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Head Gasket

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Cylinder Head Gasket Set

…Manifold Gasket: 321R, Valve Cover Gasket: A1575R, Cylinder Head Inlet Pipe Gasket: A2328R, Head Gasket: A2329R, Cylinder Water Outlet Pipe Gasket: A2376R, Manifold Gasket: A2384R, Carburetor Intake Elbow to Carburetor Gasket: D1034R * Includes all gaskets needed to replace cylinder head, including…

Product Number: JDS817
Price: $98.99

Head Gasket Set, Farmall M, W6, Super M, Super MTA, Super W6, 400, 450 Gas

…W400, W450 (Gas and LP) ]; Replaces: 354476R95, 369959R92, Head Gasket: 369957R2, 369957R1, Manifold Gasket: 46173DD, 46173DC * Fits International Harvester gas / LP engines:* C248* C264* C281 * Includes all gaskets needed to replace cylinder head, including a premium metal jacketed head gasket

Product Number: IHS807
Price: $86.99

Head Gasket Set, Farmall Cub, Cub Lo-Boy, International 154, 184, 185

…154, [ 184, 185 (except carburetor mounting gasket) ]; Replaces: 352540R91 * Please note: if using on a Cub LoBoy 184 or 185, the carburetor mounting gasket will not work; but the rest of the gaskets will work on those applications. * Includes all gasket required when replacing the cylinder head.

Product Number: IHS005VGK
Price: $42.99

Cylinder Head Gasket Set

Ford - Fits: 2N, 8N, 9N; Replaces: 7HA6521, 8BA6571, 8N6051A, 9N6022, 9N9448 Set includes:* cylinder head gasket* (2) valve cover side plate gaskets* (8) valve guide seals* (2) manifold gaskets* (1) governor gasket

Product Number: FDS036VGK
Price: $29.99

Premium Head Gasket Set, Farmall H, Super H, 300, 350, gas

…354475R93, 354475R94, 354475R95, Head Gasket: 43988DF, Valve Cover Stud Washers x2: 62866D, Cylinder Head Gasket: 43988DF, 43988DG, Pushrod Side Cover Gasket: 45018DA, 45018DB, Manifold Gasket: 1342802C1, 45197DC, 45197DD, Valve Housing Gasket: 43976DA, 43976DB, 43976DC * Fits International…

Product Number: IHS811
Price: $109.99
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Head Gasket Set, Gas, Farmall 404, 424, 444, 504, International 2404, 2424, 2444, 2504, 3514

…Oil pump gasket* (4) Rear main* (1) Rear main* (4) Rear main cap seals* (1) Rear main cap seal* (1) Timing cover gasket* (1) Timing cover seal* (1) Transmission seal* (1) Washer* (1) Water pump gasket* (1) Water pump gasket* (1) Water pump gasket* (1) Wear sleeve * Fits engines using 14 head bolts /…

Product Number: IHS1665
Price: $46.99

Engine Gasket Set

…Carburetor to Manifold Gasket : 321R, Tappet Lever Cover Gasket: A1575R, Air Cleaner Gasket (A: SN: 477000-583999): A2167R, Cylinder Head Inlet Pipe Gasket: A2328R, Cylinder Head Gasket: A2329R, Cylinder Water Outlet Gasket: A2376R, Manifold Gasket: A238R, Crankcase Cover Gasket (A: SN: 584000 and…

Product Number: JDS1329
Price: $124.99

Head Gasket Set, Gas

…4130 4 cylinder (1954-1964) ] Fits: Ford 134, 172 and 192 cubic inch 4-cylinder gas / LP engines with head casting numbers: D1NL6090D, EAF6090F, EAF6090H, 310098 and 310100. * For cylinder heads with 1/2" bolts; if you have an early 134 C.I. engine which was used on the early 600 and 700 models,…

Product Number: FDS430
Price: $85.99

Head Gasket Set, Farmall H, Super H, 300, 350, gas

…graphite coated head gasket: I4, U4 International / Farmall - Fits: same as IHS811 except has graphite coated head gasket: 300, 350 (GAS), H, HV, O4, OS4, Super H, Super HV, Super W4, W4; Replaces: 354475R1, 354475R91, 354475R92, 354475R93, 354475R94, 354475R95, Cylinder Head Gasket: 43988DF,…

Product Number: IHS3356
Price: $79.99

Valve, Ring & Cylinder Replacement Gasket Set (Rebore gasket set) -- Fits JD G Series

…Carburetor Gasket: D1034R, Tappet Lever Cover Gasket: F129R, Cylinder Head Gasket: F1307R, Tappet Lever Cover Stud Washers x2: F130R, Manifold Gasket: F137R, Crankcase Cover Gasket: F17R, Head Gasket: F487R, Cylinder Water Outlet Gasket: F489R, Cylinder Head Water Inlet Outlet Gasket: F519R,…

Product Number: JDS3016
Price: $175.99

Cylinder Head (Valve Grind) Gasket Set

…following gaskets:* (1) 113056, 135549 cylinder head gasket* (2) 9617H, 113080 exhaust manifold gasket* (1) 9596H, 113032 side valve cover gasket* (1) 113081 water inlet gasket* (1) VT486, 113083 water outlet gasket* (1) 112232 carburetor to manifold gasket* (1) 6833 carburetor to manifold gasket*

Product Number: ABC2385
Price: $119.99
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Head Gasket Set, International 454, 464, 544, 574, 674, Gas

…164420R1, Carburetor mounting gasket: 31336D, Valve cover gasket: 398068R2, Intake / exhaust manifold gasket: 530682R1, Valve stem seals: 535166R1, 866834R1, Thermostat housing gaskets: 397966R1, 397968R1, 397971R1, Head gasket: 398066R3, 398066R4, 398066R6, Head Gasket set: 398177R91, 398177R92,…

