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Manifold --- Intake And Exhaust

Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op: E3 ((Engine SN: 340106 & Up) To fit earlier serial numbers, you must use 4 of TF11195 clamps and 4 of TF11200 Studs. STP does not supply these clamps & studs.), Cockshutt: 30 ((Engine SN: 340106 & Up) To fit earlier serial numbers, you must use 4 of TF11195 clamps and 4 of…

Product Number: COS001
Price: $263.85

Massey Ferguson Intake & Exhaust Manifold for TO35, MF35 & many more models with Continental engines

…engines. This manifold will work for TO20, TO30 applications; however, if you wish for the correct manifold, see MFS1193. When using the included adapter for TO20, TO30 applications, use with MFS094 muffler. If you do not wish to use the adapter then use MFS095 muffler.* This manifold includes the…

Product Number: MFS001
Price: $154.99

Cub Manifold

…(engine) ESN: 312389); Replaces: 251232R1 * 1" NPT exhaust thread* Does not use an adapter* Only Farmall Cub manifold on the market with correct exhaust thread pitch - all competitor Cub manifolds require an adapter (21116R1)* 1-13/16" center to center carburetor holes* 7/8" ID throat* Correct for…

Product Number: IHS961
Price: $89.95

Intake & Exhaust Manifold -- Fits Allis WD45, WD, WC & Early D17 Gas

…WD45 (Gas/LP) ]; Replaces: 224782, 229416, 70224782, 70229416 If you require a manifold with a threaded exhaust outlet for you D17, then please view our ACS081. * Our Allis WD45 tractor manifold is designed like the original.* This tractor manifold has the original appearance for WD45 and early D17.

Product Number: ACS004
Price: $174.50
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Fits John Deere - M, MC, MI, MT, MTN, MTW, 320S, 320U, 320V, 40 (Crawler, HiCrop, Standard, Tricycle, Utility, Special, Two Row Utility); Replaces: M1799T, M408T * Correct fit!* Need another reason to buy from Steiner? Our exhaust ports align whereas the competitors' do not.

Product Number: JDS001A
Price: $109.95

Ford 8N, 9N, 2N Intake & Exhaust Manifold

Ford - Fits: 2N, 8N, 9N; Replaces: 9N9425

Product Number: FDS001
Price: $71.50
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…- Fits: Cub, 154, 184, 185; Replaces: 251232R1, 405023R2 * This Farmall Cub manifold is correct for Cubs with a Zenith carburetor.* Fits Cubs with the IH carburetor too, but looks different than the original manifold, IHS961* Includes the 21116R1 adapter (aka reducer).* 1-13/16" center to center…

Product Number: IHS145
Price: $49.95

Farmall Manifold with pipe, fits Farmall / IH A, B, C, Supers, 100, 200

International / Farmall - Fits: A, B, BN, C, Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C, 100, 200; Replaces: 251175R1 , 251175R11, 251175R21 * 1" O.D. exhaust ports at cylinder head* Includes IHS001EXP exhaust pipe.

Product Number: IHS001
Price: $122.50

Farmall H High Performance Manifold

…intake & exhaust propane manifold increases horsepower on Farmall gas model tractors. The design of the propane manifold allots for less heat transfer between the exhaust and intake ports.* 2-3/8" center-to-center carburetor mounting holes* This manifold uses the stock Farmall H carburetor.*…

Product Number: IHS295
Price: $199.00


…is used), TO20, TO30; Replaces: 1077789M1, 1750343M91, Z120E500, Z129E501 * Made from ductile iron.* This manifold is exactly like the original.* No adapter is needed for installation. * Made from ductile iron.* This manifold is exactly like the original.* No adapter is needed for installation.

Product Number: MFS1193
Price: $161.60

Ford Exhaust Manifold For Ford Jubilee, NAA, 600 Series, 800 Series & More!

Ford - Fits: [ Golden Jubilee, Jubilee, NAA, 2000 4 cylinder, 2031, 2111, 2131, 4000 4 cylinder, 4031, 4110, 4120, 4121, 4140, 501, 541, 600, 601, 611, 620, 621, 630, 631, 640, 641, 650, 651, 660, 661, 671, 681, 700, 701, 740, 741, 771, 800, 801, 811, 820, 821, 840, 841, 850, 851, 860, 861, 871,…

Product Number: FDS002B
Price: $119.95


Fits John Deere - 430 (Standard, Utility, Two Row Utility, HiCrop, Tricycle, Crawler, Special, Forklifts all with vertical exhaust), [ 440I, 440IC (with vertical exhaust) ]; Replaces: T10369T Has correct exhaust outlet angle. Has correct exhaust outlet angle.

