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Cockshutt Oil Seal

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Rear Axle Outer Oil Seal

Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op : E3, Cockshutt: 30; Replaces: T9431 IH Industrial - Fits: [ As a outer rear axle seal: I6, ID6 (Sn: 2927 & up) ] International / Farmall - Fits: As a outer rear axle seal: 560 (International ONLY, NOT Farmall ), [ O6, ODS6, OS6, W6, WD6 (Sn: 2927 & up) ], Super W6, Super…

Product Number: COS024
Price: $32.99

Oil Seal

Cockshutt - Fits: as a rear engine crankshaft oil seal: 1350 International / Farmall - Fits: as a rear axle outer oil seal: 1566, 1568, 1586, fits as an outer axle oil seal: 4786; Replaces: 67256C1 JD Miscellaneous - Fits: [ as a chain transmission drive upper roll oil seal: 6610, 6650, 6710, 6750,…

Product Number: ABC3335
Price: $23.50
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Front Crankshaft Oil Seal

…crankshaft seal), Crawler: Terra Trac (gas Continental engines when used as a front crankshaft seal) Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op : E2 (For gas Continental engines when used as a front crankshaft seal), [ Cockshutt: 20, 540 (For gas Continental engines when used as a front crankshaft seal) ]; Replaces:…

Product Number: ABC1632
Price: $10.99

Oil Seal

oil seal) ]; Replaces: A26777, A30323, O4240AB, VT2233 Case Industrial - Fits: VAI (Used as a steering gearbox side sector seal) Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op with Buda Over Head Valve Engine: E3 ((up to SN: 27689) PTO Output shaft oil seal), Cockshutt: 30 ((up to SN: 27689) PTO Output shaft oil seal);

Product Number: ABC2008
Price: $12.50

PTO Oil Seal, single lip style

…Belt Pulley Shaft Seal) ], 310G (To SN: 3039618, Serviceable (Narrower than original) As A Belt Pulley Shaft Seal) Cockshutt - Fits: 20 (Serviceable (Narrower than original) As A Belt Pulley Shaft Seal), Co-Op: E2 (Serviceable (Narrower than original) As A Belt Pulley Shaft Seal); Replaces: T11943B…

Product Number: IHS1545
Price: $16.99

Oil Seal

…TD5 (The seal may be narrower than the original seal. 2 seals can be installed in the older applications if desired. For use as a PTO oil seal on the following tractors with transmission driven PTO (not live)) ], [ 3414, 3514, 3616 (The seal may be narrower than the original seal. 2 seals can be…

Product Number: ABC1550
Price: $15.99
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Oil Seal

…as a rear crankshaft seal; fits 'late' 148B, 159, 164, 188, 201 and 207 CI gas, LP, diesel engines) Cockshutt - Fits: [ 1550, 1555, 1600, 1650, 1655, 1750, 1755, 1855, 1950T, 1955 (used as a rear crankshaft seal; gas, LP, diesel) ], 1800 (used as a rear crankshaft seal; gas, LP, diesel; SN: 124396…

Product Number: ABC2841
Price: $19.99

Oil Seal

seal: D19; Replaces: 4500307, 4506725, 4513621, 74513621 Cockshutt - Fits: Fits gas/lp & dsl as a front crankshaft seal: 30, 40, 50, E3, E4, E5; Replaces: T5203 IH Industrial - Fits: Fits following as a belt pulley gearbox seal: I4, I6, ID6, Fits following gas/lp as a front crankshaft seal;: 2404,…

Product Number: IHS1307
Price: $8.95

Oil Seal

…(used as an outer PTO seal; for 1-3/8" PTO shaft only ) ], 170 (used as an outer PTO seal; for single speed PTO only ), 175 (used as an outer PTO seal; for single speed PTO only ); Replaces: 224810, 230608, 241779, 340214, 511073, 0511073, 70224810, 70230608, 70241779 Cockshutt - Fits: [ 1550, 1555,…

Product Number: ABC2039
Price: $8.95


…Shaft Oil Seal) ]; Replaces: 23033 Case Industrial - Fits: [ Terra Trac, 310C, 310 Crawler, 310D, 310E, 310F, 420C, 420 Loader / Backhoe (Crawler, As A PTO Shaft Oil Seal) ], 310G (Crawler, To Sn: 3039618, As A PTO Shaft Oil Seal) Cockshutt - Fits: CO-OP: E2 (As A PTO Shaft Oil Seal), Cockshutt: 20…

Product Number: ABC387
Price: $7.55
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Oil Pan Drain Plug

…644 (Gas/Diesel) ]; Replaces: VT4521 Case Industrial - Fits: VAI, 310 Crawler, [ 430CK, 530CK, 530 Construction King (Gas (up to sn 8262800)) ] Cockshutt - Fits: E2, 20, 20 Deluxe, 540; Replaces: T11675 IH Industrial - Fits: [ I4, I6 (Late, Using 7/8" hex plug instead of 3/4" pipe plug) ], 2404, […

Product Number: ABC539
Price: $7.95
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Oil Pan Gasket Set - 6 piece set

Cockshutt - Fits: 70 (with 6-cylinder Continental engines when equipped with 'FLAT SIDED' oil pan, D202, DS202, F170, F186, F199, F206, F209, F214, F218, F226, F227, F242, F244, F245) Continental - Replaces: 40AB404, A600B205, D600B217 Massey Harris - Fits: [ 101 Sr, 102 Sr, 44-6 (with 6-cylinder…

Product Number: ABC2418
Price: $18.95
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Steering Sector Kit - Antique Tractor Blog

…Steering worm shaft bearing ST288 * Steering worm bearing ST287 * Steering gear housing gasket 47675D * Steering worm oil seal 47703D (ABC1628) * Steering worm wheel shaft oil seal 48956D (IHS1532) * Woodruff keys (2) 117989 #31 * Woodruff key 124553 #19 * Woodruff key #15 1/4″ X 1″…

RG, Author at Antique Tractor Blog

…usually means the relief valve is squeaking by. This is easy to check – just remove the side door and watch the oil move. If the oil is leaking out of the piston top, the seal or o-ring could be damaged. While the 8N piston originally came with steel rings, many have been upgraded with a…

Tips for Wiring Your Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

…wire that you might not use. That’s okay – but be sure to seal off unused wires properly. Cut the wire flush, then put same tape or a wire nut over the end. 3. In the same way that you wouldn’t change the oil in your car without also replacing the filter, you should change your…

John Deere 2010 Review - Antique Tractor Blog

…* Tractor Shows Calendar * Tractor Club Locator * Tractor Repair Videos * Tractor Story Submission * Tractor Brands * Allis Chalmers * Case * Cockshutt * Ford * Farmall / International * John Deere * Massey Harris / Ferguson * Minneapolis Moline * Oliver * Contact Us * Tractor Parts * Home * John…

Iowa State University - Project Update - Antique Tractor Blog

…upon further investigation and a pressure test on Thursday night before thanksgiving break we discovered the o-rings that seal our wet sleeves are leaking coolant into our oil. With that being said, I’m not sure if we will need just the o-rings or a complete new set of sleeves with o-rings.…

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