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Front Wheel Bearing Kit

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Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…models only with NCA1104B, NCA1106B hub, 1957 - 64 with regular axle not H.D. axle) ] * 2 used per tractor; sold individually* Fits up to serial number 137817 with hub # NCA1104B or NCA1106B only. * 2.328" inner race O.D.* 1.781" outer race O.D.* 1.250" inner bearing I.D.* 0.750" outer bearing I.D.

Product Number: FDS1791
Price: $21.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…is not correct for this application.); Replaces: 1LS5007, 1LS5013 Note for JD models: Includes seal for 320 through 2010; if felt seal is needed for M or 40, order JDS1173. Outer Bearing: 0.750" I.D. Outer Race: 1.938" O.D. Inner Bearing: 1.250" I.D. Inner Race: 2.441" O.D. Seal ID 1.75" OD 2.814"

Product Number: ABC3376
Price: $24.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…wide front, 38" fixed tread wide front or heavy duty rollamatic only) ], 60, 70; Replaces: D635R, D636R, JD7216, JD7224, JD7266, JD7270, JD8186 Fits front hub casting # A1553R, A1557R, A3004R, A3479R, A3566R, F843R Note: Does not fit standard or orchard models.* Fits all with* 1.312" outer bearing

Product Number: JDS4100
Price: $79.95

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…Utility; with adjustable front axle) ]; Replaces: Outer Cone & Cup: 13311DA, Seal Retainer: 48548D, Felt: 43828D, 50259D, Inner Cone & Cup: 10837K, 352382R91, 353515R92, Serviceable for Kit: 361294R91, 361294R92, 361294R93, Seal : 48539D, 48539DA, 368587R91, Outer Cone (Bearing): 13321DA, 25489H,…

Product Number: IHS3669
Price: $32.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…- Fits: D10 (with 5 bolt front hub SN: 3501 & up and High Clear up to SN: 9000), D12 (with 5 bolt front hub SN: 3001 to 9000 and High Clear up to SN: 9000), D14 (with 5 bolt front hub, Wide Front Only), D15 (with 5 bolt front hub up to SN: 9000), D17 (with 5 bolt front hub up to SN: 42000), [ RC,…

Product Number: ACS1793
Price: $57.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit with Seal

…370254R91, kit: 371418R91, 371418R92, cone: 618023R91, 619386R91, cup: 619387R1, 618024R1 * Inner bearing I.D. is 1.780"* Outer bearing I.D. is 1.375".* Kit Contains:* (1) 618023R91 outer bearing cone* (1) 618024R1 outer bearing cup* (1) 619386R91 inner bearing cup* (1) 619387R1 inner bearing cone*…

Product Number: IHS3140
Price: $34.95

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…SN 9001 and up), D12 (up to SN: 3001 and SN 9001 and up), IB; Replaces: 228459, 70209925, 70209926, 70209983, 70209984, 70228459 * 2 used per tractor* Sold individually* Wheel seal is sold separately. See ACS1177. * Small Bearing:* 0.750" I.D.* 1.938" O.D.* Large Bearing:* 1.190" I.D.* 2.500" O.D.

Product Number: ACS1789
Price: $39.95
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Front Wheel Bearing Wear Sleeve

International / Farmall - Fits: Cub, Cub Loboy; Replaces: 351076R1 * 2.287" O.D.* 2.215" I.D.* 1.000" Tall

Product Number: IHS5085
Price: $15.95

Felt Seal

front hub) International / Farmall - Fits: H, O4, OS4, Super H, Super W4, W4, [ 300, 350 (Farmall) ], [ 300, 350 (Industrial / Utility; with adjustable front axle) ]; Replaces: 43828D * Used as front wheel bearing seal* 2.753" outside diameter* 1.925" inside diameter* 0.210" thickFor a complete kit

Product Number: IHS5481
Price: $3.99
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Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…- Fits: A, A1, AV, AV-1, B, BN, C, Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super C, 100, 130, 140 (with 3 loop rim), 200, 230; Replaces: 13823V, 360119R92, 360119R92, 49118DA, 54631H, 55453D * 2 used per tractor* Sold individually* Front wheel bearing oil seal is sold separately. Please order IHS3877 also.

Product Number: IHS1797
Price: $36.95

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…LM11910 Inner bearing cone: 36726, 84356153, 8A1201C, D5NN1201A, LM67048 Inner bearing cup: 36723, 8A1202B, D5NN1202A, LM67010 Seal: 957E1190A Kit: E2157T9, EHPN1200E * 1.782" outer race outside diameter* 2.329" inner race outside diameterNote: Measure inner race or verify front hub number before…

Product Number: FDS3848
Price: $13.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…using front hub # C9NN1104A, C9NN1104E, C5NN1104H) ], [ 6000, 6000 Commander, 6100 (all using front hub # C0NN1104D, must also order ABC1310 seal) ]; Replaces: Inner bearing cone: C1VV1201A, 310115, LM486548, Inner bearing cup: C1VV1202A, 310116, LM48510, Kit: EHPN1200C, E2155T9, Outer bearing cone:…

