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John Deere B Carb Float

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Carburetor Float (Marvel Schebler) -- Fits JD A, B, D, G with listed carbs

Fits John Deere - A (Early; up to sn 583999), B, D, G, GP (Can replace the original cork float); Replaces: A2544R, AA200R, AA2498R, AA3117R, AA315AR, AA580R, AB237R, AB2711R, AC610R, AC99R, AD975, AF240R, AF731R, AR10066, AR10066R Marvel Schebler - Replaces: 30-635 Carb Mfg #'s - : DLTX10, DLTX107U,…

Product Number: JDS592
Price: $23.75

Carburetor Float (Marvel Schebler)

Fits John Deere - A (Late; sn 584000 and up), AO, AR, B, 50 (ALL FUEL; up to sn 5015950), 60 (ALL FUEL; up to sn 6013899); Replaces: AA3950R, AA4056R, AB3470R, AB3533R, AR10068R Marvel Schebler - Replaces: 30-700 Carb Mfg #'s - : DLTX67, DLTX71, DLTX72, DLTX73 Fits the listed Marvel Schebler…

Product Number: JDS595
Price: $31.50
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Viton Needle Float Valve

Fits John Deere - [ A, AI, AN, ANH, AO, AOS, AR, AW, AWH, B, BI, BN, BNH, BO, BR, BW, D, DI, G, GH, GM, GN, GP, GPO, GW (With single induction carburetor) ], 50 (All fuel with single induction carburetor), 60 (all fuel with single induction carburetor and with stationary engine); Replaces: 233-574,…

Product Number: JDS1069
Price: $9.50

Zenith Carb Float

…574, 666, 674, 686; Replaces: 381027R1, B51359 JD Industrial - Fits: SOME: 440 (Using ZENITH replacement Carburetor NOT MARVEL SCHEBLER) Fits John Deere - SOME: 2030, [ 40, 420, 430 (Using ZENITH replacement Carburetor NOT MARVEL SCHEBLER) ], 4030 Massey Ferguson - Fits: SOME MF Tractors: 135, 165,…

Product Number: ABC452
Price: $23.50

Carburetor Float (Marvel Schebler)

…Replaces: A20624, A7777, B51773, G11190, G45103 Case Industrial - Fits: Some: 530CK, 530 Construction King, 680CK, 800 Skidder, W5, W7, W9A Fits John Deere - Some: 4030; Replaces: AH11983, AP19947, AP21255, AT11756T, AT13127T, AT13172T, AT14097, AT17631 Marvel Schebler - Replaces: 30-621 Massey…

Product Number: ABC361
Price: $29.50

Viton Needle Float Valve (Marvel Schebler)

…275, 375 International / Farmall - Fits: A, A1, AV, B, BN, C, Super A, Super AV-1, Super C, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240, 330, 340, 404, Crawler: T340, T5; Replaces: 382499R91, 69956D JD Industrial - Fits: LUC (Power units) Fits John Deere - L, LA, LI, 1010 (To SN: 31000); Replaces: 233536 MF…

Product Number: ABC230
Price: $6.95

Viton Needle Float Valve for Marvel Schebler Carburetors

…Farmall - Fits: Some: 2544, [ 424, 444, 504 (Late) ], 454, 544, 574, 656, 666, 674, 686; Replaces: 392096R91 JD Industrial - Fits: Some: 440 Fits John Deere - Some: 2010, 320, 330, 40, 420, 430, 50, 520, 530, 60, 620, 630, 70, 720, 730, M, MC, MI, MT, MTN, MTW; Replaces: 233-543 MF Industrial -…

Product Number: ABC133
Price: $6.95

Single Induction Early Carb Hardware Kit (no jets or nozzles included)

Fits John Deere - A, AN, ANH, AO, AR, AW, AWH, B, BI, BN, BNH, BO, BR, BW, BWH, D, DI, G, GH, GM, GN, GP, GPO, GW; Replaces: 15-223, 21H64R, 21H962R, 21H963R, 21H971R, A258R, A765R, R10036R, R10041R, R10045R, R10049R, R10050R, R10067R, R10078R, R10147R, R10151R, R10160R Carb Mfg #'s - DLTX10,…

Product Number: JDS907
Price: $28.50

Carburetor Float, Marvel Schebler

…TSX945SL, TSX946, TSX947SL, TSX952, TSX959, TSX966, TSX970, TSX973, TSX974, TSX975, TSX977, TSX980, TSX985SL, TSX988, TSX989, TSX992 * Make sure to find your carb manufacturer number in the list above. If your number is not in this list, this float is not the correct float for your application.

Product Number: ABC037
Price: $19.95
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Carburetor Float, Marvel Schebler

…69403D, 69403DB, 69403DC, 69403DD, 69404D, 69404DB, 69404DC, 69404DD, 69919D, 69919DB, 69919DC, 69919DC JD Industrial - Fits: Power Unit: LUC Fits John Deere - L, LA, LI, 1010; Replaces: AL20225T, AL20290T, AL2283T, AL2630T, AL2848T, AL2849T, AL2850T, AL2851T, AL2859T, AT11963T, AT12743T, AT12903,…

Product Number: ABC036
Price: $12.90
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Economy Carburetor Repair Kit (Marvel Schebler)

Fits John Deere - A, B, D, G, GP, 50 (All-Fuel; Early - up to SN: 5015950), 60 (All-Fuel; Early - up to SN: 6013899) Carb Mfg #'s - DLTX10, DLTX108, DLTX108U, DLTX11, DLTX12, DLTX13, DLTX15, DLTX16, DLTX17, DLTX18, DLTX19, DLTX24, DLTX31, DLTX33, DLTX34, DLTX38, DLTX39, DLTX41, DLTX51, DLTX53,…

