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Intake Exhaust Manifold

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Intake and Exhaust Manifold with Heat Exchanger, Assembled

…centered on the exhaust hole in the hood. Also, you need to have the inlet pipe on the muffler expanded to accommodate this larger diameter pipe or you need to purchase IHS1772 muffler and ABC585 muffler clamp. * If you need to adjust the pendulum (IHS965) on the intake manifold, please use a Torx…

Product Number: IHS963
Price: $459.99

Manifold, Case V, VAC; Cockshutt 20; Massey Harris 20, 22, 81, 101, 102, Colt, Mustang; Oliver Super 44

…49G* C26 Intercontinental* Long model A & AW tractors built in Tarboro N.C.* Many Lincoln welders* F124, F140, F162 & F163 flathead Continental engines * 16-3/4" overall width * 15-1/2" center to center outside holes.* Intake and exhaust one piece manifold.* 1-1/2" NPT (pipe thread pitch)

Product Number: MHS006
Price: $138.50

Manifold Intake, Gas

Oliver - Fits: [ Super 88, 88 (All w/ 2 3/8" c.c. carburetor mounting holes) ], : 880 (Measure carburetor bolt hole spacing before ordering, Some early 880's used this carb spacing, (2-3/8" c-c-) otherwise see OLS028 if the carb spacing needs to be 2-5/8" c-c.); Replaces: 190241B, 1K425, 1K425E,…

Product Number: OLS029
Price: $149.99
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Intake & Exhaust Manifold, Allis Chalmers WD45, WD, WC & Series I D17 Gas

…up with exhaust through the hood), [ WD, WD45 (Gas or LP) ]; Replaces: 224782, 229416, 70224782, 70229416 If you require a manifold with a threaded exhaust outlet for you D17, then please view our ACS081. * Our Allis WD45 tractor manifold is designed like the original.* This tractor manifold has the…

Product Number: ACS004
Price: $209.99
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Massey Ferguson Intake & Exhaust Manifold for TO35, MF35 & many more models with Continental engines

…MFS1193.* This manifold includes the muffler adapter for TO20, TO30 applications, (part number MFS002 when purchased separately).* When using the included adapter for TO20, TO30 applications, use with MFS094 muffler. If you do not wish to use the adapter, then use MFS095 muffler.* The exhaust outlet…

Product Number: MFS001
Price: $199.99
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Intake and Exhaust Manifold with Pipe

IH Industrial - Fits: I4, U4 International / Farmall - Fits: H, HV, O4, OS4, Super H, Super HV, Super W4, W4, Use IHS1220 for International (Utility) tractor: 300 (Farmall (Row Crop)), 350 (Gas Farmall (Row Crop)); Replaces: 362536R21, 8033DC See IHS1220 if you have an International 300 or 350…

Product Number: IHS002C
Price: $199.99

Intake & Exhaust Manifold (with threaded exhaust)

…(Gas) Allis Chalmers - Fits: D17 (Gas, Series III and IV, SN: 32001 & up, Fits Early D17 if threaded pipe is desired), [ 170, 175 (Gas) ]; Replaces: 230807, 257485, 70230807, 70257485 * Will also fit Early D17, WD and WD45 (Gas, LP) if threaded exhaust is desired* G226 engine * 1-1/2" pipe thread

Product Number: ACS081
Price: $179.99
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Manifold, 2 piece Intake and Exhaust

…[ VA, VAC, VAC-11, VAC-12, VAC-13, VAC-14, VAH, VAIW, VAIW-3, VAO, VAO-15, VAS (engine SN: A4700001 and up with 2 piece manifold) ]; Replaces: VT329, VT330 Case Industrial - Fits: VAI (engine SN: A4700001 and up with 2 piece manifold) * Will not fit engines with 1 piece intake and exhaust manifolds.

Product Number: CKS085
Price: $239.99
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Intake Manifold, Gas

…416, 420, 422, 616, 622 (Gas) ], Crawler: T6-62 (Gas), [ Hydro: Hydro 70, Hydro 86 (Gas) ]; Replaces: 367261R1, 367261R11, 383705R1, 383705R11 Manifold heat control valve is preassembled. If you need to adjust the pendulum (IHS965) on the intake manifold, please use a Torx T8 screwdriver or bit.

Product Number: IHS154
Price: $219.99

Intake & Exhaust Manifold

…Allis Chalmers - Fits: D14, D15 (Gas (SN: 9001 & up will need adapter pipe for muffler)), D15 (Gas (up to SN: 9000)); Replaces: 234141, 234143, 70234141, 70234143 Will also fit D15 SN: 9001 and up Gas, but customer must make an adapter for muffler from 1-1/2" exhaust pipe stock purchased locally.