Product Number: JDS001C
Price: $133.00
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Manifold Gasket Set

…Gaskets Only, The Center Intake To Exhaust Gasket is NOT Available**); Replaces: 1B396, 1C396, 1K426, 1KA422 White - Fits: White: 2-44 (GAS/LP ** Round Gaskets Only, The Center Intake To Exhaust Gasket is NOT Available**), 2-70 ((Manifold to head gasket only), GAS/LP ) Round Gasket I.D. = 2.035"

Product Number: OLS028GK
Price: $22.50

Manifold Gasket Set

Oliver - Fits: Super 55 (Gas), Super 66, 550 (Gas, (up to SN: 72831)), 66, 660 White - Replaces: 1B396, 1L426, 1M422, 1MA426A Round Gasket I.D. = 1.895"

Product Number: OLS105GK
Price: $27.95

Intake & Exhaust Manifold With Pipe

…8033DC Our Farmall H - 350 manifold has an exact fit. This manifold must be built to very precise specifications as the governor linkage will bind if the carburetor throat on the manifold is not in the exact location in space as the original manifold. We retooled this manifold in the fall of 2016 as…

Product Number: IHS002C
Price: $154.95


…Constructall: 2500 (Gas ONLY, 153 Cubic Inch); Replaces: 377179R11, 377179R21 * This gas manifold is for use as either vertical or horizontal exhaust.* Must reuse or purchase a new 1-1/2" NPT block off plug for the exhaust. * This gas manifold is for use as either vertical or horizontal exhaust.

Product Number: IHS138
Price: $177.37

Manifold Gasket Set

AC Combines - Fits: [ E, EII, EIII, Super 100, 100, 110 (Gas) ] AC Industrial - Fits: [ Loader: TL10, TL11, TL12 (Gas) ], Motor Grader: D (Gas), Power Unit: G226 (Gas) AC Miscellaneous - Fits: Cotton Picker: 616 (Gas), [ Motor Grader: DG, M65 (Gas) ], [ Power Unit: W201, W226, W25 (Gas/LP) ], Speed…

Product Number: ACS004GK
Price: $16.90

Johnson Cold Gas Manifold

Fits John Deere - A (up to SN: 487999); Replaces: A36R This manifold has a 4 bolt exhaust mounting flange. The tractor will run better and have more power than the stock all fuel manifold.

Product Number: JDS295
Price: $258.50
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Intake & Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set (3-piece set)

Case - Fits: C, CC, CC-3, CC-4, CCS, CH, CI, CO, CO-VS, D, DC, DC-3, DC-4, DCS, DEX, DH, DI, DI/NAR, DO, DO-VS, DO/STD, DOEX, DV; Replaces: (sub for O889AB): 1349074C1, contains two: O891AB

Product Number: CKS103GK
Price: $28.50
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Exhaust Manifold For Horizontal Exhaust

MF Compact - Fits: 205 (diesel) MF Industrial - Fits: [ 203, 2135 (diesel) ], MF : 20C (diesel (up to SN: 9A293592)), [ 30B, 30D (diesel) ], MF Industrial: 20 (diesel) Massey Ferguson - Fits: 135 (Perkins, 3 cyl. gas (up to engine SN: 152UA263A)), [ 135, 235 (diesel) ], 150 (diesel (up to SN:…

Product Number: MFS2295
Price: $64.95

Manifold, 1-Pc Intake & Exhaust

Minneapolis Moline - Fits: [ M5, M602, M604, UB, 5 Star (WITH GAS ENGINE) ], U (Late - WITH GAS ENGINE); Replaces: 10A9465

Product Number: MMS009
Price: $246.95


IH Industrial - Fits: I12, I14 International / Farmall - Fits: F12, F14, O12, O14 (GAS), W12, W14; Replaces: 3196D, 3197D

Product Number: IHS153
Price: $199.95
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Exhaust Pipe

…- Fits: F20 (using gas style manifold), [ H, M, MTA, Super H, Super M, Super MTA, T6, W4, W6, 400, 450 (Gas/Lp) ], HV, MTAV, MV, Super HV, Super MV, Super MVTA, Super W4, Super W6, Super W6TA, [ 300, 350 (Gas/Lp, Rowcrop) ], Crawler: T20 (using gas style manifold), Wheatland: 400 (W400, Gas/Lp),…

Product Number: IHS003EXP
Price: $12.50

Farmall Manifold with exhaust pipe for Farmall M, 400, 450 & more

…Replaces: 362437R21, 8035DBX, 8035DCX, 8035DD, 8035DDX * This manifold is for gasoline tractors.* If a high performance manifold is desired then please see the IHS659 propane manifold (358308R11).* If you have diesel or need an original distillate manifold, then salvage or NOS is the only option.

Product Number: IHS003B
Price: $176.25
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