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Clutch Kit

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Clutch Kit

…Pilot Bearing: 70226859, 226859, Clutch: 70226764, 70227074, 210298, 219646, 207199, 204838, 226764, 227074, Press Plate: 70230506, 70208286, 204837, 207196, 216019, 230506, 70216791, 208286, 216791, 204842 * This clutch kit includes:* New pressure plate* New clutch disc* Throw-out bearing* Pilot…

Product Number: ACS2972
Price: $399.99

Clutch Kit

…70230506, 230506, 232594, Clutch: 70226764, 70227074, 210298, 219646, 207199, 204838, 226764, 227074 This clutch kit includes:* a rebuilt pressure plate* new clutch disc* throw-out bearing* pilot bearing Dimensions:* 10" diameter* 1-1/4" inside diameter - 10 splined clutch hub* 9 spring pressure…

Product Number: ACS2978
Price: $499.99

Clutch Kit

…- Fits: [ H, HV (up to SN: 391357) ], W4; Replaces: Throw-out Bearing: 361292R91, Pressure Plate: 52900D, Clutch Disc: 64772DA, Pilot Bearing: ST544 * Kit includes:* new pressure plate* new woven clutch disc* throw-out bearing* pilot bearing* alignment tool* 10" O.D.* 1-1/4" spline I.D.* 10 splines

Product Number: IHS2984
Price: $299.99

Clutch Kit

…193930M92, 512355M91, 516068M93, 526666M93 * New dual clutch kit includes clutch disc, pressure plate assembly, pilot bearing, throwout bearing and alignment tool* 10 Splines* 11" 10 spline rigid disc* 1 1/8" spline ID* 11" 10 spline double clutch pressure plate* 0.485" width across forged finger *…

Product Number: MFS2091
Price: $369.99

Clutch Kit

…Moline - Fits: [ ZB, ZBE, ZBN, ZBU (Using 11" Clutch, Must Reuse Pilot Bushing) ]; Replaces: Clutch/Pressure Plate Assy.: 10A3743, Throw Out Bearing: 10A975, Pressure Plate: 10P364, Clutch Disc: 10P369 * This kit will not fit over center style clutch.* Includes new disc, pressure plate, throwout…

Product Number: IHS1884
Price: $249.99

Clutch Kit

…[ 154, 185 (Cub Lo-Boy) ]; Replaces: Pressure Plate: 404639R94, Clutch Disc: 404640R93, Brake Puck: 404642R1, Bushing: 404666R1, Throw-out Bearing: 404671R1, Flywheel Plate: 531708R11 This 7-piece kit includes* (1) IHS1861 Clutch Disc - 404640R93* (1) IHS1864 Pressure Plate - 404639R94* (1) IHS1234…

Product Number: IHS4817
Price: $329.99

Clutch Kit

Clutch & 1 3/8" Splined Hub) ], Some: 135, 50, [ TE20, TEA20, TO20, TO30 (W/ 9" Single Clutch & 1 3/8" Splined Hub) ]; Replaces: Clutch Disc (subs for 180250M91): 181114M91, Clutch Disc: 180250M91, 513576M91, 193621M91, Pressure Plate: 180263M91, 183209M91, 185923M91, TO7550, TO7563 Measure clutch

Product Number: MFS1994
Price: $199.99

Clutch Kit

…Super H, Super HV, Super W4; Replaces: Kit number: 358041R91, Pressure plate: 358555R92, Disc: 358556R92, Throw-out bearing: 361292R91, Pilot bearing: ST544 Includes new pressure plate, new woven clutch disc, throw-out bearing and pilot bearing.* (IHS2999) Clutch Disc Dimensions:* 10-1/2" O.D.,* 10…

Product Number: IHS3004
Price: $329.99

Clutch Kit

…woven clutch disc and throw-out bearing* Pilot bearing not included* If you have a 300, 350, 460, 544 or 606, order ABC2992 pilot bearing.* If you have a 330, 340 or 504, order ABC3000 pilot bearing. Dimensions:* 10-1/2" outside diameter* 1.125" clutch disc spline inside diameter* 10 spline clutch

Product Number: IHS2996
Price: $349.99

Clutch Kit (Rockford Clutch)

…made to the clutch pedal; please read the included instructions carefully. * Do not start the engine without checking the clutch pressure plate finger clearance. Failure to do so can damage the pressure plate and throwout bearing. * Also, adjust the clutch linkage per the instructions.Our clutch kit

Product Number: IHS645
Price: $193.99

New Dual Clutch Kit

…[ Dexta, Super Dexta (with 5 speed transmission and live PTO (1955 - 1964)) ] Shims supplied with clutch kit are used on certain applications. This kit includes:* Dual Clutch Assembly* 9" diameter Dual Clutch* 1-7/8" x 29 PTO splines* 1" x 15 Transmission Splines* Pilot Bearing* Throw Out Bearing