Product Number: ABC224
Price: $26.50

Premium Carburetor Repair Kit

Fits John Deere - [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, BWH40 (Styled, with DLTX34 carburetor) ]; Replaces: (1) Carb to manifold gasket: 321R, (1) Lower throttle bushing: 60-350, (1) Upper throttle bushing: 60-451, (1) Load needle: AR10018R, (1) Idle needle: AR10020R, (1) Strainer assembly: AR10021R, (1) Choke…

Product Number: JDS2677
Price: $98.50
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Premium Carburetor Repair Kit

Fits John Deere - [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, BWH40 (Styled, with DLTX67, DLTX73 carburetor) ]; Replaces: (1) Idle adjusting screw: 21H994R, (1) Carburetor to manifold gasket: 321R, (1) Load needle: AR10018R, (1) Idle needle: AR10020R, (1) Strainer assembly: AR10021R, (1) Throttle shaft: AR10058R, (1)…

Product Number: JDS2680
Price: $98.50

Carburetor Gasket Kit

…Replaces: Float valve seat gasket: 69950D, Main nozzle gasket: 69951D, Bowl gasket: 69952D, Power adjusting needle gasket: 69963D, Carburetor to manifold gasket: 24520D, 382116R2, Gasket kit: 69-964D, 373359R91 JD Industrial - Fits: SOME: LUC Fits John Deere - SOME: 1010, L, LA, LI; Replaces: Float

Product Number: ABC3233
Price: $3.50

Carburetor Repair Tips - Antique Tractor Blog

…kit, or interchange your carb number to one of our existing kits. Allis Chalmers, Case, Cockshutt, Farmall / International, Ford, John Deere, Jr.'s Corner, Massey Harris / Ferguson, Minneapolis Moline, Oliver, Repair Blog bendix carburetor, carburetor, carburetor float, carburetor gasket, carburetor…

Economy Carburetor Repair Kit, Marvel Schebler

…424, 444, 504 (EARLY) ], A, A1, AV, B, BN, C, Super A, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C, [ T340, T5 (Crawler) ]; Replaces: 352047R91, 372983R91, 372984R91, 372985R91, 381945R93, 389683R94, 69401D, 69402D, 69403D, 69404D JD Industrial - Fits: SOME: LUC Fits John Deere - SOME: 1010, L, LA, LI; Replaces:…

Product Number: ABC220
Price: $23.50

Economy Carburetor Repair Kit, Marvel Schebler

…398069R91, 398069R92, 404731R91, 405873R91, 405873R93, 405879C93, 67235C91, 67235C91, 67238C91, 67238C91 JD Industrial - Fits: Some: 440 Fits John Deere - Some: 1020, 1520, 2010, 2020, 2030, 2510, 2520, 320, 330, 40, 420, 430, M, MC, MI, MT; Replaces: AM1613T, AM1613T, AM1794T, AM1794T, AM2067T,…

Product Number: FDS212
Price: $23.50

How to identify your carburetor

Learn how to find the correct identification number on your carburetor before you order the parts and repair kit. Save yourself time and frustration when working on your antique tractor by ordering the right replacement parts.

RG, Author at Antique Tractor Blog

…4020 John Deere all those years ago. Brandon got in touch with the farmer and tried his best to persuade him to sell the tractor back to the Stimson family. Unfortunately for Brandon, though, the farmer had fallen in love with the faithful 4020 and wouldn’t part with it. Time for plan B. Time was…

Manifold Intake, Gas

…Fits: [ Super 88, 88 (All w/ 2 3/8" c.c. carburetor mounting holes) ], : 880 (Measure carb spacing bolt holes before ordering, Some early 880's used this carb spacing, (2 3/8" c-c-) otherwise see OLS028 if the carb spacing needs to be 2 5/8" c-c.); Replaces: 190241B, 1K425, 1K425E, 1M425 * 2-3/8"…

Product Number: OLS029
Price: $116.95


IH Industrial - Fits: [ 2404, 2424, 2444 (Gas) ], [ Crawler: 500, 500C, T4 (Gas) ] IH Miscellaneous - Fits: Forklift: 4000 (Gas), [ Hi clear sprayer: 660, 770, 780 (Gas) ] International / Farmall - Fits: C-123 (Engine Sn: 36001 & up), C-135, C-146, C-153 (With center exhaust), [ 130, 140, 230, 240,…

Product Number: IHS191
Price: $149.95

Intake & Exhaust Manifold

AC Industrial - Fits: I40, I400 Allis Chalmers - Fits: D10, D12; Replaces: 233235, 70233235 * 17-3/8" center to center on the outer stud holes.* Measures 2-1/4" center to center on the carburetor mounting holes* Measures 1.00" diameter for the center carburetor venturi hole

Product Number: ACS156
Price: $289.95
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Intake & Exhaust Manifold With Pipe

IH Industrial - Fits: I4, U4 International / Farmall - Fits: H, HV, O4, OS4, Super H, Super HV, Super W4, W4, 300 (Rowcrop), 350 (Gas Rowcrop); Replaces: 362536R21, 8033DC Our Farmall H - 350 manifold has an exact fit. This manifold must be built to very precise specifications as the governor…

Product Number: IHS002C
Price: $154.95

Air Cleaner Hose

Allis Chalmers - Fits: [ B, C, CA, D10, D12, IB (Cut to length) ]; Replaces: Cut to length: 206996, 70206996 Ford - Fits: [ Following 4 cylinder gas, LP : 2N, 501, 541, 600, 601, 611, 620, 621, 630, 631, 640, 641, 650, 651, 660, 661, 671, 681, 700, 701, 740, 741, 771, 8N, 9N, Golden Jubilee,…

Product Number: FDS260
Price: $4.00
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