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IH Ignition Tune Up Kit

…distributor number 353898R1, 353898R11 or (VERTICAL distributor 560 Only) number 367839R92 or 371579R92 . It is designed only for 4 cylinder (560 6 cylinder) models with this distributor. It will not fit Delco or Prestolite distributors. * 0.020" point gap* Kit includes:* rotor* point set* condenser

Product Number: IHS846
Price: $19.99

Premium Delco Ignition Tune-Up Kit with Rotor

…1111737 Distributor & Clip Held Cap), Swather: 34 (W/ Delco-Remy 1111716 distributor & Clip Held Cap); Replaces: Condenser: 1023370M1, Point Set: 1750502M91, Points & condenser: 839012M91, Rotor: 1750875M1, 1750498M1 Massey Harris - Fits: 50 (W/ Delco 1112557, 1112570, 1112585 Distributor & Clip…

Product Number: ABC018
Price: $11.79

Ignition Tune Up Kit

…please view FDS138. * Includes points, condenser and rotor* For tractors with side mounted distributor* 1950 to 1964* For tractors with generator / alternator mounted on the left side as sitting in the seat.* Includes points, condenser an d rotor* Use with ABC159 rotor clip* Point Gap = 0.025"

Product Number: FDS476
Price: $13.39

Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit, 12 volt negative ground 4 Cyl Delco distributor with clips

…Replaces the points and condenser with an electronic module.* Fits distributors with a clip held cap* Clockwise rotation* Precisely engineered solid state electronics.* Increase spark life and horsepower with a hotter spark to ignite todays fuels.* Never change points again.* Easy installation;…

Product Number: EIGN19
Price: $149.99

Ignition Points Only (for Delco Distributor with Clip Held Cap)

…AT14469, D100, D100H, D100HP, D100P, D105, D105P, D111, D151HD, 225785, 1024923M1, 1024923M91, 1750877M91, 1750877VA, 1855720, 1857957, 1882965, 1882965VA, 1911119, 1923960, 1924571, 1944374, 19443745, 1948810, 12388497, 70225785 * Point gap 0.020"* For tractors using Delco-Remy distributors only

Product Number: ABC3978
Price: $4.99


Fits John Deere - [ 70, 720, 730 (Diesel Pony start) ], [ 80, 820 2 cylinder, 830 2 cylinder (with Pony Start) ]; Replaces: R12006, X9021 * Fits our JDS103 Pony Distributor* WICO magneto part number X9021 * Point Gap at 0.020"* 2 required per tractor; sold individually

Product Number: JDS125
Price: $25.99
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Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…tractors with side mounted distributor* For tractors with generator / alternator mounted on the left side as sitting in the seat.* Use with ABC159 rotor clip* Kit contains rotor, points, condenser and 216 Autolite spark plugs.* Spark Plug Gap = .025* Point Gap = .025"* Medium Heat Range Spark Plugs

Product Number: FDS138
Price: $29.99
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IH Industrial - Fits: I12 International / Farmall - Fits: F12, F14, F20, F30, O12, Regular (SOME), T20, W12, W14, W40, McCormick Deering: 10-20, [ 15-30, 22-36 (SOME) ]; Replaces: 21367D, 21367DA, 353173R91 * Point Gap = 0.013"* Fits IHC F4 and F6 magnetos

Product Number: F4 POINTS
Price: $21.99
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Thermostat 160 Degrees

…Industrial - Fits: Backhoe Pointed end towards radiator: 615 (Gas or LP), [ Forklift Pointed end towards radiator: 500, 510, 512, 600, 610, 612, 614 (Gas or LP) ], [ Pointed end towards radiator: I40, I400, I60, I600 (Gas or LP) ] Allis Chalmers - Fits: Crawler Pointed end towards radiator: H3…

Product Number: IHS913
Price: $39.99
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Point Set

IH Industrial - Fits: [ 2400A, 2400B, 2405B, 2410B, 2412B, 2544, 3400A, 3514 (with Autolite distributor with original round rotor) ] International / Farmall - Fits: [ 154, 184, 185, 454, 464, 544, 574, 674 (with Autolite distributor with original round rotor) ] JD Combines - Fits: 3300 (with…

Product Number: JDS4387
Price: $3.99

Point Set

…various models Minneapolis Moline - Fits: R, Z (using FM-J, FM-JE, JM-JG, FM-T with clockwise rotation) * Fits Fairbanks Morse Magnetos with a clockwise rotation and a 2 piece cap: FM-J, FM-J4, FM-J4A, FM-J4B, FM-JE, JM-JG, FM-T, FMJ4-B3* Replaces Fairbanks Morse part number R2437* Point Gap: 0.020"

Product Number: FM04
Price: $19.59

Ignition Tune Up Kit

Massey Ferguson - Fits: FE35, TEA20, 135; Replaces: Condenser: 407044, Rotor: 408355, Points: 423153 Note: The MFS4389 kit is for tractors with Standard motors and Lucas 25D distributor. Please make sure to check points. For early Lucas distributors check our MFS4396.

