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Farmall H Valve Seals

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Valve Train Kit

…8043DC: H, HV, O4, OS4, Super H, Super W4, W4; Replaces: Valve spring: 24544DA, Stem seals: 386192R1, Keepers (locks): 42026D, Intake valve: 50706DA, Exhaust valve: 50707DA, Valve guides: 8049DR Included in this kit are the valves, guides, springs, keepers (locks) and stem seals. The dimension…

Product Number: IHS3318
Price: $119.95
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Oil Seal

…shaft seal for 1954 - 1964) ]; Replaces: NCB3591B International / Farmall - Fits: [ A, AV, B, BN, C, Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240 (use as a flat belt pulley shaft seal) ], [ H, HV, Super H, Super HV (use as a transmission counter shaft front seal)

Product Number: ABC2008
Price: $12.50

Oil Seal

…(The seal may be narrower than the original seal. 2 seals can be installed in the older applications if desired. For use as a PTO oil seal on the following tractors with transmission driven PTO (not live)) International / Farmall - Fits: [ B-250, B-414, M, MD, MDV, MV, ODS6, OS4, OS6, Super H, Super…

Product Number: ABC1550
Price: $15.99
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Complete IH Carburetor Repair Kit

…6213DB  * Fits all H, I4, O4 & W4 series except supers.* This kit includes the choke shaft and throttle shaft, needle and seat valve, float lever pin, idle adjustment screw, fuel adjustment screw with graphite packing, friction ball, throttle shaft seals and gaskets.* Includes parts…

Product Number: ABC144
Price: $49.50

Premium Carburetor Repair Kit

…45142D, metering nozzle nut: 45143D, dust seal retainer: 45148D, dust seal starting shutter: 45149DA , friction ball spring: 46059D, fuel bowl gasket: 46370D, fuel adjusting screw: 47404DA, idle metering jet: 49798D74, friction ball: 52791R1, throttle valve plate: 56609DA, metering nozzle: 56610DX,…

Product Number: IHS3164
Price: $72.50

Basic Carburetor Repair Kit (IH Carb)

…50981DD, 45108, 50981, Casting number: 6212DB, 6213DB  * Fits all H, I4, O4 & W4 series except supers.* Kit includes:* throttle shaft* needle and seat* float lever pin* choke and throttle shaft seal* needle valve* graphite packing* friction ball* gaskets and instructions* Includes…

Product Number: ABC162
Price: $28.50

Rubber Gasket (For Headlight)

…Head Valve Engine: E3, E4, E5, Co-Op with Continental F124: E2, Cockshutt: 20, 30, 40, 50, 540, 550, 560, 570, Oliver Built Cockshutt Tractor: 60, 70 IH Industrial - Fits: I4, I6, [ T6, T9, TD18, TD9 (Using bulb style light) ], Crawler: TD18A (Using bulb style light) International / Farmall - Fits:…

Product Number: ABC560
Price: $4.25
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Premium Carburetor Repair Kit

…bowl screws: 413-414, dust seal retainer: 45148D, starting shutter dust seal: 45149DA , starting lever friction ball spring: 46059D, fuel bowl gasket: 47388DA, throttle valve plate: 47391D, (2) throttle valve plate screws: 47392D, float axle (pin): 47395D, needle valve and seat: 47396DAX40, main…

Product Number: IHS3328
Price: $74.50

Economy Carburetor Repair Kit (IH Carbs)

International / Farmall - Fits: I9, M, MTA, Super H, Super M, Super W9, T9, W9, WR9S, 2544, 300, 350, 400, 450, 460, 544, 560, 600, 606 (With IH 380956R91 Carb, WILL NOT Fit 606 w/ Zenith Carb.), 650, 656, 660, 706, 756, 766, 806, 826, 856 Carb Mfg #'s - 352063R91, 356948R91, 356948R92, 356948R93,…

Product Number: ABC311
Price: $24.95

Basic Carburetor Repair Kit (IH Carb)

IH Industrial - Fits: I6 (with throttle body 8557D) International / Farmall - Fits: [ BM, M, MTA, MV, O6, W6 (with throttle body 8557D) ], I9, Super H, Super M, Super MTA, Super MV, Super MVTA, Super W6, [ W400, W450, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 650 (Must reuse old idle adjustment screw) ], W6TA, W9,…

Product Number: ABC465
Price: $28.50
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How To Tractor Repair Videos Archives - Antique Tractor Blog

…including the seal. You will also learn how to properly adjust the brake pedal. Start watching today >>   Farmall / International, How To Tractor Repair Videos, Tractor Repair, Videos, Wrenching with Rachel #WrenchingwithRachel, farmall, video Install a Farmall H carburetor…

Engine Parts Archives - Antique Tractor Blog

…and never ending improvements. This goal is exemplified by our retooling of two of our IHC Farmall manifolds, IHS002C and IHS003B. IHS002C ¬†fits Farmall H, Super H, 300 and 350 tractors. IHS003B fits Farmall M, Super M, 400 and 450 manifolds. Both manifolds must be made to exacting standards in…

Economy Carburetor Repair Kit, Marvel Schebler

…TSXU905-1, TSXU944SL, TSXU963, TSXU9631, TSXU995 * Kit includes:* needle & seat* float lever pin* choke & throttle shaft felt seal* needle valve* gaskets and instructions* Includes parts shown in picture above.* Note: For reassembly purposes only, instruction sheet depicts parts that…

Product Number: FDS212
Price: $23.50
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