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Wico Cap

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WICO C magneto, up to SN: 217798) ], [ BO, BR (When equipped with WICO C magneto, SN: 331500 & up) ], D (When equipped with WICO C magneto, SN: 152708 to 155999), [ G, GH, GM, GN, GW (When equipped with WICO C magneto, SN: 11981 & up) ], [ H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH, W111, W113 (With WICO C magneto) ] Wico

Product Number: FXC2102
Price: $55.50

Cap with gasket

WICO XH477B or XH1042 magneto) ], [ B, BN, BNH, BO, BR, BW, BW40, BWH (with WICO XH477B or XH1042 magneto & XB4001L distributor using double contact rotor ) ], R (Pony Motor ) Wico - Replaces: CAP: X5643, GASKET: X5618, X5644 * Fits: XH894, XH477B and XH1042 WICO "X" series magnetos* Also fits WICO

Product Number: FXH2102-2
Price: $49.95
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Allis Chalmers - Fits: B, C, IB, RC, WC, WD, WF Avery - Fits: Avery: A, BF, R Case - Fits: [ D, DC, DI, S, SC, SI, SO (WILL NOT FIT CASE MANUFACTURED MAGNETO) ], DO (WONT FIT CASE MANUFACTURED MAGNETO) IH Industrial - Fits: A-I, I4, I6, T9, U2, U6 IH Miscellaneous - Fits: Power Unit: I2A, IU4, IU6…

Product Number: FXG2002A-2
Price: $62.50
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Wico Distributor Cap

Case - Fits: [ 730, 830 (up to SN: 8253499) ], 840; Replaces: A20785 Fits John Deere - 1010, 2010; Replaces: AT14190 Wico - Replaces: X30042 Fits Wico X30091, X30234 distributor

Product Number: ABC4382
Price: $59.99

Magneto Cap with Gasket

Fits John Deere - [ L, LA, LI (all with Wico XH909, XH3001 magneto) ]; Replaces: X5769 * Brass contactsNote: Wire towers are straight out from the rear of the cap.

Product Number: JDS3830
Price: $49.99
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…distributor with clip held cap) ], [ Crawler: 350, 350B, 450 (with Prestolite distributor with clip held cap) ], [ Forklift: 380, 480, 480A, 480B (with Prestolite distributor with clip held cap) ], [ Skid Steer: 125, 24, 24A (with Prestolite distributor with clip held cap) ], [ Skidder: 440, 440A,…

Product Number: ABC4410
Price: $5.99

Wico Magneto End Cap Gasket

…D, DI, G, GH, GM, GN, GW, H, HN, HNH, HWH, 50 (With Wico X Series magneto or distributor) ]; Replaces: 5618, 5644 Oliver Industrial - Fits: HG , OC-3 Fits:* XH894, XH477B, XH1042, XH3001* Wico X series magnetos* JD Wico R Pony magnetosAlso fits Wico distributors with the following numbers:* XB4001L*…

Product Number: XHGK
Price: $4.49
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Lower Cap for Wico C Magneto

…with WICO C magneto, SN: 11981 & up) ], [ H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH (When equipped with WICO C magneto, up to SN: 61116) ], L (When equipped with WICO C magneto, SN: 640000 & up), LI (When equipped with WICO C magneto), : A (When equipped with WICO C magneto, SN: 424025 to 598518) Wico - Replaces:…

Product Number: FXC23002A
Price: $79.99
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Fits John Deere - [ A, AO, AR, B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, G (w/ Battery ignition) ], 50; Replaces: K6977 Wico - Replaces: 90-5072 Fits Wico XB4001B, for points see FXH2100B, cap FXH2102-2, rotor FXH1108. Also fits XB4023, points, cap and rotor are special order. * For WICO XB distributor

Product Number: JDS4411
Price: $9.99

Premium Delco Ignition Tune-Up Kit with Rotor

…distributors.* Fits Delco distributors only* Does not fit IH, Autolite, Prestolite or Wico built distributors* Does not fit magnetos * For use on tractors using Delco-Remy distributors with clip held cap through 1963.* Includes point set, vibration resistant condenser, and rotor* 0.020" point…

Product Number: ABC018
Price: $11.79
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