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Thermostat, 160 degree low temp (included gasket fits Ford models only)

AC Combines - Fits: [ 60, 60A, 60H, 66 (Eng. Sn: BE23815 To # B106377, With 2 Bolt Cast Iron Thermostat Housing, Must Reuse Spacer Spring & Gasket) ] AC Industrial - Fits: [ Crawler: HD4 , HD5 (Some applications require 2 thermostats, sold individually) ], Loader: TL6 (Eng. Sn: BE23815 To #…

Product Number: ABC052
Price: $11.50

Head Gasket and Valve Job on a Ford

Rachel goes thru the steps to add a new head gasket and do a valve job on this Ford 700. The steps also apply to a Ford NAA, Jubilee, 600, 800, 900, 2000 or 4000 with 4 cylinder engine.

Radiator Core Replacement

Watch along as Tyler Buchheit shows you how to replace the radiator core in your tractor. Tyler completes the project on his John Deere 630 but the process can be used on any of the Waterloo built John Deere tractor models. Tyler gives you the extra insight into things to watch for during this…

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