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Draw Bar Lock, CATEGORY 1

AC Industrial - Fits: [ I40, I400, I60, I600 (AND OTHER MODELS USING CAT 1 THREE POINT HITCH) ] AGCO Tractor - Fits: 4650 (AND OTHER MODELS USING CAT 1 THREE POINT HITCH) Allis Chalmers - Fits: [ D10, D12, D15, ED40, 160, 5015, 5020, 5030, 5040, 5045, 5050, 6040, 6140 (AND OTHER MODELS USING CAT 1…

Product Number: FDS211
Price: $29.99

Float Ride Seat Repair

Watch Tyler Buchheit in this old iron restoration video as he shows you the step by step process to remove, repair and replace the old parts with new parts on your float ride seat on your John Deere tractor.


This video series by Tyler Buchheit is a step by step process of how to tear down and repair a John Deere float ride seat. Tyler has included tons of helpful tips to make this tractor restoration video a must watch for those getting ready to attempt this tractor repair.

The Adventures of the Flabob Farmall - Part 3 - Antique Tractor Blog

…at the Treasures and Junk antique store to show them what all their stuff had helped do. My friend asked if I wanted to take the side streets from T & J to the Harley location.  Said “Hell no! She’s come this far and deserves to show off on the first class route there no matter…

How to determine 9N from 2N Ford tractor. - Antique Tractor Blog

…9N parts were being used up to build the 2N. 1942 2N * 3-spoke steering wheel (w/ exposed metal spokes) first used. * Grill now has slotted center bar. * Hood side panels have exposed bolt to retain to front axle support (mid year). * Front emblem has '2N' on lower edge of emblem. * Fender…

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Tractor Pulls Archives - Antique Tractor Blog

…cast iron wheels with tin wheels. Get rid of the wide front end and replace it with a narrow front. Remove the 2 point hitch and use just the draw bar. With all the weight you save by making these switches, you can have fun with the engine. I’d start with a 301 combine engine (non-sleeved).…

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