Product Number: ACS003
Price: $184.99
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Manifold -- Includes Intake & Exhaust Manifolds (2 Piece) - Fits John Deere 50

Fits John Deere - 50; Replaces: B3211R, B3212R Exhaust manifold is same as JD520.. You will get B3642R exhaust manifold and B3611R intake manifold

Product Number: JDS004
Price: $329.99

Manifold (intake & exhaust, all in one piece) Fits JD 1020 Gas & others

JD Industrial - Fits: Forklift: 380 (Gas), [ Industrial: 300, 301A, 302A (Gas) ] Fits John Deere - [ 1020, 1520 (Gas) ]; Replaces: T20251, T20251T * Vertical exhaust* 3 cylinder gas

Product Number: JDS477
Price: $299.99

Intake And Exhaust Manifold

…IXA, IXB, IXB-3, IXK-3 (all 133 & 165 cubic inch Hercules gas engines). Also fits Gibson Model H, & Co-Op B1. * Manifold measures 10" center to center on the outside bolt holes* The overall width is 14-7/8"* Exhaust outlet is threaded with 1-1/2" NPT * Use with MHS006EXP exhaust pipe

Product Number: OLS018
Price: $209.99
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Intake & Exhaust Manifold

AC Industrial - Fits: I40, I400 Allis Chalmers - Fits: D10, D12; Replaces: 233235, 70233235 * 17-3/8" center to center on the outer stud holes.* Measures 2-1/4" center to center on the carburetor mounting holes* Measures 1.00" diameter for the center carburetor venturi hole

Product Number: ACS156
Price: $299.99

Intake & Exhaust Manifold Gasket

…- Fits: D19 (GAS, When customer wants a 1 piece gasket instead of individual gaskets); Replaces: 70277122, Serviceable: 74512715 Cockshutt - Fits: [ Co-Op : E4, E5 (GAS) ], [ Cockshutt: 40, 50 (GAS) ]; Replaces: TG5390 * Fits ACS005 manifold* 1 piece style* Fits 230, 262 and 273 Buda engines

Product Number: COS010GK
Price: $19.99
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Intake & Exhaust Manifold for vertical exhaust

JD Industrial - Fits: [ 401B, 440, 480A (Gas with using 180, 202, 300 cubic inch engines) ], Forklift: 480B (Gas with using 180, 202, 300 cubic inch engines), [ Industrial: 400, 401, 401C, 480 (Gas with using 180, 202, 300 cubic inch engines) ] JD Miscellaneous - Fits: [ Skidder: 440A, 440B (Gas…

Product Number: JDS855
Price: $298.50

Gasket for Intake and Exhaust Manifold

Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op : E3, Cockshutt: 30; Replaces: T5390 * Fits COS001 Manifold

Product Number: COS001GK
Price: $23.99

intake and exhaust Manifold Gasket Set

International / Farmall - Fits: Cub, Cub Loboy, 154, 184, 185; Replaces: Carburetor Gasket: 251235R1, Manifold Gasket: 251233R2, 251233R1 * 3 piece set.

Product Number: IHS145GK
Price: $7.99

Intake & Exhaust Manifold Bolt Kit

Fits John Deere - [ 60, 620, 630 (Gas) ] * There are 36 pieces in this manifold bolt kit* Grade 5* Heat exchanger stud not included* Order JDS059 for stud and clamp

Product Number: JDS2634
Price: $21.99

2 Piece Intake & Exhaust Manifold

Fits John Deere - 520, 530; Replaces: B3641R, B3642R

Product Number: JDS005
Price: $329.99

Intake & Exhaust Manifold Bolt Kit

Fits John Deere - 50, 520, 530 * 26 piece Bolt Kit* Heat exchanger stud not included* (order JDS059).

Product Number: JDS2645
Price: $21.99

Intake & Exhaust Manifold Bolt Kit

Fits John Deere - [ 70, 720, 730 (Gas) ] * 26 pieces* Heat exchanger stud not included (order JDS059)* Fits gas only* Will not fit LP or diesel * 26 pieces.* Heat exchanger stud not included (order JDS059).

Product Number: JDS2650
Price: $25.99

Manifold Nut and Washer Kit for intake and exhaust manifold

Ford - Fits: 2N, 8N, 9N; Replaces: Nut (7/16" - 20 UNF): 33816S, 7/16" LOCK WASHER: 34808S * This kit includes brass nuts and yellow zinc plated washers. * Size 7/16"- 20* Use with 11/16" socket

Product Number: FDS233
Price: $6.99

Manifold, Intake and Exhaust

Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op: E3 ((Engine SN: 340106 & Up) To fit earlier serial numbers, you must use 4 of TF11195 clamps and 4 of TF11200 Studs. STP does not supply these clamps & studs.), Cockshutt: 30 ((Engine SN: 340106 & Up) To fit earlier serial numbers, you must use 4 of TF11195 clamps and 4 of…

Product Number: COS001
Price: $299.99
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