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Gas Tank Sealer Kit

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Fuel Tank Liner Kit

…future rusting.* This seals leaks and gets the multitude of pin holes you cannot find. * Each single quart can seal one 12 gallon tank. If your tank is 24 gallons you will need two quarts. In this case, see MIS106 for an extra quart of sealant. * Please note this…

Product Number: MIS129
Price: $67.20
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Carburetor, New Zenith Universal Replacement

…a carburetor repair kit for this carburetor? Please order number ABC1346.Please make sure you have clean fuel. If your tank is rusting then this will contaminate your fuel. If your fuel is contaminated, you cannot fix the problem with a new carburetor. We sell fuel tank sealer, MIS106 and MIS129.…

Product Number: ABC223
Price: $395.25
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