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Premium Delco Ignition Tune-Up Kit with Rotor

…Distributor & Clip Held Cap), Swather: 34 (W/ Delco-Remy 1111716 distributor & Clip Held Cap); Replaces: Condenser: 1023370M1, Point Set: 1750502M91, Points & condenser: 839012M91, Rotor: 1750875M1, 1750498M1 Massey Harris - Fits: 50 (W/ Delco 1112557, 1112570, 1112585 Distributor &…

Product Number: ABC018
Price: $10.75

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…IAD-4023 Distributor w/ 3 3/8" O.D. Cap) ] Also Fits Earthmaster Model C & CH. Kit contains: Points and condenser.* Only fits distributors with 3-3/8" O.D. cap.* Only fits models listed with Autolite distributor.* This will not fit Model IGZ or IGW Distributors.* 0.020" point gap

Product Number: ABC328
Price: $11.30

Points Fits Wico XH, XB magnetos only

…X5996  * Fits following Wico "X" series magnetos: XH894, XH477B, XH1042, XH3001, XH909* Also fits Wico Distributor: XB4001L, XB4001B * Point Gap = 0.015"* Also fits following model numbers: XB2065, XH10, XH10B, XH11, XH16, XH17, XH19, XH19B, XH19C, XH20, XH22, XH23, XH29, XH29B, XH32,…

Product Number: FXH2100B
Price: $14.20


…C series magneto ) ], L (When equipped with C series magneto SN: 640000 & up), LA (When equipped with C series magneto SN: 4533 & up) Oliver Industrial - Fits: [ AG, HG (When equipped with C 1113, 1113B series magneto) ] Wico - Replaces: X3343 * Point gap: 0.015"* Fits WICO C series magneto

Product Number: FWM1256S
Price: $17.50

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…1964) ] * For tractors with SIDE MOUNTED distributor* 1950-64* For tractors with generator/alternator mounted on the LEFT side as sitting in the seat.* Use with ABC159 rotor clip.* Kit contains rotor, points, condenser and 216 Autolite spark plugs.* Spark Plug Gap = .025, Point Gap = .025

Product Number: FDS138
Price: $27.75
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Ignition Tune Up Kit, Fits International Harvester horizontal distributor

…300, 330, 340, 350, 400, 404, 424, 444, 600, 650, Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy, Wheatland: 400, 450 * Fits listed models using IH horizontal distributor 353898R11.* This does not fit any magnetos or Delco or PrestoLite brand distributors.* 0.025" plug gap (Uses ABC324 spark plug)* 0.020" point gap

Product Number: IHS370
Price: $32.65

Magneto Point Set

…350, 400, 404, 424, 444, 450, 505, 600, 650 (with IH 353898R11 DISTRIBUTOR) ], Cub (with J4 MAGNETO or IH 353898R11 DISTRIBUTOR), Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy (with J4 MAGNETO or IH 353898R11 DISTRIBUTOR); Replaces: 353172R91 * Point Gap = 0.013"* Fits IHC J4 magneto and IH 353898R1 distributors

Product Number: J4 POINTS
Price: $7.55

Autolite Ignition Points Only

…4030 4 cylinder, 4040, 4130 4 cylinder (4 cylinder) ] * For tractors with side mount distributor (8n is only model that can have either a front mount or side mount depending on serial number)* For tractors with generator/alternator mounted on the left side as sitting in the seat* Point gap 0.025"

Product Number: FDS3984
Price: $3.95

Tune-Up Kit

…: 1014011C1, Points: 1014013C1, Kit: 47740429 Satoh - Fits: S550 Elk, S650 Bison * Point gap 0.016 to 0.020* Note: Includes points, condensor and rotor.* Fits Distributor #'s T2T00479, TVD4MRF8, 1014242C91, G0707182000 Replacement numbers for Mitsubishi/Satoh: Rotor: G010718203B Points: G0107182100…

Product Number: ABC4143
Price: $34.99
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Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…models with Delco distributor with screw held cap* Spark plug size: 18MM thread diameter, 1/2" reach, 7/8" hex* Spark plug cross reference to Autolite 386* Spark plug gap: 0.025"* Point gap: 0.020" Contains:  Spark plugs, heavy duty points, condenser and rotor

Product Number: MFS097
Price: $24.50

IH Ignition Tune Up Kit

…324559) ], Crawler: T340, T5, T6-62 (To Sn#56634), TD14, TD14A, TD6, Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy, Wheatland: 400, 450  * 0.020" point gap* Kit includes:* rotor* point set* condenserFits the listed IH models using IH HORIZONTAL distributor number 353898R1, 353898R11 or (VERTICAL distributor 560…

