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Crankcase Cover Gasket

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Crankcase Front Cover Gasket

International / Farmall - Fits: Cub (up to SN: 139516); Replaces: 351675R1, 351675R2

Product Number: IHS2343
Price: $8.65

Crankcase Front Cover Gasket Set

…plate gasket: 375745R1, 375745R2, Fan bracket gasket: 43294D, 43294DA, Timing cover gasket: 46179D, 46179DC, Front crankshaft seal with seal saver: 43442D, 49177D, 378193R91, Lower water outlet gasket: 46871D, 68104C1, 68104C2 * This 7-piece set is also known as a timing cover gasket set.* Includes…

Product Number: IHS3260
Price: $29.95

Crankcase Front Cover Gasket, Timing Gear Cover Gasket

IH Combines - Fits: Combines: 105, 122, 203, 62, 64, 76, 91, 93 IH Industrial - Fits: 2404, 2424, 2444, 2504, 3514, Crawler: 500, Forklift: 4000, Power Unit: U2, U2A IH Miscellaneous - Fits: Baler: 55W, Carrier: 660, Sprayer: 770, 780, Swather: 225, Windrower: 161, 163, 210, 225, 275, 375…

Product Number: IHS1389
Price: $17.85
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Crankcase Front Cover Gasket

IH Miscellaneous - Fits: Power Unit: UC60 International / Farmall - Fits: Cub (SN: 139517 and up), Cub Loboy, 154, 184, 185; Replaces: 355945R1, 355945R2

Product Number: IHS2350
Price: $8.65

Crankcase Gasket Set

…plate gaskets: 69674R1, 397968R1* Water pump mounting gaskets: 69676R1, 397966R1* Inner timing cover gasket: 398024R1* Outer timing cover gaskets: 398085R1, 400315R1* Oil pan gaskets: 398031R1, 405858R1* Rear main cap filler plugs: 310665R1* Oil pump cover gasket: 69607R1* Oil pan drain plug gasket:

Product Number: IHS3780
Price: $94.95
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Crankcase Breather Filter Cover Felt Gasket

Fits John Deere - [ B, BN, BNH, BW, BWH, BWH40 (SN: 60000 to 200999, with ELECTRIC START) ], [ H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH (fits as an outer breather cover gasket) ]; Replaces: H505R 4.080" OD, 2.780" ID, 0.110" thick, 0.725" wide

Product Number: JDS2413
Price: $8.85

Crankcase Breather Filter Cover Felt Gasket

Fits John Deere - [ B, BI, BN, BNH, BO, BR, BW, BWH, BWH40 (up to SN: 200999 with HAND START only) ], BO (Lindeman, up to SN: 200999 with HAND START only), [ H, HN, HNH, HW, HWH (fits as an inner breather filter gasket) ]; Replaces: B54R 3.500" OD, 2.750" ID, 0.120" thick, 0.375" wide

Product Number: JDS2409
Price: $7.95

Lower End Gasket Set

…flange gasket, 46700D* Push rod chamber side plate gasket, 49029DA* Water trap gasket, 5157D* Magneto drive cover gasket, 704457R1* Thermostat housing gasket, 706616R1* Injection pump gear cover gasket, 840512R1* Rear crankshaft felts, 840553R1* Crankcase front cover gasket, 840559R1* Crankcase

Product Number: IHS3939
Price: $94.99
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Rear Crankshaft Seal Kit

gasket: 46131DB, Rear seal retainer plate gasket (sub for 46134D): 46134DA, Rear dust seal gasket: 46137D, (sub for 46181DA) Inner timing gear cover: 46181DB, (sub for 46182D) Outer timing cover gasket: 46182DA, (2) Distributor / Magneto drive housing gaskets: 46186D, Crankcase breather tube gasket:

Product Number: IHS2641
Price: $34.95
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