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Oil Filter Minneapolis Moline U

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Cartridge Type Oil Filter

Minneapolis Moline - Fits: [ G, GB, GBD, GBLP, GTA, GTB, GTC, U, UDLX, UTI, UTU (Gas/Diesel/LP) ], [ UB, UBU (Gas/LP to Sn: 5805077) ], UBE (Gas/LP to Sn: 5901368), UBN (Gas/LP to Sn: 6000232), UTS (Gas/LP to Sn: 01214125); Replaces: KE5905, KE5905V, BE3517 * 9.630" length* 3.130" O.D.* 0.825"…

Product Number: MMS1253
Price: $34.95

Oil Bath Air Cleaner Filter Element

Minneapolis Moline - Fits various models Oliver - Fits various models * Fits most oil bath air cleaners to replace the mesh in the existing air cleaner* Approximately 3" wide x 78" long per bag* Utility tractors require 2 bags / 2 elements* Most brands* Not for dry air filters

Product Number: ABC422
Price: $13.35
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Oil Fill Breather Cap without clip -- Fits many brands including AC, IH, Case and JD

…Industrial - Fits: 440 (GAS) Fits John Deere - L, LA, LI, M, MC, MI, MT, 320, 330, 40, 420, 430; Replaces: AM1586T, AM494T, AM669T Minneapolis Moline - Fits: BF, BG, BIG, JetStar, JetStar 2, JetStar 3, 335, 445, 4 Star, 4 Star Super; Replaces: 10A10278, 10A10401 * For use…

Product Number: ACS178
Price: $38.50

Brake Ball for Disc Brakes (5/8")

…Tractor) ], 50 (As a Continental Gas Governor Ball, 10 Used Per Engine); Replaces: 2018X Minneapolis Moline - Fits: [ BF, BG, BIG (For Pto Shifter Rod Ball, 1 Used) ], [ G, GB, GBD, GBLP, GTB, GTC, GVI, U, UB, UBD, UBE, UBED, UBND, UB Special, UBU, UBUD, UTC, UTE, UTN, UTS, UTSD, UTU, Z, ZA, ZAE,…

Product Number: CKS2647
Price: $1.99

Tractor Stories - International W450 - Antique Tractor Blog

…driving it back home. We give her a good washing changed the oils, fuel and fuel filters. Then my dad comes out of the house and hands me some books. The operators and service manuals the only thing I remember him saying was read before u drive. Its funny he still does that to this day. (My father…

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