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Rear End Seal

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Lower End Gasket Set

…45984D* Crankcase pan gasket, 46109D* Crankcase rear oil seal retainer center gasket, 46121D* Water header gasket, 46128D* Crankshaft rear oil seal retainer gasket, 46131D* Crankshaft rear oil seal retainer plate gasket, 46134D* Crankcase rear dust seal gasket, 46137D* Injection pump mount gasket,…

Product Number: IHS3939
Price: $94.99
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Rear Tie Rod Ball Joint Dust Cover (Seal)

…2130, 4030 4 cylinder, 4130 4 cylinder (Following 4 cylinder 1939 - 1964) ] International / Farmall - Fits: [ 300, 330, 340, 350, 460 (Utility, Rear end ) ]; Replaces: 363164R91 MF Industrial - Fits: MF Forklift: 2200, MF Industrial: 202, 203, 204, 2135 Massey Ferguson - Fits: Ferguson Tractor:…

Product Number: FDS335
Price: $9.50

Transmission Seal, Bearing and Gasket Kit

seal (1): 8N7052A, 8N7052A2, C0NN7052A, 83945495, races / cups (4): 9N7067, 9N7067GV, 517512, 241336, 605188, 9605470, gasket (1): 9N4662, 9N4662GV, 9N7223, 9N7223B, 8N7223, D5NN7223A, E6NN7223BA, 83958318, 81817212 Also fits Ford Jubilee and NAA with the purchase of FDS3979 transmission to rear end

Product Number: FDS3357
Price: $149.95

Lower end engine gasket set with seals

…Following to ESN # 13481: 400 (with D248, D264 and D281 diesel engines), W400 (W400, with D248, D264 and D281 diesel engines), Serviceable for, but rear seal is different: 450 (with D248, D264 and D281 diesel engines), W450 (W450, with D248, D264 and D281 diesel engines); Replaces: 332653R92 * For…

Product Number: IHS1858
Price: $319.95

Transmission Seal and Gasket Kit

…9N7086A, 81804570, 81817212, 83906320, 83945495, 83958318, 8N7011, 8N7052A, 8N7052A2, 8N7223, 9N4662, 9N7223, 9N7223BB, C0NN7052A, C0NN7C248A, C7NN7223B, D5NN7223A, E6NN7223BA Also fits Ford Jubilee and NAA except as a transmission to rear end gasket, which is available by ordering FDS3979 gasket.

Product Number: FDS3971
Price: $32.50

Crankcase Gasket Set

…Oil pan gaskets: 398031R1, 405858R1* Rear main cap filler plugs: 310665R1* Oil pump cover gasket: 69607R1* Oil pan drain plug gasket: 3405H* Oil filter base gasket: 398079R1* Breather pipe mount gasket: 375783R1* Front crank seal: 317549R91* Rear crank seal: 393180R91* Pushrod side cover gasket:…

Product Number: IHS3780
Price: $94.95

Tractor Story - CASE VAC - Antique Tractor Blog

…3 Comments * Doug 02/07/2017 - 22:54 Can anyone shed some light on changing the differential brake shaft carrier seal on a Case VAC with rear disk brakes. I found the replacement seal, have the schematic, have the brake cover and disk removed as well as the four bolts in the inner cover. however,…

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Iowa State University - Project Update - Antique Tractor Blog

…success!   Thanks again, Denny Iowa State University – Senior Agricultural Engineering Cleaned parts Motor torn down halfway Primed parts Rear end housing Oliver, Tractor Photos, Tractor Stories Treat your New Generation to a shiny new emblem Our new fuel lines are made tough. No Comments Yet…

Shop Mule - Antique Tractor Blog

…restoring. It uses the same International tranny and rear end but uses a Buda 4b-153 engine. I’m in serious need of some axle seals if anyone knows where to get them. Reply * Ed Warns 08/03/2018 - 12:03 I’m looking for axle seals also. I have an Allis Chalmers TG24. Reply * Suzette Thomas…

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