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Oil Level Plug

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Hydraulic Vane to Piston Pump Changeover Plate

…plate is level and in-line with the original rear flanges. Mark the lines to the flange for the final fit. Have a professional welder finish welding the flanges to the lines. Blow the lines out with compressed air. Install the new O-rings and bolt the lines to the rear end and pump. Add new oil and…

Product Number: FDS3017
Price: $58.50

Buyer Beware: What to Look for when Purchasing an Antique Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

level. If the engine smokes, a seller can try to mask this by lowering the overall oil level – with less oil in the engine, the tractor won’t smoke as bad. Checking the oil level can help make sure you are getting an accurate representation of the tractor’s condition. * The wrong spark plugs.

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