than the original, but works great. (No Accelerator pump used). This is a down draft carburetor.…

Product Number: IHS377
Price: $479.50

Throttle Shaft for Original British Zenith carburetor #VN, VNN, VNP

…(WITH BRITISH ZENITH CARB) International / Farmall - Fits: [ B-250, B-275, B-414, 2300, 276, 354, 434, 444 (WITH BRITISH ZENITH CARB) ]; Replaces: 3047470R1 Carb Mfg #'s - C1751, C1759, C1836, VN, VNN, VNP  * 8-32 threads (for the throttle disc)* M7x1.0 threads for the throttle linkage arm

Product Number: IHS968
Price: $34.95

Carburetor Float for British Zenith Carburetors

…Fits: TEA20 (with British Zenith carburetor #'s 24T2, 28G, or C1264 ); Replaces: 58530, 825236M1 Carb Mfg #'s - 24T2, C1201, C1264, C1751, C1759, C1836, VN, VNN, VNP * 1.580" O.D.* 0.871" tall* Float bar not included. Make sure to find your carb manufacturer number in the list above, If your number…

Product Number: ABC2557
Price: $29.95
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