Product Number: IHS846
Price: $18.95

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…held cap* Works ONLY on listed 4 cylinder models* Includes Auto lite AL386 spark plugs, heavy duty points, condenser and rotor button* Spark plug thread size is 18 MM diameter* 1/2" Reach and 7/8" Hex* Replaces Champion D16 and D21* 0.025" spark plug gap* 0.020" point gap

Product Number: MFS096
Price: $24.50

Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit, 6 volt positive ground

…Replaces the points and condenser with an electronic module.* Fits distributors with a clip held cap.* Clockwise rotation* Precisely engineered solid state electronics.* Increase spark life and horsepower with a hotter spark to ignite todays fuels.* Never change points again.* Easy installation;…

Product Number: EIGN01
Price: $149.99

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…only* Spark plug dimensions: 18 MM, 1/2" Reach 7/8" Hex * Kit contains: Rotor, Points, Condenser, (2) Spark Plugs* Spark Plug Gap = (A thru G: 0.030" Gap), (50 thru 730: 0.025" Gap)* Point Gap = 0.020"* Will NOT fit magneto ignitions. 

Product Number: JDS268
Price: $16.75

IHC H4 Magneto Point Set

…300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 650 (Some, with H4 magneto) ], Super MTA (Diesel, Some, with H4 magneto), [ Wheatland: 400, 450 (Some, with H4 magneto) ]; Replaces: 21388DBX, 21388DBX-1, 21388DBX-6, 21409DB, 353171R1, 353171R91, 47431DA-1, 47431DB, 47431DB-6, 71455C91 * Point gap for H4 is 0.013"

Product Number: IHS3528
Price: $6.95
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IH Ignition Tune Up Kit

…(Sn: 56635 & up) * For 6 cylinder models listed* Also fits distributor: 368051R1, 401107R1* this is also correct for some 4 cylinder engines with distributor number 376554R91 or 376555R92.* Point Gap = 0.020"* Includes: rotor, point set and condenser

Product Number: IHS848
Price: $25.90

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…sitting in the seat.* 1939 to 1950* For tractors with FRONT mount distributor (distributor is mounted DIRECTLY under the fan blade/water pump)* Kit includes rotor, points, condenser, 437 Autolite spark plugs and ABC064 4-piece distributor gasket set.* 0.025" spark plug gap* 0.015" point gap

Product Number: FDS137
Price: $34.95
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Complete Tune-Up Kit

…T2T00479, TVD4MRF8, 1014242C91, G0707182000.* Point gap 0.016 to 0.020.* Spark plug gap 0.030.Note: Includes cap, rotor, points, condenser, spark plugs (AL405) and wires. Replacement numbers for Mitsubishi/Satoh: Cap: G010718202B Rotor: G010718203B Points: G0107182100 Condensor: G0221234850 Spark…

Product Number: ABC4124
Price: $89.99
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Fits John Deere - A, AO, AR, B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH; Replaces: K6977 Wico - Replaces: 90-5072 Fits Wico XB4001B, for points see FXH2100B, cap FXH2102-2, rotor FXH1108. Also fits XB4023, points, cap and rotor are special order.  

Product Number: JDS4411
Price: $9.99

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…Fits John Deere - M, MC, MI, MT, 320, 330, 40, 420, 430 Kit contains:  Rotor, points, condenser, spark plugs.  For Delco distributors thru 1963.  * Spark Plugs:  14MM, 7/16" Reach, 13/16" hex* Spark Plug Gap:  0.025"* Point Gap:  0.020"

Product Number: JDS266
Price: $15.75

Point Set

Case - Fits: 700, 730, 770, 800, 830, 840, 870, 900, 930, 940, 970 Fits John Deere - 1010, 2010, 2020, 2510, 3010, 3020, 4000, 4010, 4020, 4230; Replaces: AR12003 Wico - Replaces: X30072 Fits Wico X30091 and Prestolite X30091E

Product Number: ABC4413
Price: $19.99

Universal 12-volt Voltage Resistor (2-terminal style)

…- Fits various models Minneapolis Moline - Fits various models Oliver - Fits various models * 2 terminal style* Reduces voltage to distributor points* 2.0 Ohms of resistance* It does not make any difference which end of the resistor wires to the coil or which…

Product Number: ABC366
Price: $7.99
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Electronic Ignition Kit, 12 volt negative ground

…Replaces the points and condenser with an electronic module.* Fits distributors with a screw held cap.* Counter Clockwise rotation* Precisely engineered solid state electronics.* Increase spark life and horsepower with a hotter spark to ignite todays fuels.* Never change points again.* Easy…

Product Number: EIGN24
Price: $129.99

Front Mount Distributor Breaker Point Set

Ford - Fits: with front mounted distributor: 2N, 8N (up to SN: 263843), 9N; Replaces: 9N12107, 9N12162, 9N18354, A0NN12107A  * 1939 - 1950

Product Number: FDS3956
Price: $4.99
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