Product Number: IHS3764
Price: $99.99

Cylinder Head Gasket Set

…70800295, 70800297, 70800299 Massey Harris - Fits: Pony; Replaces: Valve Grind Kit: 840741M1, Individual gasket: 1500073M1, 1500078M1, 1500074M1, 21209A Also fits: * EARTHMASTER Model C and CH* Fits Continental 4 cylinder N62 gas engine * Includes:* valve cover gasket* head gasket* manifold gasket

Product Number: ACS025VGK
Price: $54.95

Valve, Ring & Cylinder Replacement Gasket Set (Rebore gasket set)

…* Includes all gaskets needed to replace cylinder head, including sealing washers.* This is a more comprehensive version of the traditional Head Set or Valve Grind Set. Also replaces HS3134.* Narrow side of the fire ring (crimp) of the head gasket goes toward the cylinder head. Includes the sealing…

Product Number: JDS1677
Price: $149.99

Engine Gasket Set

Fits John Deere - 1010 (Gas); Replaces: AT14666, AT15777, AT16572, AT21150, RE524327 JD 115 Gas/LP Engine * Includes Crankshaft Seals

Product Number: JDS4947
Price: $254.99

Valve Grind Gasket Set, Diesel

…This head gasket set only fits the applications listed using an A267D diesel Case engine. Includes the following parts:* (2) Head gaskets: A23118, 1349383C1 (CKS4016)* (2) Valve cover gaskets: A27972, A57595, O9959AB* (4) Water manifold gaskets: A27905, 1342810C1* (1) Thermostat housing gasket:

Product Number: CKS4020
Price: $129.99
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Valve Grind Gasket Set, Diesel

…Valve grind gasket set: A43193, A143000, A155589, A189543* Head gasket: A38640, A39279, A148745, 1349089C1* Valve cover gasket: A36411, A43030* Intake manifold gasket: G46871, 1349088C1* Intake manifold stud O-rings: A27891, A49861* Intake manifold sealing washers: A50694* Exhaust manifold gaskets:

Product Number: CKS4024
Price: $89.99
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Valve Grind Gasket Set, Gas & Diesel

…82845204, C5NE6051G, C7NN6051D, C7NN6051R, CFPN6008B Ford Industrial - Fits: 3-cylinder gas / diesel 1965 - 1975: 3400, 3500, 3550 * 0.037" thick head gasket* 4.200" bore* Fits 158 and 175 c.i. 3-cylinder gas / diesel engines 1965 - 1975.* Will not fit Dexta 2000 series with Perkins 152" engine

Product Number: FDS3541
Price: $32.99

Cylinder Head Gasket Set, Diesel

…D236, D282, D301 and IH diesel engines) ], Industrial: 150 (with D236, D282, D301 and IH diesel engines), TD6 (62 Series, with D236, D282, D301 and IH diesel engines); Replaces: 134403A1, 310446R95 Fits International Harvester 6-cylinder diesel engines:* D-236* D-282* D-301 * Composite head gasket

Product Number: IHS1692
Price: $139.99
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Complete Engine Gasket Set

…Super AV (up to SN: 255417) ]; Replaces: Cylinder Head Gasket: 366301R1, 53628D, 53628DG * For use on engines with 3" and 3-3/8" bore (all without water pump).* Head gasket has larger water jacket holes than IHS1328 head gasket. * Includes all gaskets and crankshaft seals necessary for your major…

Product Number: IHS1326
Price: $65.99

Head Gasket Set, International 574, 584, 684, 784, 884; CaseIH 585, 595, 685, 695, 785, 795

Case/IH - Fits: 3230, 4210, 4230, 585, 595, 685, 695, 895 IH Industrial - Fits: 278 International / Farmall - Fits: 4220, 474, [ 574, 674 (diesel) ], 584, 624, 644, 684, 724, 733, 740, 743 (743XL), 744, 745, 784, 785, 795, 824, 833, 844, 845 (845XL), 884; Replaces: 1967014C1, 3136799R99, 3136800R98…

Product Number: IHS4641
Price: $53.99
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Cylinder Head Gasket Set

…up. Includes all gaskets needed to replace cylinder head, including the sealing washers:* (1) Cylinder head gasket B3089R* (1) Tappet cover gasket B1498R* (1) Manifold gasket B1787R* (1) Carburetor to manifold gasket 321R* (1) Lower water pipe gasket B1799R* (9) Cylinder head stud washers B369R*…

Product Number: JDS813
Price: $89.99

Engine Gasket Set

…Left Main Bearing Cover Gasket: B132R, Cylinder to Case Gasket: B1332R, Tappet Lever Cover Gasket: B1498R, Pulley Dust Shield Gasket: B1690R, Manifold Gasket: B1787R, Cylinder Head Water Inlet Gasket: B1799R, Cylinder Water Outlet Gasket: B1815R, Crankcase Cover Gasket: B1842R, Tappet Lower Cover…

Product Number: JDS2489
Price: $117.99

Full Gasket Set with Crankshaft Seals

…A4444R, Cylinder Head Gasket (Sub to A6120R): A4626R, Tappet Lever Cover Gasket: A4629R, Carburetor to Manifold Gasket: A4631R, Carburetor to Intake Gasket: A4634R, Carburetor Intake Gaskets x2: A4635R, Manifold Intake Gaskets x2: A4642R, L.H. Crankshaft Main Bearing Housing Gasket (Up to S.N.…

Product Number: JDS1340
Price: $285.99
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