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Rim Bolts

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Rear rim to center Bolt

…Hydro 70 (using wheel 388336R1), Hydro 86 (using wheel 388336R1 WITH 15.5 x 38 TIRES), International Utility: 240, 330; Replaces: 363017R1 * 5/8" - 18 UNF x 2-1/4"* Please make sure to measure the length before ordering.* 4 to 6 used per rim * Sold individually* Do you need the nut? Order FDS1211

Product Number: IHS975
Price: $11.99

Bolt & Nut, rear rim to center

…(Fits aftermarket rim only) ], As a front wheel to rim bolt: 600, 650, 660, Super WD9, Super WDR9, Super WR9S, W400, W450, W9, WD9, WDR9, WDR9, WR9, WR9S; Replaces: 13416R1, 351085R1, 351220R1, 351220R1 * This bolt is the correct length for part # WHS003 aftermarket Cub rims.* 3.116" overall length…

Product Number: IHS2423
Price: $5.99

Fine Thread Bolt with nut

…400, 450 (WITH ADJUSTABLE TREAD FRONT WHEELS) ]; Replaces: Bolt: 181783, Nut: 352777R1 Will not work for early clamp style rim without loops. * 5/8" x 18NF x 2-3/4" hex head* Black (not zinc plated)* Used for late style 3 loop rims only* Bolts front rim to hub* 3 used per side * Sold individually

Product Number: IHS777
Price: $5.99

Rear Rim Bolt Assembly --- With Nut & Washer

…Fits following when using 6 loop style (WHS004) replacement rim: RC, WC, WD (Early) * Fits WHS026 rear rims. * 3 1/2" Length* 5/8 - 11 NC Hex head bolt* 6 needed per wheel, sold individually * Fits WHS026 rear rims. * 3 1/2" Length* 5/8 - 11 NC Hex head bolt* 6 needed per wheel, sold individually

Product Number: MIS061
Price: $4.99
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Heavy Duty Tractor Splitting Stand Kit with Rails

Allis Chalmers - Fits various models Case - Fits various models Cockshutt - Fits various models Ford - Fits various models International / Farmall - International / Farmall - Fits various models Fits John Deere - Fits various models Massey Ferguson - Fits various models Massey Harris - Fits various…

Product Number: ABC5125
Price: $1499.99

Rear Wheel Rim Clamp Bolt

International / Farmall - Fits: H, HV, M, MD, MDV, MTA, MV, ODS6, OS4, OS6, Super H, Super HV, Super M, Super MD, Super MDV, Super MV, Super W9, Super WD9, Super WDR9, Super WR9S, W4, W6, W6TA, W6TA (Diesel), W9, WD6, WD9, WDR9, WR9, WR9S, Farmall Rowcrop: 300 (up to sn 3726), 400 (up to sn 5180);…

Product Number: IHS877
Price: $10.99

Rim Bolt Assembly (Washer sold separately)

…included. If a washer is needed, use STP part number MIS121.* Fits our rims WHS004, WHS012, WHS013, WHS016 * Includes the nut and carriage bolt* 5/8-18 NF x 2-1/2" Carriage bolt * Normally 4 - 6 of these bolts are required per rim.* These are sold individually, so be sure to order the quantity that…

Product Number: MIS063
Price: $4.99

8 x 24 Rear Rim, 4 Loop

…at one time.* Steiner Tractor is not responsible for shipping on misordered rims.* Not designed for tubeless applications * 8" x 24"* 4 loops* 14" center to center loops (side by side)* 20" center to center (across the center)* Uses 5/8" bolts* Depending on application, original bolts may not work

Product Number: WHS001
Price: $169.99
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1 Bolt Spin-out Rim Clamp (Bridle)

…- Fits: all using 1 bolt spin-out rim clamps: 2656 International / Farmall - Fits: all using 1 bolt spin-out rim clamps: 385, 484, 584, 664, 684, 784, 884; Replaces: 399004R1, 83954711 MF/Landini - Replaces: 3615259M2 Massey Ferguson - Fits: all using 1 bolt spin-out rim clamps: 1080, 1085, 135,…

Product Number: ABC3865
Price: $14.95

9 x 36 Rear Rim

BOLT ON, BUT THE CLAMPS ON OUR RIM ARE MORE CENTERED THAN THE ORIGINAL, THE ORIGINAL RIM CLAMPS AT THE OUTER EDGE)) ], Super C, 200, 230, 240, 404, Farmall: C; Replaces: 352806R91 * To determine the width of rim, measure on the inside from bead to bead, not outside to outside.* Measure the old rim

Product Number: WHS025
Price: $299.99
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Front Wheel Lug Bolt

…Farmall - Fits: Front Hub Lug Bolt: Cub, Cub Loboy; Replaces: 351846R1 * 5 Used per rim, Sold individually.* Black oxide coating, ready for paint. * Also used as a rear wheel lug bolt for lawn & garden Cub Cadet 70 thru 1650.* This is the original style lug bolt with the raised dot head.*…

Product Number: IHS839
Price: $3.95
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Rim Bolt Assembly

International / Farmall - Fits: A, B, BN, Super A, Super A-1, 100, 140, 240 Also fits Farmall 24" rims Except Cub. Will also fit Ford applications. Will not fit WHSOO3 Cub rim. 4-1/2" x 5/8"-11 NC thread Sold individually, includes hex bolt, flat washer & hex nut. 4-1/2" x 5/8"-11 NC thread