Product Number: FDS3852
Price: $15.99

Front Wheel Bearing Oil Seal

International / Farmall - Fits: A, A1, AV, AV-1, B, BN, C, Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super C, 100, 130, 140 (with 3 loop rim), 200, 230; Replaces: 359788R91, 43463D, 43463DA, Timken: 200640 * 1.560" inside diameter* 2.562" outside diameter* 0.497" wide

Product Number: IHS3877
Price: $10.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…9N1190B, B-1201, B-1202, B-1216, B-1217, CBPN1200A * Kit includes enough parts for 1 wheel only* Includes 2 bearing cones, 2 bearing cups and 1 oil seal* Fits hub casting # 8N1104 only* 0.750" outer bearing inside diameter* 1.189" inner bearing inside diameter* 1.937" outer race outside diameter*…

Product Number: FDS295
Price: $29.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…Cub, Cub Loboy; Replaces: Felt washer: 350768R1, Inner bearing cone: 350771R91, Inner bearing cup: 350772R1, Outer bearing cone: 350774R91, Outer bearing cup: 350775R1, Wear sleeve: 351076R1 * 2 wheel bearing kits used per tractor.* Kits are sold individually.* Will not fit 154, 184 or 185.* Note:…

Product Number: IHS3412
Price: $59.95

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…444, 504 (6 lug front hub with casting # 370289R1, 368289R1, 368626R1 or 386080R1) ]; Replaces: Kit: 375128R91 * 0.749" outer bearing inside diameter* 1.245" inner bearing inside diameter* 1.785" outer race outside diameter* 2.328" inner race outside diameterNote: Please verify front hub casting…

Product Number: IHS3855
Price: $23.99

Upper Front Bolster Repair Kit

…], Super MTA (gas, LP, & diesel), 400, 450; Replaces: Kit: 368098R91 9 piece kit includes:* Lower bolster shaft bushing: 49661DA, 49661DAR (IHS3906)* Upper bolster shaft bushing: 45172DR (IHS3915)* Upper bolster pivot shaft OEM thrust bearing: 49662D, 354675R91, 383370R91, 3063254R91 (IHS3918)*…

Product Number: IHS3920
Price: $199.99
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Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…to SN: 190558), [ 3030, 3130 (with 7:50 - 18 tire) ], 3120; Replaces: Seal: AR26480, Dust shield: R26632, Kit: RE54814, Bearing cup: JD7445, JD8251, Bearing cone: JD8913, JD8929 * Verify hub casting number before ordering as more than one size was available. * 1.687" inner bearing inside diameter

Product Number: JDS3419
Price: $47.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

Ford - Fits: [ 600, 620, 630, 640, 650, 660, 700, 740, 800, 820, 840, 850, 860, 900, 950, 960 (With NCA1104A Hub and up to SN: 137817 (mid 1957)) ]; Replaces: 8A1201B, 8A1202A, 8A1216A, 8A1217A, CBPN1200B, NCA1190A * 2 used per tractor, sold individually. Includes Seal* For tractors with regular…

Product Number: FDS1787
Price: $26.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…R47076 front hub) ], 2240 (SN: 350000 and up, with T25809 or R47076 front hub); Replaces: seal: AT10344, inner cone: JD8194, inner cup: JD8230, outer cup: JD8239, outer cone: JD8905, Kit: RE54817 * The seal retainer sleeve is not used with this kit.Note: Verify hub casting number or inner bearing

Product Number: JDS3838
Price: $22.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…2510, 2630 (with heavy duty axle), [ 2640, 2840 (both up to SN: 331509) ], 2755, 2855N, 4030, 4230, 4430; Replaces: seal: AR26480, inner cup: JD7418, outer cup: JD8251, outer cone: JD8929, inner cone: JD8969, wear sleeve: R26632, Kit: RE54819 * 1.797" inner bearing I.D. * 1.797" inner bearing I.D.

Product Number: JDS3843
Price: $42.50

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…Replaces: Kits: 371417R91 , 371417R92 * 0.842" I.D. outer bearing* 1.375" I.D. inner bearing* 1.975" O.D. outer race* 2.567" O.D. inner raceNote: Verify front hub before ordering. Replacement Numbers: Inner bearing: 618023R91, LM48548 Inner race: 618024R1, LM48510 Outer bearing: 371882R91,…

Product Number: IHS3859
Price: $25.99

Front Wheel Bearing Kit

front hub) ], [ 4040, 4240, 4440, 6415 (all using R49839 or R49841 front hub) ], [ 6140J, 6155J, 7420, 7425, 7520, 7525 (all using P58400 front hub) ], [ 7600, 7610, 7700, 7710, 7800, 7810 (all using R112915 front hub) ]; Replaces: Kit: RE54815 * 1.312" I.D. outer bearing* 1.968" I.D. inner bearing*

Product Number: JDS3863
Price: $34.99
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Case Front Wheel Bearing Kit

…G1086 or G13065 6 lug front hub, not for H.D. axle) * 2 used per tractor, sold individually.* Includes inner and outer bearings, races and seal. Bearings only are USA.* 1.781" O.D. outer race* 0.750" I.D. outer bearing * 2.562" O.D. inner race* 1.375" I.D. inner bearing* 1.90" I.D. x 2.56" O.D.…

Product Number: CKS1795
Price: $21.99
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