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Carburetor Rebuild Marvel Schebler

Watch Rachel show you how to to rebuild your Marvel Schebler Carburetor. She does this tractor repair on a Ford 8N but it applies to other antique tractors too.

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Tips on Tractor Carb Rebuilding - Antique Tractor Blog

…* Massey Harris / Ferguson * Minneapolis Moline * Oliver * Contact Us * Tractor Parts * Home * Jr.'s Corner * Tips on Tractor Carb Rebuilding Tips on Tractor Carb Rebuilding 12/16/2008Written by Suzette Thomas 2 Comments * Make sure the carburetor kit you ordered is correct for the carburetor number…

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Magneto Rebuild on Farmall Letter Series Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

…Rachel * Tractor Repair * Magneto Rebuild on Farmall Letter Series Tractor Magneto Rebuild on Farmall Letter Series Tractor 06/21/2016Written by Suzette Thomas Leave a Comment Our magneto rebuild video was created with the help of Dale Thompson of Dale’s Carb Shop in Morrice, Michigan. It was…

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1945 Farmall H - Antique Tractor Blog

…started with a carb rebuild. When that didn’t work we weren’t sure what to do for a while. We worked more on it in October, starting with a distributor rebuild and new battery. We tried cranking the engine over, and we had spark, but still the engine didn’t start. So we took the carb apart and found…

International 2606 Restoration - Antique Tractor Blog

…down, well it wasn’t a broke rocker. It spun a bearing the head needed reworked and the intake and exhaust manifold needed resurfaced and carb rebuild, but on the bright side it had new tires. Had the crank turned rebuilt the engine changed all the fluids and installed new clutch and started…

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How to Install a Shift Lever / Gear Shift Boot - Antique Tractor Blog

…the rest of the way. JR Jr.'s Corner antique, boot, gear, install, installation, part, restoration, shifter, steiner, tractor Tips on Tractor Carb Rebuilding Christmas is a time for giving. 1 Comment * Stephen Moore 12/20/2017 - 00:08 Thanks very much I knew there would be a trick to it. Reply Leave…

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Marvel Schebler Carburetor Repair by Rachel Gingell - Antique Tractor Blog

…desomma 11/16/2018 - 13:21 is there a rebuild kit for a farmall cub? Reply * Suzette Thomas Author 11/26/2018 - 10:48 Joe we have a few carb kits listed for your model. To make sure you are getting the correct carb kit we would need the number off your carb. I attached a link below to the kits we…

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Electrical Parts Archives - Antique Tractor Blog

…Repair, tractor restoration, Wrenching with Rachel Magneto Rebuild on Farmall Letter Series Tractor 06/21/2016Written by Suzette Thomas Leave a Comment Our magneto rebuild video was created with the help of Dale Thompson of Dale’s Carb Shop in Morrice, Michigan. It was a great experience for…

Ferguson Tractor Identification - Antique Tractor Blog

…would be to find a local shop that can rebuild your starter. Good luck with your restoration! Reply * George Allen 05/15/2018 - 12:30 I need a carburetor for a 1955 TO35 Engine Z134-401104, Engine specification numer is “12”. PLease notify if the carb you have listed will work. Thanks…

1947 Gibson Model D - Antique Tractor Blog

…thorough carb cleaning, including drilling out the low speed passage which was completely blocked with rust. Next I began sourcing a replacement transmission. Similar models were used in Studebakers and Jeepsters. I located a transmission through a tractor forum and got to work rebuilding that. I…

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John Deere Archives - Antique Tractor Blog

…from a frozen oil pump while sawing firewood. We locked up the engine. Dad and my brother Marvin junked it in the woods after removing wheels, carb, mag, etc. It bothered us seeing it in the woods, so out it came in 1993. It had missing parts, animals living in the cases and 10 bullet holes.…

Manifold Intake, Gas

…Fits: [ Super 88, 88 (All w/ 2 3/8" c.c. carburetor mounting holes) ], : 880 (Measure carb spacing bolt holes before ordering, Some early 880's used this carb spacing, (2 3/8" c-c-) otherwise see OLS028 if the carb spacing needs to be 2 5/8" c-c.); Replaces: 190241B, 1K425, 1K425E, 1M425 * 2-3/8"…

Product Number: OLS029
Price: $116.95


IH Industrial - Fits: [ 2404, 2424, 2444 (Gas) ], [ Crawler: 500, 500C, T4 (Gas) ] IH Miscellaneous - Fits: Forklift: 4000 (Gas), [ Hi clear sprayer: 660, 770, 780 (Gas) ] International / Farmall - Fits: C-123 (Engine Sn: 36001 & up), C-135, C-146, C-153 (With center exhaust), [ 130, 140, 230,…

