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Ignition Switch Wire

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Ignition Switch / Key Switch (OEM)

…WD, WD45; Replaces: 225310, 70225310 Case - Fits: [ VA, VAC, VC (and various other Case models with 2 wire switch) ] Case Industrial - Fits: VAI (and various other Case models with 2 wire switch) Cockshutt - Fits: 20, 30, 35, 40, 40D4 Golden Eagle, 40PD Golden Eagle, 50, Co-Op with Buda Over Head:…

Product Number: IHS760
Price: $19.95

Ignition Switch, Key Switch -- Used on many different tractor brands

…IH switch. On original IH switch, there were 2 separate wires that went to the BAT terminal on the new switch there are 2 BAT terminals, just hook one wire to each terminal. WIRE TERMINALS MUST BE CHANGED TO PLUG IN TERMINAL ENDS) ], Wheatland: 400 (This replaces the 4 terminal IH switch. On…

Product Number: ACS288
Price: $37.40

Switches for your International Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

…your defective switches with OEM original equipment switches. Our IHS3234 12-volt 4-position rotary light switch (86 & 88 series, Late 140, 384, 385, Late 464, 484, Late 574, 584, Late 674, 784, 884; Hydro 84, 86, 186) includes a knob and plugs directly into the original wiring harness for a no…

WICO Magneto Stop Button Kit

…Oliver Industrial - Fits: [ HG , OC-3 (all when switched to WICO XH series magneto) ] Wico - Replaces: (3) Nuts: 3230, Insulator: 3539, Ground strap: 5635, Insulator washer: M34X, (2) Lock washers: M55XA , Threaded grounding screw: M6074, Ground wire lead: X5757, Washer: 1XA256, M35X, Kit: 90-5042,…

Product Number: ABC3265
Price: $9.50

Universal 12-volt Voltage Resistor (2-terminal style)

…models * 2 terminal style* Reduces voltage to distributor points* 2.0 Ohms of resistance* It does not make any difference which end of the resistor wires to the coil or which end wires to the ignition switch. * Used to step down 12-volt battery.* Limits voltage to coil when using 12-volt battery.

Product Number: ABC366
Price: $7.99
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Ignition Switch, Key Switch

…WD, WD45; Replaces: 225310, 70225310 Case - Fits: [ VA, VAC, VC (and various other case models with 2 wire switch) ] Case Industrial - Fits: VAI (and various other case models with 2 wire switch) Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op with Buda Over Head Valve Engine: E3, E4, E5, Co-Op with Continental F124: E2,…

Product Number: ABC065
Price: $12.99

Ignition Key Switch w/ 2 Keys & Mounting Nut

…Excavators: 690B (up to SN: 3872), 890, 890A, 990, Feller Buncher: 693B, [ Forklifts: 380, 480A, 480B (SN: 184193 & up) ], 480 (when using AT38216 wiring harness), 480C, [ Loaders/Backhoes: 300, 400 (SN: 117906 & up) ], 300B, 301, 301A, 302, 302A, 401, 401B, 401C, 401D, 500A (SN: 123114-152141),…

Product Number: ABC4301
Price: $17.99

Restoration Quality Wiring Harness

…(F400 gas), 450 (F450 gas, up to SN: 11083) This is for the Farmall 400 and 450 with 3 position key switch, it is NOT for push button start. Note: Complete with instructions and light wires. Each wire is labeled for easy installation. * Restoration quality* Original style braiding * All terminals…

Product Number: IHS3813
Price: $286.50

Indicator Light

ignition switch light; diesel electric start, SN: 7222600 and up), 730 (serviceable as an ignition switch light; diesel Pony or electric start), 820 2 cylinder (serviceable as an ignition switch light; electric start, SN: 8203100 and up), [ 830 2 cylinder, 840 2 cylinder (serviceable as an ignition

Product Number: ABC2934
Price: $18.95
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Junction Block

…safety switch wire junction block) ], I4 (used as a light wire, hour meter wire, or safety switch wire junction block; SN: 36786 & up), I6 (used as a light wire, hour meter wire, or safety switch wire junction block; SN: 36786-up ), ID6 (used as a light wire, hour meter wire, or safety switch wire

Product Number: IHS2244
Price: $4.99

6 Volt to 12 Volt Conversion FAQs - Antique Tractor Blog

…coil to the NAPA one recommended switched to 12 volt battery negative ground wired the 10 ga wire from Batt lead on 10si single wire alternator to amp meter, this time Im using a volt meter, but Im not clear on the ignition wires to the coil. Does the ignition wire hook to the negative side of the…

Why won't my tractor start?

We will take you thru the steps to determine why your antique tractor will not start. Rachel will go step by step thru the electrical system as well as a few other tips.

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6 to 12 volt Conversion Farmall

Instructional video on how to convert your 6 volt Farmall H to a 12 volt system. This is the latest in the Wrenching with Rachel tractor repair series.

Magneto vs. Distributor - Antique Tractor Blog

…cap and wires, which sends the power to the individual spark plugs. This is different from the distributor on a battery-powered system, which is a separate part of the tractor. So – should you switch from a magneto to a distributor, or a distributor to a magneto? Making a switch will most…

Magneto Rebuild Farmall Letter Series

Rachel goes thru the steps to rebuild the magneto on a Farmall letter series tractor. A big thank you to Dale Thompson of Dale's Carb Shop for his technical expertise.

Fitzgerald Steiner Farmall H 12V Conversion Video Revised

The Fitzgerald team show Steiner Tractor Parts customers how to convert their tractors 6 volt system to a 12 volt electrical system. This video was made using a Farmall H. You will also receive extra tips and helpful assistance. A must watch for those restoring an antique tractor. View the written…

Let's get your tractor running - Antique Tractor Blog

…your antique tractor is not starting. Some of Rachel’s troubleshooting demonstrations include a distributor test, starter switch review and spark plug and wire analysis.   Electrical Parts, Tractor Repair, Videos, Wrenching with Rachel electrical troubleshooting, new parts for old…

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