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Hydraulic Repair Kit

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Hydraulic Lift Cover Repair Gasket Kit

Ford - Fits: Golden Jubilee, Jubilee (1953-1954), NAA, NAB

Product Number: ABC090
Price: $9.75
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Hydraulic Piston Pump Repair Kit

…and 6000 Commander.Note: this kit has the 4 O-rings used on 1955 and up models which employ a cast aluminum hydraulic manifold as well as the two O-rings and the 2 quad rings used on the Jubilee and NAA which utilize the FDS074 hydraulic manifold. Our exclusive kit is the only one on the…

Product Number: ABC156
Price: $64.99

Piston Hydraulic Pump Repair Kit

…3500, 3550, 420, 4400, 445, 4500, 515, 530A, 531, 532, 535, 540, 540A, 545 (Industrial) ] * Fits 1965 - 4/83 with engine mounted cast iron body hydraulic piston pump:* 2000 - 3610 with or without independent PTO, and* 4000 - 4610 without independent PTO* Parts will not fit 1964 and earlier…

Product Number: FDS3452
Price: $28.85

Thompson Hydraulic Pump Gasket, O-Ring and Seal Kit

…following with gas or LP using 9 gpm Thompson hydraulic pump #'s 368633R91 or 368633R92: 240, 330, 340, 424, 444; Replaces: Kit: 368634R91 Note: Verify pump # before ordering as there were different pumps used by IHC. Repairs Thompson hydraulic pump #'s 368633R91 and 368633R92. Both pumps…

Product Number: IHS3520
Price: $46.95

Hydraulic Lift Cover Repair Gasket Set

Ford - Fits: [ 2000 4 cylinder, 2031, 2111, 2131, 4000 4 cylinder, 4031, 4110 4 cylinder, 4120, 4121, 4131, 4140, 501, 541, 600, 601, 611, 620, 621, 630, 631, 640, 641, 650, 651, 660, 661, 671, 681, 700, 701, 740, 741, 771, 800, 801, 811, 820, 821, 840, 841, 850, 851, 860, 861, 871, 881, 900, 901,…

Product Number: ABC431
Price: $10.95

Economy Hydraulic Pump Repair Kit

…184473M93 hydraulic pump: 168, 65, MF35 (diesel, SN: 231715 and up), MF35 (some gas, SN: 230456 and up); Replaces: 830997M1, 830997M91, A-830997M1 Note: Verify pump before ordering as there were three (3) different pumps used. See instructions for diagram of pump that is serviced. Pump kits cannot…

Product Number: MFS3567
Price: $39.95

Hydraulic Lift Cover Gasket

Ford - Fits: 2N, 8N, 9N; Replaces: 9N502 Massey Ferguson - Fits: TE20, TEA20, TO20, TO30; Replaces: 180881M1

Product Number: ABC091
Price: $3.50

Hydraulic Pump Rebuild Kit

…9N611, Side Gasket (2): 9N613, Piston (2): 9N615, Cam Block (2): 9N617A, PTO Shaft Bushing (1): 9N649A, PTO Shaft Gasket (1): C5NN747A, Chamber Repair Kit (1): 9N621, 9N622 Massey Ferguson - Fits: TE20 (SN: 83271 and up), TEA20 (up to SN: 285933), TO20, TO30 (Does not include the 195790M1 valve…

Product Number: FDS153
Price: $224.95

Hydraulic Lift Cover Repair Gasket Kit

Ford - Fits: [ 2N, 8N, 9N (1939-1952) ] Massey Ferguson - Fits: TE20, TEA20, TO20, TO30; Replaces: 186881M1

Product Number: ABC089
Price: $13.50

Piston Pump Rebuild Ford

Hydraulic piston type pump main drive gear - http://www/steinertractor.com/FDS334 Hydraulic piston type pump repair kit - http://www/steinertractor.com/ABC156 Tachometer (proof meter) drive bolt - http://www/steinertractor.com/FDS1587 Hydraulic pump gear housing for piston type hydraulic pump -…

Pesco Hydraulic Pump Gasket, O-Ring and Seal Kit

…369783R91: does not include 369782R1 washers Note: Verify pump # before ordering as there were different pumps used by IHC. Repairs Pesco pump # 368894R91. 9 piece kit. Includes:* (1) Gasket 350708R2 (sub for 350708R1)* (1) Quad ring G46055 (sub for 353186R1)* (2) O-rings 511029 (sub for 355965R1)*…

Product Number: IHS3525
Price: $46.75

Hydraulic Lift Cover Repair

…loosened ahead to save time. Parts used: Hydraulic lift quadrant lever friction disc - http://www/steinertractor.com/FDS073 Hydraulic lift cover repair gasket kit - http://www/steinertractor.com/ABC089 Hydraulic lift cylinder - ABC299 Hydraulic lift lever control friction plate -…

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Hydraulic Lift Cover Repair Gasket Set

Ford - Fits: 1965 and up with 3" O.D. lift cylinder: 2000 3 cylinder, 2100, 2150, 2300, 2310, 2600, 2610, 2810, 2910, 3000, 3055, 3100, 3110, 3120, 3150, 3190, 3300, 3310, 3330, 3600, 3610, 3910, 4110 3 cylinder; Replaces: 83963584, 86900100, 87111S95, C0NNB999A, C5NN502A, D1NN473C, E7NN502AA,…

Product Number: FDS3605
Price: $9.99

Touch Control Hydraulic Repair Farmall Cub

Watch as Rachel from the Steiner Tractor TV wrenching with Rachel series walks you thru the steps to make the repair to your broken touch control hydraulics. This is a complicated repair with many small steps, but with some time and patience you will save a considerable amount of money by doing it…

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Hydraulic Pump Mounting Gasket & O-Ring Kit

…350708R1, 350708R2, O-rings: 350429R1, 350667R1, 75285739 * 6-piece kit* Includes (2) extra o-rings for tractors equipped with remote hydraulics.* For a premium kit order IHS3511 oil ring and seal kit.Note: If you are pulling the engine for a clutch/engine repair, etc. you will need this kit.

Product Number: IHS4243
Price: $14.99

Thompson Hydraulic Pump Gasket, O-Ring and Seal Kit

…Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C; Replaces: 360957R91 Note: Please verfy pump number before ordering. Repairs Thompson pump #'s 360945R91 and 360945R92 hydraulic pumps. 9 piece kit. Includes:* (1) Gasket 350708R2 (sub for 350708R1)* (1) Gasket 350706R3* (1) Oil seal 385038R91 (sub…

Product Number: IHS3511
Price: $48.35

Pesco Hydraulic Pump Gasket, O-Ring and Seal Kit

…AV-1, Super C; Replaces: Kit: 355207R91, 360691R91, 355405R93, 354405R92, 355405R91 Note: Verify pump # before ordering as there were different pumps used by IHC. Repairs Pesco pump #'s 360689R91, 350707R96, 355007R91, 355007R92, 355007R94, 355370R93. 18 piece kit. Includes:* (1) Gasket…

Product Number: IHS3506
Price: $59.95

Distributor Repair Farmall Cub

Learn how to remove, repair and install a IH Distributor on a Farmall Cub Tractor using new parts for old tractors from Steiner Tractor Parts. Watch this tractor repair video in our Wrenching with Rachel serious.

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…hydra-trans oil. A short tutorial of hydraulic repair on a Ford 8N is available here. Of course, once you diagnose the problem you still need to fix it! Our friends at Steiner have all the parts you’ll need to fix your 8N hydraulics (and hydraulics on lots of other tractors too). Just give…

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