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Fuel Tank Valve

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Muscle Up Your Classic Ford Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

…problem with these conversions. I recommend using a radiator from a 9N with a bigger tank on top, cutting two holes in it so that both water pumps from the flat head engine are operable. * Get creative with the gas tank. You can either make it smaller to fit under the hood, or put it somewhere else…

Fuel Shut Off Valve (threads into tank)

…(1952-64) ] This fuel shut off valve for Ford tractors is composed of pot metal with brass valve and plastic screen. Dimensions:* 1/2" pipe thread inlet - only correct one on the market* 5/16" tube outlet with correct recess depth* some competitors bore this too deep and the fuel line will…

Product Number: FDS483
Price: $15.95
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Fuel Shut Off Valve

…[ 800, 801, 811, 820, 821, 840, 841, 850, 851, 860, 861, 871, 881, 900, 901, 941, 950, 951, 960, 961, 971, 981 (Gas, Diesel To SN# 126524 W/ 1/4" Fuel Line) ]; Replaces: 311292, NCA9285B Ford Industrial - Fits: [ 1801, 1811, 1821, 1841, 1871, 1881, 4030 4 cylinder, 4040, 4130 4 cylinder (Diesel…

Product Number: ABC127
Price: $34.95

Sediment Bowl Assembly

…Oliver - Fits: [ Super 99, 60, 66, 77, 88 (KD (Distillate using 3 way valve & 2 tanks)) ]; Replaces: 1HS841, 1HS841A, HS841A Oliver Industrial - Fits: OC-6 (KD (Distillate using 3 way valve & 2 tanks)) * This fuel filter assembly includes horizontal inlet and outlet (side inlet &…

Product Number: ACS326
Price: $33.80

Ford 8N Carburetor -- Also Fits Ford 9N & Ford 2N

…carburetor will not fit overhead valve engines or Ferguson tractors.  Also fits Model A cars and trucks; looks different, works great. Please make sure you have clean fuel. If your tank is rusting then this will contaminate your fuel. If your fuel is contaminated, you cannot fix…

Product Number: FDS018
Price: $156.95
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Cap (Can be used as Fuel, Gas, Oil, Power Steering, etc depending on model)

…distillate or starting tank) ], [ T340, T4 (Engine Oil Filler Cap, Must block vent hole off with JB Weld etc.) ], 3400A (Gas, Engine Oil Filler Cap on valve cover, Must block vent hole off with JB Weld etc.) International / Farmall - Fits: [ H, M, W4, 600, 650 (Starting Tank Fuel Cap with Gasket,…

Product Number: IHS338
Price: $9.95
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Ford 860 from Father to Son - Antique Tractor Blog

…the hood off but it too had frozen bolts and screws. I awoke one morning to find the carburetor was running fuel.only to discover the fuel tank shut off valve was broken and wouldn’t function. Well the garage it was parked in also was blown over in a 70 mph wind storm and here the tractor…

Is your tractor a Cub, Cub LoBoy or model 154, 184, 185, learn the difference. - Antique Tractor Blog

…* Gearshift lever left of driver * Cast iron frame * Round front axle * Radiator bolts directly to front support casting (No lower tank) * Hydraulics under fuel tank * Foot platform offset to right side * ‘Rod’ style throttle linkage * Headlights attach to front radiator side plates…

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