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Gear Shift Knob -- fits many Farmall models

IH Industrial - Fits: I4, I6, T4, T6, T9, TD18 (SN: 1264 & up), TD18A (SN: 22001 to 27081), TD9, 3414, 3514, 3616 IH Lawn & Garden - Fits: Cub Cadet, Cub Cadet: 100, 1000, 102, 104, 106, 108, 1200, 122, 124, 126, 128, 582 (To SN: 719999), 70, 71, 72, 73, 800, 82, 86 International / Farmall -…

Product Number: IHS266
Price: $6.50
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IH Farmall Regular: Mylar Decal Set

International / Farmall - Fits: Farmall: Regular

Product Number: DEC266
Price: $44.99

Clutch Repair Farmall Cub

Learn how to replace a clutch in a Farmall Cub tractor. Rachel shows you how to replace a clutch in a Farmall Cub tractor. She also shows you how to do an adjustment and goes thru troubleshooting steps.This step by step tractor repair video is one in a series in the "Wrenching with Rachel" series on…

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Disc Brake Replacement on a Farmall

Watch this step by step video showing you how to replace the disc brakes on your Farmall tractor, these instructions work on the Farmall Super H, Super M, 300, 400, 350, 450, and 200 series all equipped with disc brakes. Also included are important steps on brake adjustment. Return to our Wrenching…

6 to 12 volt Conversion Farmall

Instructional video on how to convert your 6 volt Farmall H to a 12 volt system. This is the latest in the Wrenching with Rachel tractor repair series.

Fitzgerald Steiner Farmall H 12V Conversion Video Revised

The Fitzgerald team show Steiner Tractor Parts customers how to convert their tractors 6 volt system to a 12 volt electrical system. This video was made using a Farmall H. You will also receive extra tips and helpful assistance. A must watch for those restoring an antique tractor. View the written…

Flywheel Ring Gear

IH Industrial - Fits: [ I6, ID6 (gas, LP, diesel) ] IH Miscellaneous - Fits: Cotton Picker: 95 (with D310 German diesel) International / Farmall - Fits: [ M, MD, MDV, MTA, MV, O6, ODS6, OS6, Super M, Super MD, Super MDV, Super MDV-TA, Super MTA, Super MVTA, Super W6, Super W6TA, Super WD6, Super…

Product Number: IHS2865
Price: $68.75
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Mesh Grille Insert

International / Farmall - Fits: 184; Replaces: 132263C1

Product Number: IHS2668
Price: $83.50
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International / Farmall - Fits: 154, 184, 185; Replaces: 404914R1 Includes 404915R1 lock nut.

Product Number: IHS2660
Price: $74.95

Diesel Intake Manifold Heater / Thermostart

…1394, 1410, 1412, 1490, 1494, 1594, 1690, 1694, 885, 990 (Selectamatic, 1971 and up), 995, 996; Replaces: Case / David Brown: K262495, K928523, Case IH / International Harvester: 31189299R1, 162000090701, K928523, 218349A1, A77616 Case Industrial - Fits: 380CK, 580F, 580G, Skid Steer: 40XT, 60XT,…

Product Number: ABC4218
Price: $11.99
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Mesh Grille Insert

International / Farmall - Fits: 154, 185; Replaces: 106742C1, 404689R21, 404691R1, 533556R1

Product Number: IHS2662
Price: $79.95
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Main Engine and Dash Wiring Harness

International / Farmall - Fits: 154, 185; Replaces: 404424R1, 404847R1, 404847R2, 404848R1, 404850R1 Does not include lights, PTO or rear harness. Use with 6 or 8 socket plug.

Product Number: IHS2664
Price: $99.99

Throttle Cable Assembly with Knob

International / Farmall - Fits: 154, 185; Replaces: cable with knob: 404557R91, knob: 530118R1, new cable number: 543920R3 37" cable length

Product Number: IHS2666
Price: $52.50
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How to identify your carburetor

Learn how to fund the correct identification number on your carburetor before you order the parts and repair kit. Save yourself time and frustration when working on your antique tractor by ordering the right replacement parts.

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