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John Deere B Pto Oil Seal

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Oil Seal

…shaft seal) ] Fits John Deere - [ A, AH, AN, ANH, AW, AWH (Used as a rear PTO oil seal (SN# 488000-UP)) ], [ AO, AR (Used as a rear PTO oil seal (SN# 260000-UP)) ], [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BW40, BWH, BWH40 (Used as a rear PTO oil seal (SN#149700-UP)) ], [ BO, BR (Used as a rear PTO oil seal (SN# 333100…

Product Number: ABC2008
Price: $12.50

Oil Seal

…governor oil seal: 4400 JD Miscellaneous - Fits: as a belt driven governor oil seal: 830 Windrower (all Windrowers) Fits John Deere - [ as a belt driven governor oil seal: 2250, 2320, 2420, 800 (all Windrowers) ]; Replaces: AE29510 MF Industrial - Fits: as a power steering piston rod seal: 2135,…

Product Number: ABC3326
Price: $8.95

PTO Shaft Oil Seal Housing Gasket

Fits John Deere - [ A, AH, AN, ANH, AW, AWH (SN 488000 and up) ], [ AO, AR (without powertrol) ], [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, BWH40 (SN 201000 and up) ], [ G, GH, GM, GN, GW (SN 43352 and up) ], R, 50 (with both non live PTO transmission and live PTO engine driven PTO), 60 (with engine driven PTO up to…

Product Number: JDS2021
Price: $2.58
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Rachel Gingell, Author at Antique Tractor Blog

…4020 John Deere all those years ago. Brandon got in touch with the farmer and tried his best to persuade him to sell the tractor back to the Stimson family. Unfortunately for Brandon, though, the farmer had fallen in love with the faithful 4020 and wouldn’t part with it. Time for plan B. Time was…

Oil Seal

…shaft seal) JD Miscellaneous - Fits: Cotton Picker: 9910 (as a transmission pinion shaft seal), [ Forage Harvester: 5420, 5440 (as an upper final drive outer pinion shaft seal) ] Fits John Deere - [ M, MC, MI, MT (used as an outer PTO seal) ], 1010 (with single speed PTO as an outer PTO seal and…

Product Number: ABC2039
Price: $8.95

Oil Seal

…shaft oil seal) ]; Replaces: 146741, 3043395R91, 3043396R91, 359042R91, 359257R91, 364468R91, 381721R91, 43800D, 43800DA, 475911R91, 488561R1, 488561R91, 708096R91, 708097R91 Fits John Deere - L (Sn: 639999 & up As a steering gearbox base seal), [ LA, LI (As a steering gearbox base seal) ], [ M,…

Product Number: ABC1630
Price: $7.95

Oil Seal

…Front Seal; up to SN: F52627 and up to SN: L51241) ], W4 (PTO Output Shaft Seal; SN: 786 to 9300); Replaces: 21969D, 264694R91, 287440R91, 3043788R91, 3043788R92, 358765R91, 358784R91, 358808R91, 358823R91, 381907R91, 42177D, 43278D, 50839D, 530969R91, 703907R91, 703908R92, A29424 Fits John Deere -…

Product Number: ABC1503
Price: $7.99
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PTO Shaft Oil Seal Housing

Fits John Deere - A, AH, AN, ANH, AWH (sn 410000 - 487999), B, BN, BNH, BW40 (sn 1000 - 149699), BWH; Replaces: B1679R

Product Number: JDS967
Price: $108.50
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Oil Seal

…581646R91, U17944 Fits John Deere - [ AS A PTO SEAL: A, AN, ANH, AW, AWH (Up to SN: 487999 when equipped with PTO shield AND flipper guard (must have casting # B1679R)) ], [ AO, AR (SN: 258330 - 259999 when equipped with PTO shield AND flipper guard (must have casting # B1679R)) ], [ B, BN, BNH, BW,…

Product Number: JDS1222
Price: $13.99

Steering Repair on John Deere

Tyler walks us thru the steering repair on this 1959 John Deere Dubuque 430W. Tyler always has some good tips to share when things don't go as planned. And we all know surprises are bound to happen with tractor repairs.

Oil Seal

…shaft seal), Industrial: 600 (used as a PTO seal for tractors equipped with 1000 RPM PTO only) Fits John Deere - [ 1010, 2010 (used as a front crankshaft seal; gas, LP, diesel) ], [ 2510, 2520, 3020, 4000, 4010, 4020, 4030, 4230, 4320, 4430, 4520, 4620, 4630, 5010, 5020, 7020 (used as a PTO seal for…

Product Number: ABC2837
Price: $9.95

Oil Seal

…input shaft oil seal) ]; Replaces: 351276R91, 358775R91, 358804R91, 358815R91, 358838R91, 382230R91, 383333R91, 47703D, 530098R91, 65418C1 JD Industrial - Fits: [ 210C, 300D, 310C, 310D, 315C, 315C, 315D, 410D, 482C (Used as a transmission drive shaft front seal) ] Fits John Deere - 510D (Used…

Product Number: ABC1628
Price: $14.95
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