Product Number: MFS4389
Price: $24.99

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…distributors and 4 cylinder gasoline engines. Note: Does NOT fit Delco distributor # 1112688 in use on some of these listed models. Kit contains: Autolite 295 Spark plugs (with 3/8" reach), heavy duty points, condenser and rotor. * Medium Hot Spark Plugs* Spark Plug Gap: 0.030"* Point Gap: 0.020"

Product Number: ACS110
Price: $26.99

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…(distributor is mounted DIRECTLY under the fan blade / water pump). * This tune up kit includes points, rotor, condenser and dielectric grease.* For tractors with generator / alternator mounted on the RIGHT side as sitting in the seat.* Used on Ford models built from 1939-50* 0.015" point gap

Product Number: FDS473
Price: $21.50

Ignition Tune Up Kit, Fits International Harvester horizontal distributor

…a spark plug that measures: 18MM, 1/2" reach and 7/8" hex.* This covers the below listed models from 1939 to 1979 using IH horizontal Distributor 353898R11.* This kit includes:* rotor* points* condenser* medium hot range spark plugs (4* 0.025" plug gap (Uses ABC324 spark plug)* 0.020" point gap

Product Number: IHS370
Price: $33.99

Autolite Ignition Points Only

…4030 4 cylinder, 4040, 4130 4 cylinder (4 cylinder) ] * For tractors with side mount distributor (8N is only model that can have either a front mount or side mount depending on serial number)* For tractors with generator / alternator mounted on the left side as sitting in the seat.* Point gap 0.025"

Product Number: FDS3984
Price: $4.99

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…built from 1939 - 1950* For tractors with FRONT mount distributor (distributor is mounted DIRECTLY under the fan blade/water pump) * Kit includes rotor, points, condenser, spark plugs and ABC064 4-piece distributor gasket set.* Hot Heat Range Spark Plugs.* 0.025" spark plug gap* 0.015" point gap

Product Number: FDS137
Price: $36.99

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…- Replaces: H10, H12 JD Industrial - Fits: MI, 440 Fits John Deere - M, MC, MT, 320, 330, 40, 420, 430 Kit includes:* Rotor* Points* Condenser* Spark plugs Medium Heat Range For Delco distributors thru 1963.* Spark Plugs: 14MM, 7/16" reach, 13/16" hex* Spark Plug Gap: 0.025"* Point Gap: 0.020"

Product Number: JDS266
Price: $16.59
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IH Ignition Tune Up Kit

…gas, (LP Sn: 32460 & up)) ], Industrial: T6-62 (Sn: 56635 & up) * For 6 cylinder models listed* Also fits distributor: 368051R1, 401107R1* this is also correct for some 4 cylinder engines with distributor number 376554R91 or 376555R92.* Point Gap = 0.020"* Includes: rotor, point set and condenser

Product Number: IHS848
Price: $24.95

Ignition Tune-Up Kit

…Rotor, Points, Condenser, (2) Spark Plugs* Spark Plug Gap = (A thru G: 0.030" Gap), (50 thru 730: 0.025" Gap)* Point Gap = 0.020"* Will NOT fit magneto ignitions. * Spark Plug Dimensions: 18 MM, 1/2" Reach 7/8" Hex * Spark Plug Gap = (A thru G: 0.030" Gap), (50 thru 730: 0.025" Gap)* Point Gap =…

Product Number: JDS268
Price: $17.95
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Ignition Tune-Up Kit with rotor

…Intercontinental* Long model A & AW tractors built in Tarboro N.C.* Many Lincoln welders w/ F124, F140, F162 & F163 c.i.d. flathead Continental engines * Kit includes:* point set* 0.020" point gap* vibration resistant condenser* rotorOnly fits distributors with 3-3/8" outside diameter cap

Product Number: ABC310
Price: $16.99

Points Fits Wico XH, XB magnetos only

…XVD2333, XVD2334, XVD2336, XVD2339, XVD2340, XVD2341, XVD2342, XVD2343, XVD2344, XVD2345, XVD2347, XVD2350, XVD2359, XVD2360, XVD2397, XVD2398, XVD2454, XVD2777, XVD2791, XVD2792, X11307, X11308, X11309, X11615, X11616, X11798, X11799, X11810, X13308, X13309, X13716, X30234 * 0.015" point gap

Product Number: FXH2100B
Price: $14.95

IHC H4 Magneto Point Set

…230, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 650 (Some, with H4 magneto) ], Super MTA (Diesel, Some, with H4 magneto), [ Wheatland: W400, W450 (Some, with H4 magneto) ]; Replaces: 21388DBX, 21388DBX-1, 21388DBX-6, 21409DB, 353171R1, 353171R91, 47431DA-1, 47431DB, 47431DB-6, 71455C91 * Point gap for H4 is 0.013"

Product Number: IHS3528
Price: $7.99

Magneto Point Set

…450, 505, 600, 650 (with IH 353898R11 DISTRIBUTOR) ], Cub (with J4 MAGNETO or IH 353898R11 DISTRIBUTOR), Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy (with J4 MAGNETO or IH 353898R11 DISTRIBUTOR); Replaces: 353172R91, 407018R91 * Point Gap = 0.013"* Fits IHC J4 magneto and IH 353898R1 distributors * Fits IHC J4 magneto

Product Number: J4 POINTS
Price: $8.19
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