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Carter Carburetor

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Economy Carter Carburetor Repair Kit

…upper carburetor body), 140, 200 MF Industrial - Fits: 202 Massey Ferguson - Fits: Ferguson: 40, TO35, MF Ag Tractor: 50 (with Aluminum upper carburetor body), MF Tractor: 35 Massey Harris - Fits: 50 (with Aluminum upper carburetor body) Oliver - Fits: Super 55, 66, 77 (with Carter UT - with…

Product Number: ABC1387
Price: $32.95
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New Zenith Carburetor

…REPLACING CARTER: UT, UT2257S, UT26125, UT652, UT734S, UT771SA Please make sure you have clean fuel. If your tank is rusting then this will contaminate your fuel. If your fuel is contaminated, you cannot fix the problem with a new carburetor. We sell fuel tank sealer, MIS106 and MIS129. Carburetors

Product Number: IHS905
Price: $399.95

Carter Basic Carburetor Kit

…with Carter carburetor # UT2223S, UT2402), MF Ag Tractor: 50 (with cast iron upper throttle body #0-834 and 0-839 with Carter carburetor # UT2223S, UT2402), MF Tractor: 35 ( with aluminum upper throttle body and carb # UT2418S.), 35 (with cast iron upper throttle body #0-834 and 0-839 with Carter

Product Number: ABC1903
Price: $49.95
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Economy Carburetor Kit for Carter Carburetors

…UT923S, UT925A, UT925S, UT997S, UT2222S, UT2223S, UT2402S, UT2418S, UT2257S, UT2612S, UT2701S, UT2709S. Note: Many Carter carburetors are missing the tag and can not be identified. This kit has all five bowl gasket variations along with both style needles and seats fitting all Carter carburetors.

Product Number: ABC3933
Price: $45.95

(Carter) Carburetor Float

…- Fits: [ Super 55, 66, 77 (with cast iron throttle bodies) ] * Fits all Carter carburetors with cast iron throttle bodies* Does not fit Carter carburetors with aluminum throttle bodies* The throttle body is the upper half of the carburetor All Carter carburetors with cast iron throttle bodies

Product Number: ABC522
Price: $38.50

Carburetor Elbow with strainer assembly

…12632, 12685, 12758, 13781, 13794, 14007, 14544 * This carburetor elbow with strainer assembly fits the models listed when they are equipped with a 5/16" O.D. fuel line.* 1/8" male threads* Fits Carter, Marvel Schebler and Zenith carburetors.* Please check the fuel line size before ordering!* Use…

Product Number: IHS1124
Price: $25.95

Carburetor Elbow with strainer assembly (for 1/4" O.D. fuel line)

…200, 230, 240, 330, 340, 404, 444, 504 (With listed Carter, Marvel Schebler & Zenith carbs using 1/4" O.D. fuel line) ], [ 154, 184, 185 (with listed Zenith carbs ONLY, using 1/4" O.D. fuel line) ] Carb Mfg #'s - 11115A, 1247S, CARTER CARBURETORS, 8928, 9167, 9722, 9749, 9750, 9751, 9752, 10386,…

Product Number: IHS966
Price: $25.95
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Basic Carburetor Repair Kit (Carter)

…this kit.* Fits the listed Carter Carburetor with the cast iron top body.* Make sure to find your carburetor manufacturer number in the list above. * If your number is not in this list, this kit is not the correct kit for your application.* If you do not know your carburetor number because there is…

Product Number: ABC231
Price: $49.95

Throttle Shaft

…UT771, UT771A, UT771S, UT771SA, UT771SB, UT925A, UT925S, ; Fits carburetors with top throttle body casting number : O-653 * For Carter carburetor with cast iron upper body.* 0.249" OD* 2.475" machined length * For Carter carburetor with cast iron upper body.* 0.249" OD* 2.475" machined length

Product Number: IHS1386
Price: $24.95

Carburetor Repair Tips - Antique Tractor Blog

…Minneapolis Moline, Oliver, Repair Blog bendix carburetor, carburetor, carburetor float, carburetor gasket, carburetor repair, carburetor tag, carter carburetor, farmall carburetor, holley carburetor, instructions, manufacturer number, marvel schebler carburetor, new parts for old tractors, repair,…



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How to identify your carburetor

Learn how to find the correct identification number on your carburetor before you order the parts and repair kit. Save yourself time and frustration when working on your antique tractor by ordering the right replacement parts.

Carb Elbow and Strainer Assembly

…models Minneapolis Moline - Fits various models Oliver - Fits various models Carb Mfg #'s - : CARTER UT SERIES, VARIOUS MARVEL SCHEBLER MODELS * Also fits tractors with the Carter UT series carburetors.* Must have internal threads, Used with flare fitting not compression fitting* Male end (Screen…

Product Number: ABC297
Price: $7.75
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