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Clutch Facings with Rivets

Fits John Deere - H, HNH, HW, HWH; Replaces: Rivet: D1761R, Facing (subs from H342R): R90216 9 1/4" O.D. x 1 7/8" Wide x .160" Thick No returns if lining is cracked or broken from trying to install. These are very fragile, so please take care while installing.

Product Number: JDS2561
Price: $54.95
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LH Front Grille with screen (left hand side) - Fits JD H

Fits John Deere - H; Replaces: AH649R * Left hand side

Product Number: JDS035
Price: $179.99

Basic Marvel Schebler Carburetor Repair Kit

Fits John Deere - H Carb Mfg #'s - DLTX26, DLTX46, OEM Carburetor Number: AH523R * Kit includes:* throttle shaft* needle and seat* float lever pin* choke and throttle shaft seal* needle valve* adjustment screw* gaskets and instructions* Includes parts shown in picture above.* Note: For…

Product Number: JDS670
Price: $27.95
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Grille Screen fits JD B and JD H

Fits John Deere - B (sn 60000 and up), H; Replaces: For model B SN: 60000 & up: B1420R, LH: H494R, RH: H556R * Please fit to grille before painting* 17-1/8" tall* 12-1/16" total wrap around width* Spot weld into existing grille* Preformed and ready to install* Includes curved bolt holes,…

Product Number: JDS058
Price: $49.95


Fits John Deere - B, H * 15" x 18" Flat screen w/ correct wire* Shipped flat, must bend to existing grille* Trim & spot weld to existing grille

Product Number: JDS195
Price: $21.95

Fuel Tank Liner Kit

Allis Chalmers - Fits various models Case - Fits various models Cockshutt - Fits various models Ford - Fits various models International / Farmall - International / Farmall - Fits various models Fits John Deere - Fits various models Massey Ferguson - Fits various models Massey Harris - Fits various…

Product Number: MIS129
Price: $67.20
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3 Position Light Switch. Fits B, C, CA, G, WC, WD, WD45 (All with cutout on generator)

…E3, E4, E5, Cockshutt: 30, 40, 50; Replaces: TO7524 Delco - Replaces: Serviceable: 479G, 1994011 Fits John Deere - A, AO, AR, B, BO, BR, D, G, H, L, LA (ALL with CUT-OUT); Replaces: AB2687R, AF687R, AF708R, AL2857T Massey Harris - Fits: Pony, 101 Jr, 101 Sr, 102 Jr, 102 Sr, 22, 30, 30K, 44-6,…

Product Number: ACS139
Price: $37.99
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Gear Shift Ball

Fits John Deere - G, H (up to sn 9999), 70; Replaces: F288R

Product Number: JDS1705
Price: $19.95

Tailored Spark Plug Wire Set

Fits John Deere - H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH; Replaces: AA1890R, AA6141R, AA6142R, AH655R Original style copper core black cotton covered wire with RAJAH terminals has one end preassembled, Crimp Other End W/ A Crimping Tool

Product Number: JDS1559
Price: $39.99

New & Improved! Spark Plug Wiring Set with copper wire, 2 Cyl

JD Miscellaneous - Fits: W (STATIONARY ENGINE) Fits John Deere - A, AH, AI, AN, ANH, AO, AOS, AR, AW, AWH, B, BI, BN, BNH, BO, BR, BW, BW40, BWH, BWH40, C, D, DI, G, GH, GM, GN, GP, GPO, GPWT, GW, H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH, L, LA, LI, [ LUC, LUS, LUW, W111, W113 (STATIONARY ENGINE) ], 50, 520, 530, 60,…

Product Number: JDS643
Price: $14.99

Carburetor Gasket Kit

…69951D, Bowl gasket: 69952D, Power adjusting needle gasket: 69963D, Carburetor to manifold gasket: 24520D, 382116R2, Gasket kit: 69-964D, 373359R91 JD Industrial - Fits: SOME: LUC Fits John Deere - SOME: 1010, L, LA, LI; Replaces: Float valve seat gasket: 16-4, Bowl gasket: 16-80, Main nozzle…

Product Number: ABC3233
Price: $3.50


Fits John Deere - H; Replaces: H136R

Product Number: JDS235
Price: $225.00
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JD H Operators Manual

Fits John Deere - H Operator manuals explain how to operate the tractor. This book is sometimes referred to as an owner's manual and it is a reprint of the original book that came with the tractor.   The operator's manual not only provides the owner of the tractor with the operating…

Product Number: REP114
Price: $49.95

Parts Manual JD H

Fits John Deere - H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH; Replaces: PC304 This manual includes an electrical wiring diagram.

Product Number: REP1408
Price: $48.10

Bracket, Generator: Fits JD H

Fits John Deere - H; Replaces: H921R

Product Number: JDS391
Price: $64.95

JD H 1939-46: Mylar Decal Set

Fits John Deere - H (STYLED HOOD 1939-1946) * Inspect all decal pieces before applying to the tractor.* We cannot offer a refund on decals if they have been applied and / or if they are damaged during application.* Store these tractor decals in a cool, dry place.* Do not soak these mylar tractor…

Product Number: DEC018
Price: $36.99
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PTO Shield - Fits JD H

Fits John Deere - H; Replaces: AH1098R

Product Number: JDS380
Price: $96.00

RH Front Grille with screen (right hand side) - Fits JD H

Fits John Deere - H; Replaces: AH648R * Right hand side

Product Number: JDS034
Price: $179.99

PTO Flipper Guard Fits John Deere H

Fits John Deere - H; Replaces: H753R

Product Number: JDS653
Price: $48.95

Brake Hardware Kit for H Series

Fits John Deere - H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH; Replaces: A134R, A321R, A348R, AH1173R 7 piece kit includes:* (1) A321R Brake cam* (2) A348R Brake springs (JDS702)* (2) A134R Adjusting pins* (2) AH1173R Brake shoe roller assembliesNote: 1 kit is for 1 brake.

Product Number: JDS3531
Price: $99.95
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