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Premium Carburetor Repair Kit

…50983D, 50983DB, 50983DC, 50983DD carburetor with throttle body # 6513D, 6513DX (all with 3.195" throttle shaft length): I6, T6 International / Farmall - Fits: all using 47387D, 47387DB, 47387DC, 50983D, 50983DB, 50983DC, 50983DD carburetor with throttle body # 6513D, 6513DX (all with 3.195"…

Product Number: IHS3319
Price: $74.50

Farmall Manifold w/ Pipe -- Fits Farmall - IH A, B, C, Supers, 100, 200

International / Farmall - Fits: A, B, BN, C, Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C, 100, 200; Replaces: 251175R1 , 251175R11, 251175R21 * 1" O.D. exhaust ports @ cylinder head* Includes IHS001EXP exhaust pipe.

Product Number: IHS001
Price: $122.50

Farmall H High Performance Manifold

…& exhaust propane manifold increases horsepower on Farmall gas model tractors. The design of the propane manifold allots for less heat transfer between the exhaust and intake ports.* 2-3/8" center-to-center carburetor mounting holes* This manifold uses the stock Farmall H carburetor.* If you…

Product Number: IHS295
Price: $199.00

IH / Farmall Manifold with exhaust pipe for Farmall M, 400, 450 & more

…(Gas) ] International / Farmall - Fits: [ M, MTA, MTAV, MV, O6, OS6, Super M, Super MTA, Super MV, Super MVTA, Super W6, W6, 450 (Gas) ], 400 ( Gas), Wheatland: 400 (W400, Gas), 450 (W450, Gas); Replaces: 362437R21, 8035DBX, 8035DCX, 8035DD, 8035DDX * This manifold is for high compression gasoline…

Product Number: IHS003B
Price: $176.25

Intake & Exhaust Manifold With Pipe

…362536R21, 8033DC Our Farmall H - 350 manifold has an exact fit. This manifold must be built to very precise specifications as the governor linkage will bind if the carburetor throat on the manifold is not in the exact location in space as the original manifold. We retooled this manifold in the fall…

Product Number: IHS002C
Price: $154.95

Carburetor to Manifold Hardware Kit & Vacuum Plug

International / Farmall - Fits: H, O4, W4  * Includes:* 2 pieces - 5/16" x 1-1/2" studs* 2 pieces - 5/16" UNF nuts* 2 pieces - 5/16" lockwasher* 1 piece - 1/8" NPT plug

Product Number: IHS1293
Price: $4.50

Exhaust Elbow

IH Combines - Fits: 915 International / Farmall - Fits: 1066, 1466, 1566, 4166, 4186, 4366, 4386; Replaces: 675316C2 * 10-3/4" overall length* 3.700" outlet O/D* 3-1/2" Inlet I/D

Product Number: IHS146
Price: $74.50
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…(Gas) ], [ Crawler: 500, 500C, T4 (Gas) ] IH Miscellaneous - Fits: Forklift: 4000 (Gas), [ Hi clear sprayer: 660, 770, 780 (Gas) ] International / Farmall - Fits: C-123 (Engine Sn: 36001 & up), C-135, C-146, C-153 (With center exhaust), [ 130, 140, 230, 240, 330, 340, 404, 424, 444 (Gas) ], […

Product Number: IHS191
Price: $149.95
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Manifold High Nut

…- Fits: I4 (up to SN: 4112), I6 (Up to SN: 1989), U123, U135 (Up to SN: 27740), U2, U2A, UC60 IH Miscellaneous - Fits: 163, 57 International / Farmall - Fits: A, AV, B, BN, C, Cub, Cub Loboy, [ O4, W4 (Up to SN: 4112) ], [ O6, W6 (UP to SN: 1989) ], Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super…

Product Number: IHS2284
Price: $1.10


…[ Windrower: 210, 230, 275, 375 (Gas ONLY, 153 Cubic Inch) ] International / Farmall - Fits: 504 (Gas ONLY, 153 Cubic Inch), Constructall: 2500 (Gas ONLY, 153 Cubic Inch); Replaces: 377179R11, 377179R21 * This gas manifold is for use as either vertical or horizontal exhaust.* Must reuse or purchase…

Product Number: IHS138
Price: $177.37

Farmall Cub Complete Carburetor Repair Kit

International / Farmall - Fits: [ Cub, Cub Loboy, 154 (w/ Original IHC Carburetor, Early models) ] Carb Mfg #'s - Fits carburetors with 'IH' emblem on float bowl.: 251234R91, 251234R92, 251234R93, 251234R94, 251293R91, 364579R91, 63349C9, 63349C91  * This complete carburetor kit is…

