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Steering Kit

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Chrome Steel Ball Kit (for steering worm shaft)

…w/ Manual Steering worm shaft ball, 28 used ) ]; Replaces: 16010R1, 17010R1, 86642304 Fits John Deere - [ M, MI (20 used, order 2 kits) ], [ MT, 1010, 320, 330, 420, 430, 435 (22 used, order 2 kits) ], 40 (20 to 22 used, order 2 kits), 440 (manual steering, 22 used, order 2 kits); Replaces: M719T,…

Product Number: ABC2962
Price: $8.95

New and Improved! 11-Piece Steering Sector Bushing, Bearing & Seal Kit

…Our exclusive 11 piece kit includes:* Steering worm shaft bushing 46767DR (IHS1776)* Steering worm bushing 41096DBR (IHS3496)* Steering worm shaft bearing ST288* Steering worm bearing ST287* Steering gear housing gasket 47675D* Steering worm oil seal 47703D (ABC1628)* Steering worm wheel shaft oil…

Product Number: IHS1800
Price: $74.95

Power Steering Control Valve Overhaul Kit

…Snap Ring: R35226, Rubber Back Up Washer: R35684, Seal: T22260, Kit: AT26188, AT315816, Back Up Washer: T23526, T25327, Gasket: T21528, T25337, R98910, O-Ring: B3690R, F3450R, L34451, R26448, U10289, U12331 Note: All with power steering valve housing casting # L34450, T21459, T25294, T25295, T29389,…

Product Number: JDS4362
Price: $59.95

Ford 8N Steering Sector Hardware and Seal Kit

…1E6757A, 1E-6757-A, Flat washer: 1E6764, 1E-6764, Seal: 1E6784 , 1E-6784 , Felt: 1L6784, 1L-6784, Nut: 1L6774, 915086, 1L-6774 White - Fits: 2-44 (with manual or power steering) * Kit includes:* oil seal * adjuster bolt* nut* washer* O-rings* shim washers* felt seal.* Two (2) kits used per tractor

Product Number: ABC441
Price: $25.99

Steering Shaft Bearing Kit

…44K (As steering gear box wormshaft bearings) ]; Replaces: Bearing: 760906M1, Bearing Cup: 760907M1 FDS388 bearing kit fits 9N3525 (FDS046) steering shaft with pinion. Our steering shaft bearing kit includes 2 bearings, 2 cones and 2 bearing cups (aka race). Our steering shaft bearing kit includes…

Product Number: FDS388
Price: $79.95

Steering Column Cover Kit

Ford - Fits: 2N, 9N; Replaces: 9N3669 This chrome cover has a hole for the grease fitting as well as the spring and felt seal.

Product Number: FDS408
Price: $18.95
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Top Bearing Steering Shaft Kit

…with manual steering from 1947 - 1964) ] Massey Ferguson - Fits: [ Ferguson Tractor: TE20, TEA20, TO35 ( with manual steering) ], MF Overseas (UK built): 35 (With manual steering), MF Tractor: 35 ( with manual steering), 35 (With manual steering), MF/Overseas: FE35 ( with manual steering); Replaces:…

Product Number: ABC528
Price: $43.99

Universal Steering Joints Repair Kit

Avery - Fits: A, BF, R ((Not M.M. R)); Replaces: AT249 Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op with Buda Over Head Valve Engine: E3, Co-Op with Continental F124: E2, Cockshutt: 20, 30, 560, 570; Replaces: 8501, TO20967 International / Farmall - Fits: H, M, MD, MDV, MTA, MV, Super H, Super M, Super MDV, Super MV,…

Product Number: ABC166
Price: $109.99

Universal Steering Joints Repair Kit

Allis Chalmers - Fits: [ RC, WC, WD (Must Redrill pin holes to Fit shaft) ], WD45 (Gas & Diesel Must Redrill pin holes to Fit shaft); Replaces: 202152, 70202152 * 7/8" and 1" diameter shaft* 750 diameter U-joint caps* Includes: yokes, pins and grease fitting* For heavy duty applications, see…

Product Number: ABC167
Price: $103.50
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Universal Steering Joints Repair Kit

Allis Chalmers - Fits: WC ((Late)MUST GRIND YOKES FOR CLEARANCE), WD (MUST GRIND YOKES FOR CLEARANCE), WD45 (MUST GRIND YOKES FOR CLEARANCE on Gas & Diesel); Replaces: 224825, 70224825 Check Measurements Before Ordering.* 0.936" diameter U-Joint caps* 7/8" and 1" diameter shaft* Includes: yokes,…

Product Number: ABC280
Price: $144.50
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Power Steering Pump Seal Kit

Ford - Fits: 10/1968 and up with Plessey power steering pump with reservoir on the rear of the pump: 2000 3 cylinder, 2150, 2310, 2600, 2600V, 2610, 2810, 2910, 3000, 3055, 3100, 3150, 3230, 3330, 3430, 3600, 3600V, 3610, 3900, 3910, 3930, 4000 3 cylinder, 4000SU, 4100, 4110 3 cylinder, 4130 3…

