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8n Pto Seal

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PTO Oil Seal

…TO20, TO30; Replaces: 195763M1 This double lip PTO oil seal measures:* 1.565" I.D.* 2.445" O.D.* 0.630" wide* This PTO Oil seal is designed for (1 -1/8" when not held in by a spring loaded sleeve & pin to the shaft) & 1-3/8" PTO shafts.*  May be  narrower than…

Product Number: ABC140
Price: $8.95

Conversion PTO Assembly (1-3/8")

…- Fits: 2N, 8N, 9N; Replaces: 9N70038 Massey Ferguson - Fits: TE20, TEA20, TO20, TO30; Replaces: 181173M1 * 30-7/8" long* 1-3/8" splines for PTO shaft* Complete assembly includes:* mounting gasket* cap* oil seal* bearing* bearing retaining ring* housingOur Ford / Ferguson PTO assembly is updated…

Product Number: FDS216
Price: $169.99
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…986 (PTO Shaft Oil Seal (fits single or dual speed PTO)) ], [ 3088, 3288, 3388, 3488, 3588, 3688, 3788, 5088, 5288, 5488, 6388, 6588, 6788 (PTO Shaft Oil Seal, Fits following with Dual speed PTO only) ], [ Hydro: Hydro 186, Hydro 70, Hydro 86 (PTO Shaft Oil Seal (fits single or dual speed PTO)) ];…

Product Number: ABC387
Price: $7.55

Ball Bearing

…as an inner PTO bearing: 5020, 5030, Fits following as an inner front wheel bearing, not sealed: 5015, 5020, 5030; Replaces: 72098252 Case/IH - Fits: [ Fits following as a PTO countershaft cluster gear bearing, 2 used: C100, C70, C80, C90 (for tractors equipped with shift-able PTO) ], Fits following…

Product Number: ABC3437
Price: $5.20

Seal (pair)

…Arm Seal) ] White - Fits: 2-44 (Hydraulic 3pt Rockshaft Arm Seal), [ White: 2-105, 2-110, 2-150, 2-70, 2-85, 2-88 (3 point support shaft seal) ], [ 2-105, 2-150, 2-85 (Transmission Input Shaft Seal) ], 2-150 (Front Crankshaft Seal), 2-70 (PTO Seal (for following with dual speed PTO)); Replaces:…

Product Number: ABC196
Price: $11.95
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Rachel Gingell, Author at Antique Tractor Blog

…is easy to check – just remove the side door and watch the oil move. If the oil is leaking out of the piston top, the seal or o-ring could be damaged. While the 8N piston originally came with steel rings, many have been upgraded with a Jubilee style o-ring. If the hydraulics don’t go…

Engine Parts Archives - Antique Tractor Blog

…this tiny amount of expansion and contraction a big problem. The O rings aren’t enough to maintain a seal. In addition to the engine difficulties, the model is also susceptible to a wide variety of PTO problems. John Deere abandoned the deck plate idea when this model’s production was through. After…

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