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Crankshaft Bearings

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Main Bearing Set

…extra main bearing)), [ Windrowers: 215A, 880 (gas only 4-180, 4-202, 4-219 engines (will have an extra main bearing)) ]; Replaces: AT21114, AT21136, RE27236, T23558, T25580 * 0.030" (3.094") main journal size* This is a 4 piece main bearing set.* Gas applications will have 1 extra bearing* Priced…

Product Number: JDS4075
Price: $89.95

Base Engine Kit

…Standard 3.187" 3-ring pistons, rings and wrist pins, pin bushings and complete gasket set with crankshaft seals. Measure sleeve thickness BEFORE ordering.* NOTE: Order rod and main bearings separate to make an out-of-frame-kit; if valve train kit is needed, order FDS466. Pin bushings…

Product Number: FDS2976
Price: $235.00

New Std. Crankshaft

…Farmall - Fits: Cub, 154, 184, 185, Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy; Replaces: 353743R93, 353743R93, (Bearings sold separately): 527821R92, Casting #: 251264R1, 357247R1, 527456R1 * For bearings see IHS1941 Main bearings and (IHS1945 if using #251246R1 connecting rod or IHS3217 if using #527457R11 connecting…

Product Number: IHS211
Price: $299.00

Crankshaft Main Bearing Set

Allis Chalmers - Fits: G; Replaces: 800498, 70800498 Massey Harris - Fits: Pony; Replaces: 1000155M92 * N-62 Continental engine* Also fits EARTHMASTER model C and CH* Priced and sold as set for engine.* For 2.000" standard main journal* Thrust washers NOT included.

Product Number: ACS250
Price: $98.50

Main Bearing Set, 2.478" (0.020" undersize)

…W4 (all up to SN: 33339) ]; Replaces: 377969R91 Undersize main journal size, 0.020" (2.478"). Priced and sold as set for engine. Measure before ordering, no returns if package has been opened. NOTE: Fits crankshafts with casting # 43734DB, 43734DC all using Standard 2.498" main journal and C152 C.I.

Product Number: IHS2852
Price: $82.50

NEW Crankshaft

…480 Loader, 530CK, 530 Construction King, 580B, 580CK, 580 Construction King, 580 Loader (With 188 Diesel, W/O PTO) ], Windrower: 1150 (With 188 Diesel) * 188 CID diesel* No splines in rear flange* Not for applications with PTO* Bearings not included* For bearings see CKS1958 and CKS1956

Product Number: CKS059
Price: $475.00
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Main Bearing Set, Standard 2.748"

…OS6, W6 (up to SN: 35643; all with early C248" C.I. gas engine) ]; Replaces: 367892R91, 45628DAX, 45630DAX * Standard 2.748" main journal size* Priced and sold as set for engine* Fits Crankshaft Casting # 45571DB, 45571DC* Measure before ordering* Warranty void if package has been opened.

Product Number: IHS2860
Price: $113.55

Main Bearing Set, Standard 2.558"

…late C152", C164", C169", C175 engines with 2.558" main journal; gas, LP) ]; Replaces: 357994R11, 357998R11, 367881R91 Standard 2.558" main journal size. Fits crankshafts w/ casting #43734DG, 43734DH, Priced and sold as set for engine. Measure before ordering, no returns if package has been opened.

Product Number: IHS2854
Price: $92.50
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Main Bearing Set, Standard 2.250"

Massey Ferguson - Fits: [ TE20, TO20, TO30 (all with Z120, Z129 Continental gas engines, MUST reuse front thrust washer) ]; Replaces: 1751444M91, 1751448M91, 1751604M91, Z120T149, Z129T105

Product Number: MFS2914
Price: $149.95

Main Bearing Set, 2.488"

…size.* Measure before ordering; warranty void if package has been opened.* For Standard main bearing set, order FDS2800* For .020" undersize main bearing set, order FDS2804* For .030" undersize main bearing set, order FDS2806* For .040" undersize main bearing set, order FDS2808

Product Number: FDS2802
Price: $39.99

Engine Gasket Set

Fits John Deere - [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH (SN: 96000 to 200999) ]; Replaces: AB3876R, RE524344 * Includes sealing washers for cylinder head.* Does not include oil pump gaskets, main bearing housing gaskets or crankshaft seals.  

