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Water Pump Belt

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Fan Belt

International / Farmall - Fits: A, B, C (with C-113 engine; without water pump), Super A; Replaces: 46869D * 11/16" x 32-1/4"

Product Number: ABC101
Price: $12.95
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Belt) International / Farmall - Fits: [ A, B, C (Fan Belt, with water pump) ], Super A-1 (Fan Belt), Super C, 100, 130, 200, 230 (with C-123 engine); Replaces: 60712D Minneapolis Moline - Fits: V (Fan and Generator Belt); Replaces: VT407  * 11/16" x 34-1/4"Also fits as a generator belt for…

Product Number: ABC102
Price: $13.95

Fan Assembly

…251645R91 * This fan is correct for the early Farmall Cub tractors. If you have an International Cub LoBoy, you will need to order ABC099 generator belt.* For later Sn: use IHS2081* This fan assembly has an improved seal bearing, no need to grease.* The pulley has an outside diameter of 3 1/2"*…

Product Number: IHS143
Price: $74.95


…4040, 4130 4 cylinder, 4140 4 cylinder (Fan Belt for generator only, 4 cyl Gas / Dsl) ] International / Farmall - Fits: 350 (Fan - Water Pump, DSL); Replaces: 366781R1 JD Combines - Fits: [ Combine: 6600, 6602, 6620, 6622, 7720, 8820 (A.C. Compressor belt fits;) ] JD Industrial - Fits: [ Crawler:…

Product Number: ABC191
Price: $10.30


Belt) ], O4, OS4, Super H, Super W4, W4, 300, 350 (Gas ); Replaces: 368085R1, 48032DA Following Industrial models as indicated: Clark-Michigan-VME: 12B, 12BR with Waukesha 180GKB (fan) replaces: 212588 and 175A III with Cummins C175 (fan) replaces 197028 --- Komatsu: D375A with SA6D170 (water pump

Product Number: IHS233
Price: $15.40
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International / Farmall - Fits: Cub (Fan Belt), Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy (Fan Belt, with C-60 engine); Replaces: 251428R1 * Used as a water pump belt on the following* Dresser-Hough H65, H65B, H65G, H70C ; all with Cummins.  Replaces: 124424* Will not fit 154, 184 or 185*…

Product Number: ABC098
Price: $12.49
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…generator as a fan belt), [ WD, WF (with generator) ], WD45 (Gas with generator), Industrial: 840B (with 30 amp alternator (as a fan/govenor belt)); Replaces: 209824, 70209824 Case - Replaces: F22503 Case Combine - Fits: Combine: 660 (with 201 Cubic Inch Engine (hydraulic pump)) International /…

Product Number: ABC010
Price: $14.99


…Ford - Fits: [ Following 1939 to 1947: 2N, 9N (Fan Belt For tractors with generators (not with alternator conversions) with front mounted distributor, (Distributor is directly under the fan/water pump)) ], Following 1947 to early 1950: 8N (Fan Belt For tractors with generators (not with alternator…

Product Number: ABC058
Price: $14.95
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Generator Belt

…with Delco generator)Also fits:* Yanmar: YM186D, YM220, YM226 (alternator) Replaces: 12102342290* Caterpillar: EL240B (5WG) with cat 3116 DIT (water pump) replaces: 618384* Dresser-Galion: 303 with IH U281 Engine (generator)* Jaeger: 160, 180 with IH UD9, UD9A engine* Jaeger: 315 with IH…

Product Number: IHS141
Price: $12.49

Alternator Fan Belt

…fan/water pump)), 8N (up to sn 263843 1939-1951 ALL with FRONT MOUNT DISTRIBUTORS. with front mounted distributor, (Distributor is directly under the fan/water pump)), 9N (1939-1951 ALL with FRONT MOUNT DISTRIBUTORS. with front mounted distributor, (Distributor is directly under the fan/water pump))

Product Number: FDS1091
Price: $14.00
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Water Pump

Kubota - Fits: L175, L2000, L225, L225DT, L245, L245DT (up to SN: 14146), L245H (up to SN: 1727), L345, L345DT, L345W, Industrial / Excavator: KH10 (up to SN: 51041); Replaces: 15321-73030, 15321-73032, 15321-73410, 15321-73412 * Includes gasketNote: For water pump with 3/8" belt.

