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Ih 300 Ignition Switch

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Ignition Key

AC Industrial - Fits: HD3 (Early, Using Delco Style Switch) Allis Chalmers - Fits: [ D10, D12 (To Sn: 9000) ], D14 (SN: 9500 & up), D15 (Up to SN: 9000), D17 (Up to SN: 75000), D19, D21, H3 (Early, Using Delco Style Switch); Replaces: 231713, 70231713, 72162639 Case - Fits: W10A, W26, W7C, 700,…

Product Number: KEY01
Price: $4.50

Ignition Switch, Key Switch -- Used on many different tractor brands

…Cockshutt Tractor: 550; Replaces: T18021B International / Farmall - Fits: [ 300, 400 (This replaces the 4 terminal IH switch. On original IH switch, there were 2 separate wires that went to the BAT terminal on the new switch there are 2 BAT terminals, just hook one wire to each terminal. WIRE…

Product Number: ACS288
Price: $37.40
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Ignition Switch - Key Switch

…Massey Ferguson - Fits various models Massey Harris - Fits various models Minneapolis Moline - Fits various models Oliver - Fits various models * AG and light Industrial equipment* 3/4" Diameter thread* 4 terminals* 4 position switch, has 4 stud terminals* Includes 2 keys* For battery ignition only

Product Number: ABC400
Price: $15.49

6 to 12 volt Conversion Farmall

Instructional video on how to convert your 6 volt Farmall H to a 12 volt system. This is the latest in the Wrenching with Rachel tractor repair series.

Ignition Switch, Key Switch

…[ 77, 88 (With start button) ]; Replaces: 1K7354B * Fits AG and light Industrial equipment* Also fits SILVER KING Model 42* 3/4" diameter thread* On some applications, must drill hole to 0.800"* 2 wire* Includes 2 keys* For 6 / 12 Volt battery ignition only* For a USA built key switch see IHS760

Product Number: ABC065
Price: $12.99

Junction Block

IH Industrial - Fits: A-I (used as a light wire, hour meter wire, or safety switch wire junction block; SN: 286222-up with magneto), [ I4, TD6-62 , 2424, 2504 (used as a light wire, hour meter wire, or safety switch wire junction block) ], I4 (used as a light wire, hour meter wire, or safety switch

Product Number: IHS2244
Price: $4.99

Solenoid Starter or Manifold Heater Switch

…Replaces: SWX18, SWX226, SWX60 Case - Fits: 300B (Diesel, 12 VOLT ONLY), [ 400B, 470, 480 , 500B, 530, 540, 600B, 611B (12 VOLT ONLY) ], [ 430, 570 (Gas, 12 VOLT ONLY) ], 630 (Gas and also fits Diesel when used as a manifold heater solenoid switch); Replaces: 142320A1, A20145, A40795, G44835, G45017…

Product Number: ABC138
Price: $29.95

Push Button Switch Assembly for starting, ether, etc.

…Loader, 584, 586 IH Industrial - Fits: T4 International / Farmall - Fits: T5, TD5 (up to SN: 3087), 1206, 240, 300, 330, 340, 350, 400, 404, 4100, 4156, 4166, 4186, 424, 444, 450, 460, 504, 560, 606, 656, 660, 706, 806; Replaces: 366316R91, 366317R93 * Wires attach to switch with eyelets and screws.

Product Number: IHS798
Price: $11.95

Ignition Key

…85, 88 (Diesels or Perkins Gas Engines using ignition switch 829141M3, 3305189M92) ], Crawler: 300 (Diesels or Perkins Gas Engines using ignition switch 829141M3, 3305189M92), Ferguson Tractor: 35 (Diesels or Perkins Gas Engines using ignition switch 829141M3, 3305189M92), MF Industrial Telehandler:…

Product Number: FDS400
Price: $2.95
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Magneto Push-Pull Ignition Switch (OEM)

…various models Oliver - Fits various models Replaces: BAS-884  * This switch has 1 screw type terminal.* Pushed in is off and pulled out is on.* This switch will fit most models with a magneto ignition.* This does not look like the original, but will work great.* The threaded stem measures…

Product Number: ABC489
Price: $17.50
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Universal 2 Position Push Pull Ignition and Light Switch

…various models * Fits AG and light industrial equipment.* For ignition switch applications, this can be used on battery ignition systems only.* Note: Switch manufacturers consider OFF as one position.* This switch is a 30amp switch with 3/8" diameter thread and 2 screw type terminals. It is…

Product Number: ABC398
Price: $8.20

Push Button Starter Switch / Manifold Heater Switch Gear Shift Lever Activated Starter Switch

Autolite - Replaces: 15-49, 15-83, SW4012, SW4014, SWX49 Case - Fits: [ 300, 300B, 301, 301B, 302, 302B, 320, 320B, 400B, 420B (Diesel Only, As A Manifold Heater Switch ) ]; Replaces: G13047 Delco - Replaces: 1996479 IH Lawn & Garden - Fits: [ 100, 70 (Cub Cadet) ] International / Farmall -…

Product Number: MFS140
Price: $14.95

3 Position Fused Switch (push/pull starter & lights)

…Replaces: AB2687R, AF687R This switch is for 15 amps and has 5 terminals. It includes the black plastic knob with 10 - 24 UNC threads. The threaded stem measures 7/16 - 20 UNF. This will only fit listed models that are using a voltage regulator. --- Note: Switch manufactures consider "OFF" as 1…

Product Number: JDS631
Price: $12.95
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Universal 2 Terminal Switch (Many Applications!)

Switch or Manifold Preheat switch) ], [ 35, 40, 50 (Starter Switch or Manifold Preheat switch) ], Oliver Built Cockshutt Tractor: 550 ((DIESEL) Starter Switch or Manifold Preheat switch); Replaces: T18524, TG07803, TO18117, TO7803 Ford - Fits various models IH Industrial - Fits: T4 (Starter Switch),

Product Number: ABC233
Price: $12.50

Manual Starter Switch, base mount for 1" hole

…Leader and early Silver Kings (1935 - 1941 with dash mounted switch).* Base mount for 1" hole* 1-3/4" c-c mounting holes* Works on 6 volt and 12 volt tractors* 100 Amperage* Also used as a diesel manifold heater switch on some M.H. models.* View ABC4015 for a higher quality version of this switch

Product Number: ABC066
Price: $16.40

Premium Heavy Duty Manual Starter Switch, base mount

…1.83" plunger length* Copper contacts* Works on 6 volt and 12 volt tractors* 100 Amperage* Heavy duty, premium quality!* Also used as a diesel manifold heater switch on some M.H. models.Note: Also fits the Cleveland General, Leader and early Silver Kings (1935 through 1941) with dash mounted switch.

Product Number: ABC4015
Price: $24.50

6 Volt to 12 Volt Conversion Help - Antique Tractor Blog

…regulator once it has been switched to 12 volts – https://www.steinertractor.com/ABC3551Mini-35-Amp-12-V-Negative-Ground-Alternator-with-Pulley has a built in regulator. The points do not need to be changed. Reply * Ed Dedman 08/24/2018 - 19:35 How about the ignition coil and starter? Starter…

Universal 12-volt Voltage Resistor (2-terminal style)

…points* 2.0 Ohms of resistance* It does not make any difference which end of the resistor wires to the coil or which end wires to the ignition switch. * Used to step down 12-volt battery.* Limits voltage to coil when using 12-volt battery.

Product Number: ABC366
Price: $7.99
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