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Magneto End Cap, Outer

…FM-X4, FM-XE4, FM-XV4, FM4B, FM-ZV4)) Also fits the following using a 2 piece cap design:* FAIRBANKS MORSE MAGNETOS: FM-J4, FM-J4A, FM-J4B, FM-J4B3, FM-OX4, FM-B1, FM-X4B3 * This is only the end cap that the wires plug into; it does not include the spacer cap between the end cap and the magneto.

Product Number: FM02
Price: $82.50


…RC, U, WC, WD, WD45, WF (W/2 Piece Cap) ] Minneapolis Moline - Fits: [ R, Z (W/2 Piece Cap) ] * Fits: Fairbanks Morse Magnetos: FM-J4, FM-J4A, FM-J4B3, FM-J4B, FM-JV4, FM-4B, FM-X4B3, FM-4B16A, FM-ZV4; all with 2 piece cap and clockwise rotation. * Replaces Fairbanks Morse # M2765.* Our brass…

Product Number: FM03
Price: $17.95

Fairbanks J and X Series Magneto Gasket Set

…RC, U, WC, WD, WD45, WF (with 2 piece cap) ] Minneapolis Moline - Fits: [ R, Z (with 2 piece cap) ] Allis Chalmers - With Fairbanks Morse Magneto #FMJ-4B3, FMX-4B3 Case - A, A12-21, C, CB, CC, CH, CI, CO, CE, D, DC, DE, DI, DO, K, K12, K18-32, L, LA, LE, LI, L26-40, R, RC, RI, S, SC, SI, SO, T25-45,…

Product Number: ABC1185
Price: $12.95


…Moline - Fits: Z ((FM-JIA, FM-JIB, FM-2A, FM-2B, FM-4A, FM-K, FM-X)) Fits Fairbanks Morse magnetos with 2 piece cap:* FM-J4* FM-J4A* FM-J4B* FM-J4B3* FM-JIA* FM-JIB* FM-2A* FM-2B* FM-4A* FM-4B16A* FM-K* FM-X SERIES* FM-XE1A7F* FM-X1B7E* FM-XD187* FM-XDE1B7P* FM-X1A7* FM-X4B3* FM-X4B7A* FMJ2B6D

Product Number: FM01
Price: $10.59

Point Set

…with clockwise rotation)) * Fits Fairbanks Morse Magnetos with a clockwise rotation and a 2 piece cap: FM-J, FM-J4, FM-J4A, FM-J4B, FM-JE, JM-JG, FM-T, FMJ4-B3* Replaces Fairbanks Morse part number R2437* Point Gap = 0.020" * Fits Fairbanks Morse Magnetos with a clockwise rotation and a 2 piece cap

Product Number: FM04
Price: $19.59

Coil Only

…F,J4A14B, FMJ4A14C, FMJ4A16, FMJ4A19, FMJ4A19A, FMJ4A19B, FMJ4A19C, FMJ4A23, FMJ4A30, FMJ4A30A, FMJ4A30B, FMJ4A44, FMJ4A64, FMJ4A73, FM-J4B, FMJ4B3, FMJ4B3A, FMJ4B4, FMJ4B4A, FMJ4B5, FMJ4B5A, FMJ4B6, FMJ4B8, FMJ4B8A, FMJ4B9, FMJ4B9A, FMJ4B9B, FMJ4B9C, FMJ4B10, FMJ4B10B, FMJ4B11, FMJ4B11A, FMJ4B11B,…

Product Number: FM05
Price: $79.99
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