Product Number: FDS3842
Price: $11.95

Hydraulic Steering Cylinder Repair Kit

…533290R92, 74302C91, 80446C1, 80446C91 Case IH COTTON PICKER: 1822 Case IH COTTON PICKER: 2022 (SN: up to JJC13388) Case IH COTTON PICKER: 782 13 Piece Kit includes:* (2) 140600C1 - Retainer* (2) G33955 - J Canned Wiper for 1" Rod* (2) 119185C1 - Seal* (2) 271624 - O-ring* (2) 382063R1 - Seal* (1)…

Product Number: IHS4716
Price: $49.99
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Steering Gear Box Shim Kit (9 pieces)

…] MF Industrial - Fits: Manual Steering Only: 2135 Massey Ferguson - Fits: Manual Steering Only: 135, FE35, MF35, TO35; Replaces: 0.002" Shim: 180568M1, 0.005" Shim: 180569M1, 0.010" Shim: 180570M1, 0.028" Shim: 180571M1, Kit: 830627M91 Oliver - Fits: Manual Steering Only: 550, Super 55; Replaces:…

Product Number: ABC3678
Price: $23.99

Steering Ball Nut Shaft Bearing Kit

…(manual steering only up to 8/31/1968) ], 4000 4 cylinder (with manual steering only), [ 4031, 4131 ((up to 1964) with manual steering only) ], 8N (Fits both steering box's (early or late).); Replaces: CUP: 8N3552, BEARING: 8N3571, cup: C5NN3552A Ford Industrial - Fits: [ 2030, 2130 (manual steering

Product Number: FDS387
Price: $29.99

Power Steering Cylinder O-ring and Seal Kit

…50 SN: 516788 to 536633 and the MF 65 tractor up to SN: 704347. * Later tractors use the ABC266 metal piston rings. If your tractor serial number is above what we list, you can still use this kit as long as you purchase the ABC266 also.* Also fits Massey Ferguson Industrial 31. * 21 piece kit

Product Number: MFS3767
Price: $42.75

Steering Control Valve Upper Seal Kit

…D73671, V31282 MF Combines - Fits: 8590 MF Industrial - Fits: 20C, 2500, 302, 304, 50A Massey Ferguson - Fits: 230, 245, 255, 265, 2675, 2705, 2745, 275, 2775, 2805, 285, 4800, 4840; Replaces: 837106M91, 837197M91, 837253M91 * Used with Ross, TRW, and Hydraguide Units Kit Includes* 2 Seals* 1 Spacer

Product Number: ABC4912
Price: $37.95

Eaton Power Steering Pump Seal and O-Ring Kit

…UBE, UBED, UBN, UBND, UB Special, UBU, UBUD (all using Eaton belt driven power steering pump) ] Oliver - Fits: [ Super 66, Super 77, Super 88, 66, 660, 77, 770, 88, 880 (all using Eaton belt driven power steering pump) ] * There are 10 pieces in this kit.* Includes filter O-ring.* Fits ABC1233 pump

Product Number: ABC3275
Price: $19.59

Thompson Power Steering Pump O-ring and Gasket Kit

…as there were different pumps used by IHC. Repairs Thompson pump #'s C768-35HP, FR992100, 370924R91, 370924R92, 378865R91, 381115R91. 10 piece kit. Includes:* (1) Body Gasket 371543R1* (2) Back up washers 355202R1 (sub for 368635R1)* (2) O-rings 86553262 (sub for 253070R1) * (2) O-rings 364879R1…

Product Number: IHS3530
Price: $39.99

Steering Worm Shaft

Fits John Deere - MT, 40 ((T) Tricycle up to SN: 75498); Replaces: This is the kit part number, we only sell the worm shaft: AM2381T, Stamped number on shaft: TA123031 This steering worm shaft is 7.142" overall length.

Product Number: JDS3370
Price: $185.00
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Steering Repair Farmall

Watch as Rachel goes thru the steps to repair the wobbly (lose) steering on a Farmall M, these steps will also work on a Farmall H.

Steering Repair John Deere

Rachel will take you thru the steps to repair the steering on this John Deere 420. The steps taken to fix the steering on this tractor will also work on a John Deere M, MT, 40, 430, 435 and 1010. This is one of many tractor repair videos in the Wrenching with Rachel series on SteinerTractor.TV.

Power Steering Pump Filter

…(all using Eaton belt driven power steering pump) ] * Dimensions:* 1.020" I.D.* 2.990" O.D.* 1.610" Height* CONFIRM MEASUREMENTS. DIFFERENT PUMPS WERE USED WITH DIFFERENT FILTERS.Reservoir gasket / O-ring not included. However, it is included in the seal kit ABC3275 NOTE: Will also fit Caterpillar…

Product Number: ABC3277
Price: $12.95

Steering Gear Housing Gasket Set

International / Farmall - Fits: Cub, Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy; Replaces: 350893R1, 350899R1 --------------(WILL NOT FIT 154, 184, 185)----------- Includes 1 steering worm shaft gasket and 1 steering gear housing base gasket. Use with IHS018 housing and IHS188GK gasket.

Product Number: IHS1526
Price: $13.50

Steering Repair on John Deere

Tyler walks us thru the steering repair on this 1959 John Deere Dubuque 430W. Tyler always has some good tips to share when things don't go as planned. And we all know surprises are bound to happen with tractor repairs.

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