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Rear Main Seal

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Oil Seal

…(used as a rear crankshaft seal; fits 'late' 148B, 159, 164, 188, 201 and 207 CI gas, LP, diesel engines) Fits John Deere - [ 620, 630, 720, 730 (used as a right side, clutch side, main bearing seal; gas, LP, diesel) ]; Replaces: AF2659R Minneapolis Moline - Fits: [ G750, G850, G940 (used as a rear

Product Number: ABC2841
Price: $19.99
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2-piece Rear Crankshaft Seal

…135, 150, 230, 235, 245 (as a rear main bearing cap side seal; with Z120, Z129, Z134, Z145 Continental engines) ], MF Tractor: 50 (as a rear main bearing cap side seal; with Z120, Z129, Z134, Z145 Continental engines), MF tractor: 35 (as a rear main bearing cap side seal; with Z120, Z129, Z134, Z145…

Product Number: ABC2364
Price: $8.95

Crankcase Gasket Set

…Oil pan gaskets: 398031R1, 405858R1* Rear main cap filler plugs: 310665R1* Oil pump cover gasket: 69607R1* Oil pan drain plug gasket: 3405H* Oil filter base gasket: 398079R1* Breather pipe mount gasket: 375783R1* Front crank seal: 317549R91* Rear crank seal: 393180R91* Pushrod side cover gasket:…

Product Number: IHS3780
Price: $94.95

Oil Seal

seal 2 used per tractor, sold individually, front transmission main shaft seal ), D10 (used as a differential carrier seal (& transmission main shaft seal to Sn: 3501)), D12 (used as a differential carrier seal (& transmission main shaft seal to Sn: 3001)), D14 (used as a differential carrier seal

Product Number: ABC1628
Price: $14.95

Rear Main Seal -- Fits MH 44, 444, 55, 555, etc.

…bolt-on style rear seal.* This is a 2 piece seal, but gaskets are not included.* If engine has slip in seals, you will need to drill and tap block and main cap for bolt on seal. * For use with JD382, HD260, H260 Continental engines with bolt-on style rear seal.* This is a 2 piece seal, but gaskets…

Product Number: MHS010
Price: $68.99
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2-Piece Rear Crankshaft Main Seal

AC Combines - Fits: [ E, EIII, K (with 226" gas/LP) ] AC Industrial - Fits: Industrial: D (SN: 3370 & up, with 226" gas/LP), [ TL10, TL11, TL12 (with 226" gas/LP) ] AC Miscellaneous - Fits: [ Industrial: DG, M65 (with 226" gas/LP) ] Allis Chalmers - Fits: [ D17, 170, 175 (with 226" gas/LP) ], […

Product Number: ACS2388
Price: $9.95

How to determine 9N from 2N Ford tractor. - Antique Tractor Blog

…rods (mid year). * Sealed beam headlights first offered. 1945 2N * Heavier rear axle housings introduced (mid year). 1946 2N * Rear axle housings are improved by making them thicker again. 1947 2N * Casting number and date added to engine block (where starter bolts) to rear axle housing. For more…

Ball Bearing

main shaft bearing, 2 used: 20, E2, Fits following as a top transmission main shaft rear bearing, 1 used: 30, E3; Replaces: DX064, DX064A, DX064C, T11861, T9325 Deutz-Allis - Fits: Fits following as an inner PTO bearing: 5220 (HST), Fits following as an inner front wheel bearing, not sealed: 5215…

Product Number: ABC3437
Price: $5.20

Iowa State University - Project Update - Antique Tractor Blog

…before we finish up first semester. Mainly because I think it is important to show you how far we are going into this tractor to make this a complete restoration. The tractor is mainly in pieces and our first batch of primer has been sprayed. Our next main task is the motor. We were going to try…

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Rear Crankshaft Seal Kit

…(2) felt seals to replace the rear main seal:* (2) 25093DA Rear oil seal retainer rubber plugs* (2) 46121DA Center retainer gaskets* (1) 46131DB Retainer gasket* (1) 46134DA Rear seal retainer plate gasket* (2) 57613DA Oil seal felts* These are the 10 extra gaskets* (1) 46137D Rear dust seal gasket*…

Product Number: IHS2641
Price: $34.95

2-Piece Rear Crankshaft Main Seal

AC Miscellaneous - Fits: Motor Grader: W (Speed Patrol) Allis Chalmers - Fits: WC, WD, WD45 (Gas/LP), WF; Replaces: 70224945, 70227120

Product Number: ACS2037
Price: $8.95
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Rear Crankshaft Seal Kit

…300, 350 (with C152, C164, C175 gas or LP engines) ], [ International: 300, 350 (with C152, C164, C175 gas or LP engines) ]; Replaces: 25093DA, 379617R91, 45012DA, 45012DB, 45013D, 45013DA, 45014D, 46959D, 46959DA This kit contains 8 pieces. Includes gaskets and felt seals to replace rear main seal.

Product Number: IHS2636
Price: $24.50

NEW Crankshaft

…Crawler (Gas, fits engines up to 1960) * Will not fit tractors with block number G1235* For a crankshaft to fit block casting # G1235, see CKS2688 * 148 cubic inch gas* Rear Main Seal: 3.375" I.D.* Rod Journal Diameter: 1.9365"* Main Journal Diameter: 2.250"* For bearings, see CKS1964 and ABC1962

Product Number: CKS064
Price: $329.95
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Cylinder Head Gasket Set

…gasket* (1) Oil filter gasket* (1) Oil pan gasket* (2) Oil pump gasket* (4) Rear main* (1) Rear main* (4) Rear main cap seals* (1) Rear main cap seal* (1) Timing cover gasket* (1) Timing cover seal* (1) Transmission seal* (1) Washer* (1) Water pump gasket* (1) Water pump gasket* (1) Water pump…

Product Number: IHS1665
Price: $43.50
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Complete Engine Gasket Set

…(H260, H277 and early HD277 using 24-1/4" long head gasket), Continental engines.* Includes all gaskets and crankshaft seals for your major engine overhaul.* STP has the rear bolt on main seal custom fabricated and thus we are the only company that includes them in this kit as they are obsolete.

Product Number: MHS1339
Price: $224.99

Farmall Cub Complete Carburetor Repair Kit

rear corner close to fuel inlet. * Kit includes* fuel line screen* discharge nozzles* choke shaft* idle tube* throttle shaft* main jet* float bowl gasket* carb to manifold gasket* (2) idle adjustment springs* needle and seat* float lever pin* idle adjustment screw* choke & throttle shaft seals*

Product Number: IHS825
Price: $46.95
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