Product Number: IHS825
Price: $46.95

Manifold High Nut

…UD360, UD414, UD466, UDT414, UDT466, 100E, 412B, 415, 433B, 530, Pay Loader: 540, Scraper: 442 IH Miscellaneous - Fits: UC248, 175C International / Farmall - Fits: H (SN: 106907 & Up), H65C, HV (SN: 106907 & up), Hydro 100, Hydro 186, [ Hydro 70, 666, 766 (Diesel) ], [ Hydro 86, 686 (w/ D312…

Product Number: IHS2288
Price: $1.10

2 Pc Manifold with Heat Exchanger, Assembled

…pipe outletThis completely assembled 2-piece intake and exhaust manifold is easier to install!  Our IHS963 2-piece manifold with heat spring eliminates the need to match the flanges of a used manifold to half of a new manifold. Please order IHS1621 exhaust pipe unless you have a…

Product Number: IHS963
Price: $389.99
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Farmall Propane Manifold For Farmall 400, 450, M, Super M & Others

…] International / Farmall - Fits: [ M, MTA, MTAV, MV, O6, OS6, Super M, Super MTA, Super MV, Super MVTA, Super W6, Super W6TA, W6, 400, 450 (Gas/Lp) ], Wheatland: 400 (W400, Gas/Lp), 450 (W450, Gas/Lp); Replaces: 358308R11 1 piece like the OEM IH manifold. This IH propane manifold will increase the…

Product Number: IHS659
Price: $267.00
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Farmall Super H High Performance Manifold

International / Farmall - Fits: Super H, Super W4, Farmall Rowcrop: 300, 350; Replaces: 363788R11 * This aftermarket high performance exhaust manifold is designed to increase horsepower on the Farmall Gas tractors.* Use with Super H - 350 carburetor

Product Number: IHS1244
Price: $199.00
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Clutch Repair Farmall Cub

Learn how to replace a clutch in a Farmall Cub tractor. Rachel shows you how to replace a clutch in a Farmall Cub tractor. She also shows you how to do an adjustment and goes thru troubleshooting steps.This step by step tractor repair video is one in a series in the "Wrenching with Rachel" series on…

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Touch Control Hydraulic Repair Farmall Cub

Watch as Rachel from the Steiner Tractor TV wrenching with Rachel series walks you thru the steps to make the repair to your broken touch control hydraulics. This is a complicated repair with many small steps, but with some time and patience you will save a considerable amount of money by doing it…


International / Farmall - Fits: F20, Crawler: T20 (GAS); Replaces: F122L * This gas style manifold can replace the all-fuel manifold* Exhaust pipe & gaskets sold separate.  

Product Number: IHS136
Price: $259.95
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…[ 2400A, 2400B, 2405B, 2410B, 2412B, 2500A, 2500B, 3400A, 3500A (Vertical Exhaust Only, with C-157, C-175, C-200 GAS ENGINE) ] International / Farmall - Fits: [ 2505B, 2510B, 2514B, 464, 574, 674 (Vertical Exhaust Only, with C-157, C-175, C-200 GAS ENGINE) ], 454 (Vertical Exhaust Only, SOME, with…

Product Number: IHS137
Price: $144.95


IH Industrial - Fits: T9 International / Farmall - Fits: I9, U9, W9, WR9 (Gas), WR9S, 600, 650; Replaces: 8321DAX, 8321DBX * Do you need an exhaust pipe? Order IHS1621 (cut to length)* Gasoline manifold

Product Number: IHS140
Price: $238.95

Manifold with Exhaust Adapter

International / Farmall - Fits: F30, W30 (Gas); Replaces: 5167D, 5168D This three piece manifold set includes the exhaust manifold, intake manifold and exhaust adapter. The set is not assembled, nor does it include hardware or gaskets.  If gaskets are needed, then please order IHS139GK.

Product Number: IHS139
Price: $234.50
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Farmall Super MVTA Restoration - Antique Tractor Blog

…* Ford * Farmall / International * John Deere * Massey Harris / Ferguson * Minneapolis Moline * Oliver * Contact Us * Tractor Parts * Home * Farmall / International * Tractor Stories * Tractor Photos * Tractor Trivia * Wrenching with Rachel * Farmall Super MVTA Restoration Farmall Super MVTA…

intake and exhaust Manifold Gasket Set

International / Farmall - Fits: Cub, Cub Loboy, 154, 184, 185; Replaces: Carburetor Gasket: 251235R1, Manifold Gasket: 251233R2, 251233R1

Product Number: IHS145GK
Price: $8.55

How to Get More HP from your Farmall H Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

…on your Farmall H. But for those of you who want to increase the horsepower of your Farmall H beyond factory standards, here are some tips. If you can only make one change, start with replacing the intake manifold and carburetor. Replace these parts with ones from a Farmall 300. The Farmall H bore…

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