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Radiator Core

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Radiator Core

…a grille). * This copper core radiator is made in Ireland and has 4 rows of tubes.* The radiator core overall dimensions are 17-3/4" tall and 16" wide.* The actual core only width is 14-3/4" wide* The end plate width is 16" wide * Gaskets are included with this radiator core for John Deere models.

Product Number: JDS330
Price: $419.99

Radiator Core with Gaskets

Fits John Deere - G (all fuel / gas, SN: 13000 - 60699, without water pump), The following diesels: 70, 720, 730, 80, 820 2 cylinder, 830 2 cylinder, 840 2 cylinder; Replaces: AF643R, AR1627R * 21.50" Core Height* 19.50" Core Width* 2" Core Depth

Product Number: JDS4104
Price: $399.99

Radiator Core, Fits John Deere A, 60, 620 and 630

Fits John Deere - A (SN: 488000 and up), [ AO, AR (SN: 260000 and up) ], 60, 620, 630; Replaces: AA2235R, AA5582R * Copper core with 4 rows of tubes* Gaskets are includedRadiator core dimensions:* 21" core height* 17" core width* 2.75" core depth

Product Number: JDS331
Price: $389.99
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Radiator Core

Case - Fits: C, CC, CC-3, CC-4, CCS, CH, CI, CO, CO-VS, D, DC, DC-3, DC-4, DCS, DEX, DH, DI, DI/NAR, DO, DO-VS, DO/STD, DOEX, DV; Replaces: O10870A, O7093AB * 4 rows of tubes* 20-1/2" core height* 15" core width* 2-3/8" core depth* Gaskets not included* For gaskets, see CKS3134

Product Number: CKS3142
Price: $299.99
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Radiator Core Gaskets (pair)

Fits John Deere - G (SN: 13000 and up), [ 70, 720, 730 (Gas, LP, Dsl) ], 80, 820 2 cylinder, 830 2 cylinder, 840 (2-cylinder); Replaces: F661R

Product Number: JDS3130
Price: $17.99


International / Farmall - Fits: Farmall Rowcrop Only Not Utility: 300, 350 (GAS / DSL); Replaces: 361704R93 * Our pressurized copper core radiator fits rowcrop models only. * Does not fit utility tractors. Do you need a radiator cap? Check out our IHS1993.

Product Number: IHS442
Price: $679.99

352628R92 Radiator, Farmall H, Super H

…provisions for light mounts) International / Farmall - Fits: H, HV, [ O4, OS4, Super W4, W4 (No provisions for light mounts) ], Super H; Replaces: 352628R92 Need a radiator cap? View IHS384 or IHS1993. * Pressurized radiator* Core dimensions:* 18" tall* 16-1/4" wide* 3-1/8" deep* 5 row copper core

Product Number: IHS441
Price: $519.99
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Radiator, Farmall M, W6, Super M, Super MTA, Super W6, 357158R92

…MTA, Super MV, Super W6, W6, WD6; Replaces: 351798R92, 352629R92, 356511R92, 357158R92, 357339R91 Pressurized radiator with 3 row copper core. * Core dimensions:* 27-1/4" height* 20" width* 1-1/2" thickness* If you need a radiator cap, check out our:* 4 PSI winged cap, IHS384, * 7 PSI cap, IHS1993.

Product Number: IHS449
Price: $689.99
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Radiator Core with gaskets

…60700 and up with water pump) ], [ 70, 720, 730 (all gas, LP) ]; Replaces: AF1321R * The Gaskets are included* This Radiator Core Measures:* 21-1/2" Core Height* 18-3/4" Core Width* 2-1/4" Core Depth* Please verify tractor model, any applicable serial number breaks and measurements before ordering

Product Number: JDS3136
Price: $449.99

Radiator Core Bolt and Washer Kit

International / Farmall - Fits: Cub (1964-1979), Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy (1955-1968), Farmall: Cub (1947-1964); Replaces: WASHER: 80681, 103320, 179817, BOLT: 280345 * Stainless* 5/16"* 36 pieces* 18 bolts and 18 washers

Product Number: IHS951
Price: $15.99


…tank) ] * Copper core with 4 rows* 19" overall width* 22-7/8" Overall Height* 2-1/2" Thick Core* 1-1/2" Top outlet O/D* 1-3/4" Bottom outlet O/D* Fits Ford 3 cylinder models from 1965-90 without oil cooler in lower tank* Will not fit 4 cylinder tractors or compacts* Uses ABC1398 Radiator Cap 7-PSI.

