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WICO Magneto Coil, "HOT"

…XH564, XH565, XH623, XH631, XH633, XH635, XH636, XH731, XH732, XH733, XH734, XH787, XH787B, XH791, XH791B, XH791C, XH870, XH873, XH887, XH894, XH909, XH926, XH936, XH936B, XH951, XH951B, XH960, XH962, XH970, XH973, XH973B, XH977, XH980, XH1007, XH1022, XH1023, XH1042, XH1053, XH1059, XH1072,…

Product Number: FXH2403
Price: $62.99
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Points Fits Wico XH, XB magnetos only

…HWH, LA, R (with WICO XH477B, XH909 or XH1042 magneto) ]; Replaces: AR12014 Oliver Industrial - Fits: [ HG , OC-3 (with WICO XH477B or XH1042 magneto) ] Wico - Replaces: 1-5008, X5996 * Fits following Wico "X" series magnetos: XH894, XH477B, XH1042, XH3001, XH909* Also fits Wico Distributors:…

Product Number: FXH2100B
Price: $16.99
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Condenser (for Wico XH, XB Magneto Only)

…AWH, B, BN, BNH, BW, BW40, BWH, BWH40, D, G, GH, GM, GN, GW, H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH, W111, W113 (with WICO XH477B or XH1042 magneto) ], LA (with XH909 magneto), 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020, 2510, 2520, 3020, 3300, 4030, 6600, Cotton Picker: 699, Pony Engine: R; Replaces: 2-5007, AR12013 Oliver Industrial…

Product Number: FXH2024
Price: $16.99

WICO Magneto Basic Repair Kit

…XH-557, XH-564, XH-565, XH-623, XH-631, XH-633, XH-635, XH-636, XH-731, XH-732, XH-733, XH-734, XH-787, XH-791, XH-870, XH-873, XH-887, XH-894, XH-909, XH-926, XH-936, XH-951, XH-960, XH-962, XH-970, XH-973, XH-977, XH-980, XH-1007, XH-1022, XH-1023, XH-1042, XH-1053, XH-1059, XH-1072, XH-1088,…

Product Number: ABC3723
Price: $59.99
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Rotor Button, John Deere L, LA, 50, FXH1008, 4-5018, X5531

JD Industrial - Fits: Power Unit, with Wico XH1263: HA92, all with Wico XH909 magneto: LUC (SN: C15775 and up), LUS (SN: S2936 and up), LUW Fits John Deere - all with Wico XH909 magneto: L (SN: 640000 and up), LA (SN: 4533 and up), LI, with Wico XB4023 distributor and single arm contact: 50 (up to…

Product Number: JDS4238
Price: $13.99
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Magneto Cap with Gasket

Fits John Deere - [ L, LA, LI (all with Wico XH909, XH3001 magneto) ]; Replaces: X5769 * Brass contactsNote: Wire towers are straight out from the rear of the cap. Verify tractor and magneto model before ordering

Product Number: JDS3830
Price: $54.99
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WICO Magneto Stop Button Kit

…XH241, XH257, XH261, XH469, XH473, XH477, XH477B, XH520, XH522, XH524, XH556B, XH556C, XH557B, XH557C, XH564, XH565, XHD685, XH791B, XH791C, XH894, XH909, XH926, XH960, XH970, XH977, XH1023, XH1042, XH1053, XH1072, XH1072B, XH1072C, XH1088, XH1113, XH1113B, XH1128, XH1131, XH1137, XH1163, XH1166,…

Product Number: ABC3265
Price: $15.99

Coil Bar Cone Wico X Series Magneto

…#XB4001L, XB4023B), [A, B, G (With Battery Ignition & WICO Distributors #XB4001L, XB4023B)], [Models With WICO Series X Magnetos: #XH-477B, XH909, XH-1042, XH1263, XH1300, XH1886 Massey Harris - Challenger, Pacemaker, Wallis, 12-20, 20-30, 25 (With WICO MAGNETO #XH-184, XH-1023) Oliver - 4 Cyl.…

Product Number: FXH5566
Price: $13.99
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