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Plug Wires Cap&Rotor & Plugs

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Why won't my tractor start?

We will take you thru the steps to determine why your antique tractor will not start. Rachel will go step by step thru the electrical system as well as a few other tips.

Complete Tune-Up Kit

…0.016 to 0.020.* Spark plug gap 0.030.Note: Includes cap, rotor, points, condenser, spark plugs (AL405) and wires. Replacement numbers for Mitsubishi/Satoh: Cap: G010718202B Rotor: G010718203B Points: G0107182100 Condensor: G0221234850 Spark plugs: G0259181100 Plug wires: G2160181600, G2160181700,…

Product Number: ABC4124
Price: $89.99
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