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Engine Stop Cable

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Universal Engine Stop Cable (also a Diesel fuel shut off cable)

…- Fits various models Minneapolis Moline - Fits various models Oliver - Fits various models * Nylon sheathed. Length = 96"* Can be cut to desired length needed.* Fits: tractors, forklifts and other applications using 96" or less cable thread length.* 1 1/8" Diameter knob* Knob is imprinted `STOP'

Product Number: ABC3210
Price: $16.50

Universal Choke Cable

…models Oliver - Fits various models * Metal sheathed* Length = 72"* Solid 0.006" inner wire* Cut to length* Can also be used as a 'STOP' cable for diesel enginesFits: Tractors, forklifts, and other applications using 72" or less cable* Thread length (where it fits through the dash): 3/8"

Product Number: ABC423
Price: $9.95

Tractor Stories - Grandpa's Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

…complicates everything. I wasn’t in a rush but he felt he could have her done over the winter. I would repeatedly stop by to check on the progress and see if anything was needed. The engine had worked fine but everything else was taken apart bolt by bolt. We came to a point where a variety of parts…

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…Truck * New Hydraulic Parts for your Ford Tractor New Hydraulic Parts for your Ford Tractor 07/17/2014Written by Suzette Thomas Leave a Comment Stop searching for used! Now back in stock are the FDS074 new hydraulic lines. Made in the USA, these lines are a direct replacement for Ford NAA, Jubilee,…

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…To do this reverse the battery cables, reverse the amp gauge wires (negative ground = negative terminal on the coil going to the distributor) If equipped with lights change the bulbs to 12 volt. You might consider a 0-60 amp gauge as most generator gauges stop at 30 amp. Attach 1-wire from the…

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