Product Number: FDS1133
Price: $599.99

Clutch Kit (Engine)

…Pilot bearing : AL28037, Clutch: AM2575T, Pressure Plate: AM2576T, Throw-out Bearing: AM3983T, Pilot bearing: JD8511, AM1597T For tractors & crawlers with Single 10" clutch. Please verify size before ordering. Clutch kit includes:* New pressure plate* Woven clutch disc dimensions:* 10" O.D.*…

Product Number: JDS3013
Price: $319.99

New Clutch Kit

…Up, 1958 - 64 with 15 spline 10" single clutch) ]; Replaces: NDA7550B, NDA7563 Ford Industrial - Fits: [ 2030, 2130, 4030 4 cylinder, 4040, 4130 4 cylinder (4-cylinder, 1958 - 64 with 15 spline 10" single clutch) ] Steiner Tractor Parts offers a clutch kit with the correct disc. If you buy this from…

Product Number: FDS415
Price: $229.99

Dual Stage Clutch Kit

…[ 500, 500A, 500B (all with collar shift transmission) ]; Replaces: Clutch Kit: RE179191, RE262100, RE568024 Note, all John Deere 3010 tractors had syncro range transmission which means that you have to depress the clutch and come to a full stop before shifting gears.* New - not rebuilt* 2.844"…

Product Number: JDS3683
Price: $899.99

New Clutch Kit

…diameter clutch, if so see FDS415.* Kit contains: pressure plate, clutch disc, release (throwout) bearing, pilot bearing & alignment tool.* NAA and Jubilee used a different pilot bushing that is not included. Please read complete application information. Clutch disc is 9" and has 10 splines. Kit

Product Number: FDS259
Price: $154.99

New Clutch Kit

…spaced evenly.* If your clutch disc is 9", check out our ACS2470 clutch kit. Includes:* 8-1/2" diameter pressure plate* 8-1/2" rigid 10 spline clutch disc* Throwout bearing* Pilot bearing2 different sizes were used for these models (8-1/2" or 9" diameter); must measure old one BEFORE ordering a kit.

Product Number: ACS346
Price: $439.99

New Clutch Kit

…Will not fit late tractors using Rockford TT-9* If your clutch disc is 8-1/2", check out our ACS346 clutch kit. Includes:* New 9" woven clutch disc with 1-1/8" 10 splined hub* 9" pressure plate* Throwout bearing* Pilot bearing* Clutch lineup tool2 Different sizes were used for these models (8-1/2"…

Product Number: ACS2470
Price: $229.99

New 9" Clutch Kit

…375547R91, Clutch: 375695R92, 384383R91, 43291D, 56631DB Older models may require purchase of a new style throwout bearing IHS1155, if the tractor is equipped with a graphite (non rotating) throwout bearing. If you are pulling the engine for a clutch / engine repair, you will also need IHS4243. Kit

Product Number: IHS958
Price: $319.99

Clutch Kit (New not rebuilt)

…assist clutch pedal) ]; Replaces: Throw out bearing: 365867R91, Clutch: 384395R94, Press plate: 405300R92, Pilot bearing: ST575, 524598R91 * Pressure plate: 12" diameter, 17 splines, 1-3/4" hub* Clutch: 12" diameter, 11 spline, 6 pad, 1-3/16" hub Includes new pressure plate, clutch disc, throw…

Product Number: IHS2496
Price: $399.95

PTO Clutch Rebuild Kit

International / Farmall - Fits: 154, 185; Replaces: Can replace this # except no hardware: 527245R92 * Includes 4 friction discs, 3 separator plates, 8 wavy spring washers, 4 shims * Includes 4 friction discs, 3 separator plates, 8 wavy spring washers, 4 shims

Product Number: IHS2331
Price: $164.99

New Clutch Kit -- Fits MH Pony & Pacer

…Pacer (16) (up to SN: 51612 (1954 Only)), Pony (up to SN: 23149 (Thru 1954)); Replaces: Throw out Bearing: 15072X, Clutch & Pressure Plate: 850014M3 * Kit includes:* 6-1/2" diameter Clutch Disc (15/16" X 10 spline) (MHS076)* Pressure Plate (ABC550)* Throw-Out Bearing (MHS016)* NOTE: For later serial…

Product Number: MHS078
Price: $169.99

Clutch Disc

Case - Fits: S (With hand clutch and 9" disc), SC (With hand clutch and 9" disc before serial number 5600000) Ford - Fits: [ Golden Jubilee, Jubilee, NAA, 2N, 8N, 9N (with 3 or 4 speed transmission & 9" 10 spline clutch) ], [ 600, 620, 630, 640, 700, 740, 800, 820, 840, 900 (with 3 or 4 speed…

Product Number: FDS087
Price: $32.99
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