Product Number: MIS062
Price: $3.99

Rim Lug Bolt

…2-85, 2-88 (Front) ], 2-62 (Backhoe, Front, Not Field Boss), [ 2-70, 2-85 (Rear with stamped steel center) ]; Replaces: 1H706A * Also used as front bolt on some applicationsMore fit applications:* CORBITT D50, G50, K50 * CUSTOM B, ER, EW, 98R* FARMASTER FD33* INTERCONTINENTAL C26, D26, DE* LAUGHLIN…

Product Number: ABC397
Price: $3.99
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Spin Out Rim Stop Bolt

…(With spinout rim) ]; Replaces: F3583R, M2335T MF 4WD - Fits: [ MF 4WD: 1500, 1505, 1800 (with spinout rim) ] MF Industrial - Fits: MF Industrial: 30, 40B Massey Ferguson - Fits: MF Industrial: 31, [ Ferguson Tractor: F40, TO35 (with spinout rim) ], MF Ag Tractor: 50 (with spinout rim), MF Overseas…

Product Number: MIS110
Price: $9.85
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Cam Lock Bolt with nut

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B (SN: 58401 & up), C, IB; Replaces: 210218, 70210218 * This is a rim clamp bolt for ACS274 eccentric style rim clamp. * 3-1/8" overall length* 4 of each used per tractor; sold individually

Product Number: ACS281
Price: $14.99

J-Hook Kit

…Colt (21), Mustang (23), Pacer (16), Pony, 101 Jr, 102 Jr, 20, 22, 30, 81, 82 For use with all 3" x 15" 5-hole rims with weights (use with MHS037) Kit Includes:* J-Hook* 1/2" bolt* 2.638" total length* 1.212" total width* Flat Washer* Nut * 0.300" opening* 4 required per weight* 8 used per tractor;…

Product Number: MHS038
Price: $3.99
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Rear Lug Stud

Ford - Fits: 2N (1939 - 1947), 9N; Replaces: 9N1117 * 5/8 x 18 NF* 1.87" overall length* 3/4" shoulder* 6 used per wheel* Sold individually

Product Number: FDS1201
Price: $7.59

10 x 24 Rear Rim, 4 Loop

…for shipping on misordered rims.* Not designed for tubeless applications * 10" x 24"* 4 loops* 14" center to center loop spacing* Uses 5/8" bolts; depending on application, original bolts may not work.* Valve stem hole is on loop side closest to the edge of the rim* Measurement from the inside…

Product Number: WHS002
Price: $179.99

Front Wheel Mounting Bolt, Nut, Lockwasher

…A, B, BN, C, Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C, 100, 130, 200, 230; Replaces: 351555R1, 351555R2 * Bolts non adjustable front rim (IHS195) to hub.* Fits clamp style rim only.* Use with IHS212 clamp.* 3 Used per side. * Sold individually. * Plain finish* Square head x 2-1/2" long* 1/2…

Product Number: IHS1617
Price: $5.99

Rear Wheel Weight Bolt Kit

…Farmall - Fits: Cub, 154 (SOME), 184, 185, Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy; Replaces: 102637, 103323, 15144R1, 18710R1, Nut: 380431, Bolt: 433-848, Washer: 80679 ZINC --- 4 USED PER RIM --- SOLD INDIVIDUALLY ***1/2" X 3" Kit Include:* Carriage Bolt* Lock Washer* NutZINC --- 4 USED PER RIM --- SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

Product Number: IHS959
Price: $2.99

Bolt & Nut, Rear Rim To Center

…Replaces: 351085R1 * 1/2"-20 NF X 1-3/4" Long, with 3/4" wide head* Note:This will fit an original cub rim.* This does not fit an aftermarket rim.* Will not fit WHS003 Sold by Steiner Tractor Parts* IHS2423 is designed for the aftermarket rims which do not have the correct square factory loop.

Product Number: IHS822
Price: $5.99
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7 x 24 Rear Rim, 4 Loop

…responsible for shipping on misordered rims.* To determine the width of your rim, measure the inside (bead to bead), not the outside to outside.* Not designed for tubeless applications. * Also fits Power King tractors and Waterloo Bronco* For the rim bolts, use IHS2423.* Will not fit 154, 184 or 185…

Product Number: WHS003
Price: $159.99
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Front Wheel Lug Bolt

…Super 44, Super 55, Super 77, Super 88, 440, 550, 66, 660, 77, 770, 88, 880, 99 White - Replaces: 1K736, K1669 This front wheel lug bolt is used as a rear rim lug bolt for the Allis Chalmers G and the Farmall Cub, Cub LoBoy, 154, 184 and 185. * 1/2" - 20 NF* 1" thread length* 13/16" hex head* Sold…

Product Number: ABC399
Price: $2.95
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Rear Rim Flat Washer

…1250A, 440, 550 * Use with MIS063 bolt assembly* Can also be used behind the lug nut on 9N and 2N Ford tractors* Does not fit Steiner Tractor Parts rim WHS003.* Can be used with WHS001, WHS002, WHS004, WHS012, WHS013 and WHS016. * 5/8" inside diameter* 4 to 6 washers used per rim* Sold individually

Product Number: MIS121
Price: $0.89
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