Product Number: KUB4079
Price: $69.85

Water Pump

Ford - Fits: Golden Jubilee, Jubilee, NAA; Replaces: CDPN8501B * New not rebuilt* Mounting gasket included* Pulley for 5/8" wide belt included* Fits early 134" over head valve engine applications  1953-1954

Product Number: FDS054
Price: $56.95
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Water Pump

…- Fits: [ 1801, 1811, 1821, 1841, 1871, 1881, 2030, 2130, 4030 4 cylinder, 4040, 4130 4 cylinder (All 4 cylinder gas, LP & Diesel Late 1954 thru 1964) ] * New not rebuilt* Includes mounting gasket* Includes 4 3/8" long single groove pulley for 33/64" wide belt* 1/4-28 thread for fan blade mount

Product Number: FDS055
Price: $66.15

Water Pump Pulley

…Ferguson - Fits: [ 150, 50, 65 (Continental Gas/LP) ], Ferguson: 40 (Continental Gas/LP); Replaces: 1751852M1 * Press fit* 3.538" total length* 4.375" diameter at belt* 0.741" hole diameter* For complete water pump with preassembled pulley please view MFS4032Fits 4 Cylinder Continental Gas/LP Only

Product Number: MFS126
Price: $59.95
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Water Pump (New)

…pulley, Will not FIT TRACTORS W/ FIXED CAST IRON PULLEY.) ], D14, IB, RC; Replaces: 250397, 70250397, 79016821 Our new water pump includes both the mounting gasket and the bypass outlet plug. Fits 5/8" belt width. For late D10, D12, D15 with fixed cast iron pulley please see ACS2795.

Product Number: ACS227
Price: $114.50

Water Pump (New)

…gas / LP), [ D12, D15, H3, 600, 621 (gas / LP) ]; Replaces: 233394, 233395, 9003711, 9004256, 79003711, 79004256 * This water pump comes with FIXED cast iron pulley and gasket (not sheet metal adjustable pulley.)* Fits 3/8" belt width only* 3.665" pulley outside diameter* 2.914" pulley length

Product Number: ACS2795
Price: $129.95

New Water Pump with Pulley

Ford - Fits: the following 2 cylinder compact: 1000 (to 10/1974); Replaces: 145016022, SBA145016022 * Fits early tractors using 4 blade fan* Will not fit tractors with 6 blade fans and 0.500" wide belt* 0.380" belt width* Includes gaskets & backing plate

Product Number: FDS3937
Price: $119.95
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How To Install A Water Pump - Antique Tractor Blog

…the life of your new water pump by verifying the following! A) Check your fan blade and replace it if it is bent, cracked, has loose rivets or broken welds. Imbalance in the fan can cause excessive load on the water pump bearing and seal. B) Never adjust a fan belt tighter than factory…

V Belt, 17/32" x 45-1/4"

…COMPRESSOR BELT) Fits John Deere - A (SN 674342 TO 700199; GEN), A (SN 700200 and up; GEN / WATER PUMP), AO, AR (SN 281400 and up; GEN / WATER PUMP), AR (SN 271400 - 281399; GEN), 3430, 60 (up to SN 6029999; GEN / WATER PUMP), 644D (AIR COND), 70 (GAS - up to SN 7008099; GEN / WATER PUMP), 7440,…

Product Number: ABC1648
Price: $15.50

Fan Belt, 1/2" x 41.25"

…with 855 Cummins (A.C.) using 1/2" wide belt.* Dresser-Galon:* S5-8A, S8-12A, S8-10, 5A, S10-14A all with GM 3-53 (fan), replaces: 88834* 85RM2 with Cont. F163 (fan, gen) replaces: 80928* Dresser-Hough:* H25, H25B with Waukesha 180" (water pump / gen) replaces: 190303* 530, 540…

Product Number: ABC414
Price: $10.95
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Oil Seal

Case - Fits: [ D, DC, DH, DO, DV (To Sn: 4511449 with independent drum brakes, 2 used as a brake shaft oil seal, used as a water pump seal, also used as a steering drop shaft side sector seal Sn: 4402685 & up ) ], [ V, VC (Used as a steering gearbox side sector seal) ], [ VA, VAC, VAC-11,…

Product Number: ABC2008
Price: $12.50

Oil Seal

…Fits: [ used as an front wheel assist upper transfer case seal: 210C, 410C, 410D (Industrial; 1 used per tractor) ] Fits John Deere - [ used as a water pump impeller seal: 444C, 554C (Industrial; 1 used per tractor) ], [ used as an front wheel assist upper transfer case seal: 510C, 510D (Industrial;…

Product Number: ABC3396
Price: $16.50

Buyer Beware: What to Look for when Purchasing an Antique Tractor - Antique Tractor Blog

…dishonest sellers put 90W gear lube in the hydraulics to cover-up a worn out hydraulic pump. * Water in the engine. This can be covered-up by changing the oil just before the buyer comes, which flushes the water out of the engine. Check the oil for yourself after letting the tractor run for a while.…

tractor restoration Archives - Antique Tractor Blog

…running. It needs a radiator due to a hole in the top and a few minor things like a tachometer, headlight wiring, and I did drain 15 gallons of water from the transmission. But it dyno’s at 58 hp which was enormous for a 50’s tractor. And only being produced from 1956-1958 it is rather…

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