Product Number: IHS191
Price: $149.95
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Intake & Exhaust Manifold

AC Industrial - Fits: I40, I400 Allis Chalmers - Fits: D10, D12; Replaces: 233235, 70233235 * 17-3/8" center to center on the outer stud holes.* Measures 2-1/4" center to center on the carburetor mounting holes* Measures 1.00" diameter for the center carburetor venturi hole

Product Number: ACS156
Price: $289.95

Intake & Exhaust Manifold With Pipe

IH Industrial - Fits: I4, U4 International / Farmall - Fits: H, HV, O4, OS4, Super H, Super HV, Super W4, W4, 300 (Rowcrop), 350 (Gas Rowcrop); Replaces: 362536R21, 8033DC Our Farmall H - 350 manifold has an exact fit. This manifold must be built to very precise specifications as the governor…

Product Number: IHS002C
Price: $154.95

Air Cleaner Hose

…Jubilee, NAA, NAB (1939-1962) ], [ 800, 820, 840, 850, 860, 900, 950, 960 (1954-1957 ) ]; Replaces: 9N9652 International / Farmall - Fits: [ As a carb to air cleaner hose: 100, 130, 200, 230, C, Super C (All w/ Donaldson air cleaner) ]; Replaces: 362757R1, 48861DB Massey Ferguson - Fits: F40, […

Product Number: FDS260
Price: $4.00
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Radiator Air Cleaner Hose (upper / lower)

…cylinder, 2100, 2150, 2300, 2310, 2600, 2610, 2810, 2910, 3000, 3600, 3610, 4000 3 cylinder, 4100, 4110 3 cylinder, 4140 3 cylinder, 4200, 4600, 4610 (Carb to aircleaner) ], [ 2000 4 cylinder, 2031, 2110, 2111, 2120, 2131, 4000 4 cylinder, 4031, 4110, 4120, 4121, 4131, 4140, 801, 811, 821, 841, 851,…

Product Number: FDS261
Price: $5.10


…Trucks) ] Massey Harris - Fits: Continental Engine: Pacer (16); Replaces: 1505085M1 * Measure before ordering;* 10-3/4" C.C. Outside Holes* 14-3/4" Overall Length*  2 3/8" Carb Bolt Spacing* 1 1/4" Pipe Thread* Made From Ductile Iron* Fits Many Forktrucks & Industrial Applications

Product Number: MHS014
Price: $188.50
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Fits John Deere - 2010 (GAS); Replaces: AT12461, AT22610, T13384 2-11/16" C.C. BOLT TO BOLT AT CARB ATTACHMENT, 1 1/2" Npt pipe thread outlet

Product Number: JDS083
Price: $194.90

Valve Guide

Fits John Deere - [ D, DI (up to SN 109943) ]; Replaces: 86R Carb Mfg #'s - 86R 4 used per tractor, sold individually.

Product Number: JDS2187
Price: $29.95

Manifold, Exhaust -- Fits MM U, UB, UTS

Minneapolis Moline - Fits: [ U, UB (Fits Late Using TSX Big Bowl Carb W/ 2 5/8" C-C Mounting Holes) ], UTS (Gas, Fits Late Using TSX Big Bowl Carb W/ 2 5/8" C-C Mounting Holes); Replaces: KE821G Also fits Twin City KT and MTA This will fit MM G with purchase of our MMS013 intake…

Product Number: MMS001
Price: $248.50

90 degree air cleaner Hose

JD Industrial - Fits: 440 (Gas & LP) JD Miscellaneous - Fits: Hi Cycle Sprayer: 734 (Gas & LP), Windrower: 880 Fits John Deere - [ 2010, 420, 430 (Gas & LP) ]; Replaces: M3285T, T10947, T10947T * 2" inside diameter* 2.5" (2-1/2") outside diameter

Product Number: JDS1730
Price: $24.50

Clutch Adjusting Disc

Fits John Deere - A (up to sn 647000), [ AO, AR (up to sn 273079) ]; Replaces: A20R Carb Mfg #'s - : A20R Made from ducitle iron. Will not crack under stress like the original grey cast iron design since ductile iron has far more tensile strength.

Product Number: JDS1647
Price: $64.85
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I & T Shop Service Manual

International / Farmall - Fits: 1026, 1066, 1086, 454, 464, 484, 574, 584, 674, 766, 786, 826, 886, 966, 986 Carb Mfg #'s - 45108DB, 45108DC, 45108DD, 45108DE, 50981DB, 50981DC, 50981DD, Casting number: 6212DB, 6213DB  * An I&T shop service manual tells you how to take a tractor…

Product Number: IH203
Price: $34.95
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