Product Number: JDS2489
Price: $99.95

Main Bearing Set, Standard 2.125"

…113" and 123" engines) ] IH Industrial - Fits: A1 (all with 113" and 123" engines), [ I12, I14, P12 (all with 30925D crankshaft, Note, must grind new tab locations for the bearings in the block & main caps ) ], [ Power Unit: U123, U2, U2A (all with 113" and 123" engines) ] IH Miscellaneous -…

Product Number: IHS2834
Price: $62.50


…BD144 gas), 2300A, 238, 274, 354, 364, 374, 384, 434, Following diesel only;: 424, 444; Replaces: 3044371R1, 3110995R91, sold w/o the bearings: 384599R91, 751303R2, 751303R21 * 1-1/16" wide flywheel flange* New Std/Std journals* For rod bearings order (4) IHS3866* For main bearings order (1) IHS3868

Product Number: IHS431
Price: $199.95
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Massey Ferguson - Fits: [ TE20, TO20 (Both with Z120 Continental gas engine) ]; Replaces: 1750280M1, 1750280M91, Z120C500 * For bearings see MFS1943, MFS2914Note: Does not fit TEA20 with the British Standard engine.

Product Number: MFS4038
Price: $399.00
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…- Fits: I40, I400, I60, Backhoe: I600, Forklift: 500, 510, 512, 610, 612, 614 Allis Chalmers - Fits: D10, D12, D14, D15 (Gas), Crawler: H3, Forklift: 514, 521, 600, 621 (Forklift gas or LP with 138, 149 or 160 cubic inch engine); Replaces: Casting#: 227550 For bearings see ACS1954 and ACS1952

Product Number: ACS073
Price: $450.00
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JD Combines - Fits: following with 3-152, 3-164, 3-179 diesel engine with 1.37" (short) nose using 1 bolt to retain crankshaft pulley: 925, 932 JD Industrial - Fits: Crawlers: 350, 350B, 350C, 350D, 355D, Forklift: 380, Hi-Cycle sprayers: 600 (SN: 3700 and up), Loader / Backhoes: 300, 300B, 301,…

Product Number: JDS4061
Price: $449.99


MF Industrial - Fits: MF Forklift: 2500, 4500 (With Z145 Continental Engine) Massey Ferguson - Fits: MF Industrial: 20C, 30B, MF Tractor: 135, 150, 230, 235, 245; Replaces: 1047539M1, Z145C500, Z145C600 Z-145 CONTINENTAL GAS ENGINES

Product Number: MFS063
Price: $549.99


JD Compact Tractors - Fits: [ Compact: 1050, 950 (3 cylinder) ] Replaces: 3T84, CH10676, CH20055 Bearing are not included. Please call technical for pricing.

Product Number: JDS308
Price: $615.35
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MF Industrial - Fits: Ferguson Tractor: 40 (with Continental Engine), MF Forklift: 2200 (with Continental Engine), [ MF Industrial: 202, 204, 2135 (with Continental Engine) ] Massey Ferguson - Fits: [ Ferguson Tractor: TO30, TO35 (with Continental Engine) ], [ MF Tractor: 135, 35, 35, 50 (with…

Product Number: MFS033
Price: $449.95
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NEW Crankshaft

…up to 1960) * Will not fit tractors with block number G1235* 148 cubic inch gas* Rear Main Seal = 3.375" I.D.* Rod Journal Diameter = 1.9365* Main Journal Diameter = 2.250"* For bearings, see CKS1964 and ABC1962* For a crankshaft to fit block casting # G1235 see CKS2688

Product Number: CKS064
Price: $329.95
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NEW Crankshaft

Case - Replaces: 976321, A144011, A51917 Case Industrial - Fits: [ W11, 450B, 455B, 580C, 580D, 584C, 585C, 586C (With 207 Diesel Engine) ], 450 (With 207 Diesel Engine, After Sn: 3060305) * For 207 C.I. diesel* No splines in rear flangeFor bearings see CKS1958 and CKS1960.

Product Number: CKS063
Price: $650.00
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2-piece Rear Crankshaft Seal

…main bearing cap side seal; with Z120, Z129, Z134, Z145 Continental engines) ], [ MF Tractor: 20C, 30B (as a rear main bearing cap side seal; with Z120, Z129, Z134, Z145 Continental engines) ] Massey Ferguson - Fits: [ F40, TE20, TO20, TO30, TO35, 135, 150, 230, 235, 245 (as a rear main bearing cap…

Product Number: ABC2364
Price: $8.95
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Crankshaft - 219, 4 cylinder # AT18030

…1 bolt to retain crankshaft pulley: 1032, 1042, 1052 (all up to engine SN: 76979) ], 3300, 930, 935, 940, 942, 945, 952 JD Industrial - Fits: [ the following with 4-202, 4-219, (4-239 up to engine SN: 769620) diesels & 1.37" (short) nose using 1 bolt to retain crankshaft pulley: 210C, 310C,…

Product Number: JDS310
Price: $398.95
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Full Gasket Set with crankshaft seals

…RE540879 * Also fits All Fuel SN: 5016951 & up * New and improved* Includes sealing washers for cylinder head, crank seals and main bearing gaskets.* Does not include oil pump gaskets.Narrow side of the fire ring (crimp) of the head gasket goes toward the cylinder head.

Product Number: JDS1337
Price: $185.00
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