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Farmall A Crankshaft Pulley

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Crankshaft Pulley

…fit. * Not drilled/tapped for setscrew, (early tractors used a setscrew to retain pulley to crankshaft, customer would have to drill & tap this pulley).* This pulley is balanced and has timing marks.* Pulley is coated with a clear rust inhibitor, may need to hone bore for proper press fit…

Product Number: IHS020
Price: $56.50
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Crankshaft Pulley

International / Farmall - Fits: Cub, Cub Loboy; Replaces: 251269R3 * 4-5/8" O.D.* Press fit* This pulley is balanced and has timing marks* For seal use IHS1307Does not fit 154, 184 or 185.

Product Number: IHS019
Price: $48.50


…300 (Front Crankshaft Seal (one used per tractor)), 350 (Front Crankshaft Seal (one used per tractor), GAS); Replaces: 286947R91, 288864R93, 297226R91, 338874R91, 358786R91, 358787R91, 358825R91, 360692R91, 386455R91, 51494DA, 53888D Fits John Deere - [ L, LA, LI (Flat Belt Pulley Shaft Seal)…

Product Number: ABC131
Price: $9.90
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Crankshaft Drive Pulley For Power Steering (Slides Over Existing Pulley)

Char-Lynn - Replaces: 5515 International / Farmall - Fits: [ M, MTA, MV, Super M, Super MV, Super W6, W6, W6TA, 400, 450 (Gas / LP) ], [ Wheatland: 400, 450 (Gas / LP) ]

Product Number: IHS1420
Price: $79.95

Front Crankshaft Oil Seal

…when used as a front crankshaft seal) Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op : E2 (For gas Continental engines when used as a front crankshaft seal), [ Cockshutt: 20, 540 (For gas Continental engines when used as a front crankshaft seal) ]; Replaces: T11656, T11721, T15498 International / Farmall - Fits: [ A, AV,…

Product Number: ABC1632
Price: $10.99

Oil Seal

crankshaft seal: 30, 40, 50, E3, E4, E5; Replaces: T5203 IH Industrial - Fits: Fits following as a belt pulley gearbox seal: I4, I6, ID6, Fits following gas/lp as a front crankshaft seal;: 2404, 2424, 2444, 2504, 3514, 500, U2, U2A International / Farmall - Fits: Fits following as a belt pulley

Product Number: IHS1307
Price: $8.95
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Oil Seal

…used as a front crankshaft oil seal on rubber tired loaders) ], [ Tree Skidder: 600 Skidder, 800 Skidder (all used as a front crankshaft oil seal) ] JD Combines - Fits: 9400 (used as a primary counter shaft gearbox oil seal) JD Industrial - Fits: 400 (all used as a PTO belt pulley shaft oil seal),…

Product Number: ABC3212
Price: $12.99

Ball Bearing

…gearbox pulley shaft bearing: 9400, 9410, 9450, 9500, 9501, 9510, 9550, 9560, 9570, 9600, 9610, 9640, 9650, 9660, 9670, 9680, 9750, 9770, 9780, 9860, 9870, 9880, C670, CTS, CTS II, S560, S690, T550, T560, T660, T670, W550, W650, W660, Fits following as an unloading auger gearbox pulley shaft…

Product Number: ABC3437
Price: $5.20

Is your tractor a Cub, Cub LoBoy or model 154, 184, 185, learn the difference. - Antique Tractor Blog

…models. Starter required minor rewiring. The change came about because of the problem of keeping front crank pulleys from becoming loose and cutting off keyways and damaging the crankshaft. It seems odd that IH model numbers do not run in proper sequence. 154 was first. then 185 and 184 was last.…

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