Product Number: FDS422
Price: $289.99
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Radiator Core with Gaskets

Fits John Deere - 50, 520, 530; Replaces: AB3599R, AB4666R * Has 3 rows of cooling tubes* The radiator measures:* 17.75" Core Height* 14.125" Core Width* 2" Core Depth

Product Number: JDS3483
Price: $349.99

Radiator Core Only

IH Industrial - Fits: I12, I14 International / Farmall - Fits: F12, F14, O12, O14, W12, W14; Replaces: 27065DB COPPER CORE H=19-1/2", W-17-1/2", D=2"

Product Number: IHS249
Price: $429.99
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Quality Radiator, Heavy Duty

…- 1964 without oil cooler in lower tank) ] * Does not include ABC209 drain plug. * Original appearance and dimensions* Black finish* Copper 4 row core construction* Straight fins between tubes* Must use our part number FDS236 for the fan shroud.* May have to trim original fan shroud to fit.* 24-5/8"…

Product Number: FDS1865
Price: $369.99


Massey Ferguson - Fits: [ Ferguson Tractor: TE20, TEA20, TO20, TO30 (Direct Replacement) ]; Replaces: 181623M91 * Copper core* Core:* 15.5" wide* 17.5" tall* Overall:* 16.25" wide* 24.25" tall* 2.75" thick

Product Number: MFS090
Price: $329.99

Quality Radiator, Heavy Duty

Ford - Fits: 2N, 8N, thermosiphon radiator is not available new: 9N (with pressurized system); Replaces: 86551430, 8N8005 * Copper 3 row core construction. Square open fins.* Black finish.* 1939-1952 with pressurized system* Drain Plug Included.* Total Height: 25.00"* Filler Neck Depth: 1.00"* Upper…

Product Number: FDS1859
Price: $319.95
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Radiator Core

International / Farmall - Fits: F20, T20, 10-20, Farmall: Regular; Replaces: 20339D * Copper core * This Radiator Core Measures:* 20-1/2" Core Height* 20" Core Width* 2-7/8" Core Depth* Need Radiator Mounting Gaskets? Look at our IHS805

Product Number: IHS255
Price: $428.50


…and B models (regardless of the serial number). * Designed for the below listed models using our radiator cap, IHS337, which is more similar to a fuel cap than a conventional radiator cap. * Copper core* Designed for unpressurized systems with conventional bolts attaching the grille, as opposed to…

Product Number: IHS890
Price: $599.99


Massey Harris - Fits: Pony; Replaces: 850004M2, 851079M1 Use ABC008 cap * Copper core* 18-1/2" tall tank to tank* 14-1/2" frame width* 4-1/2" thick frame* 1-1/2" outlet diameter

Product Number: MHS072
Price: $599.99


…356356R94, 358104R93 * Do you need to purchase a radiator cap? Check out our IHS384.* If your Super A has 2-3/8" upper hose see IHS443 * This radiator is for PRESSURIZED systems only* 2" diameter upper and lower hose outlets* Copper radiator core dimensions:* 16-1/8" tall* 16" wide* 2-1/8" deep

Product Number: IHS445
Price: $529.99

Radiator Mounting Gaskets, 1 Pr

International / Farmall - Fits: F12, F14, W12, W14; Replaces: 23802D * For use with our IHS249 radiator core* Verify tractor model before ordering

Product Number: IHS816
Price: $27.99

Radiator Core Bolt Kit

Fits John Deere - B ((SN: 60000 - 305999) Can also be used on SN: 306600 & up, but will have some extra pieces) Please note if your equipment has a water pump, the water pump bolts are not included in this kit. Zinc plated finish

Product Number: JDS964
Price: $46.99

Radiator Core Gaskets (pair)

Case - Fits: C, CC, CC-3, CC-4, CCS, CH, CI, CO, CO-VS, D, DC, DC-3, DC-4, DCS, DEX, DH, DI, DI/NAR, DO, DO-VS, DO/STD, DOEX, DV, R, RC; Replaces: O687AB

Product Number: CKS3134
Price: $27.99
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