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Economy Holley Carburetor Repair Kit

…Ford models with Holley carb number: LIST6852, R3012, R3013-4A, R3158A, R3589B, R3655A, R3656A, R3657A, R3658, R3658-1A, R3658A, R4111, R4111-1A, R4119, R4119-1A, R4120, R4120-1, R4120-1A, R6852-A, R6863, R6863-A, R8552, R8553, R8554  * Fits 1965 to 1982* Kit includes:* float needle* float…

Product Number: ABC427
Price: $36.95


Ford - Fits: 3-cylinder with 158 c.i. engine, 1965 -1982: 2000 3 cylinder, 2100, 2110 3 cylinder, 2120 3 cylinder, 2150, 2300, 2310, 2600, 2600R, 2600V, 2610, 2810, 2910; Replaces: C5NE9510E, C5NE9510G, C5NE9510H, C5NE9510J, C5NE9510K, C5NE9510L, C5NE9510S, C5NN9510, C5NN9510B, C5NN9510E, C5NN9510F,…

Product Number: FDS3440
Price: $424.50

How to Rebuild a Carburetor as part of your Tractor Restorat

This video was shot by Team Fitzgerald for Steiner Tractor Parts. It takes you through the steps to take apart, repair and reassemble the carburetor on your tractor. For more tractor restoration videos check out the Steiner Tractor Parts YouTube page.

Holley Carburetor Float

…R2923A, R3012, R3012-3, R3012-3A, R3013-2, R3013-3, R3013-4A, R3013-4F, R3158A, R3210, R3589, R3589B, R3655A, R3656A, R3657, R3658, R4111, R4111A, R4119, R4119A, R4120, R4120-1, R6852, R6853, R6863, R7867, R7896, R8552, R8553, R8554 Please make sure that your carburetor manufacturer number in the…

Product Number: ABC1352
Price: $49.50
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