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Continental Manifold

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Massey Ferguson Intake & Exhaust Manifold for TO35, MF35 & many more models with Continental engines

…Fits the below listed models with 4 cylinder Z-120, Z-129, Z-134 and Z-145 Continental gas engines. This manifold will work for TO20, TO30 applications; however, if you wish for the correct manifold, see MFS1193.* This manifold includes the muffler adapter for TO20, TO30 applications, (part number…

Product Number: MFS001
Price: $199.99
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Manifold, Case V, VAC; Cockshutt 20; Massey Harris 20, 22, 81, 101, 102, Colt, Mustang; Oliver Super 44

…flathead Continental engine) ], : 101 Jr (with F124, F140, F162 or F163 flathead Continental engine); Replaces: 1509184M1, 7416A Oliver - Fits: [ Super 44, 440 (with F124, F140, F162 or F163 flathead Continental engine) ] White - Replaces: 452348A, 700427A, TG07624 Our MHS006 manifold also fits:*…

Product Number: MHS006
Price: $138.50


…TE20, TO20, TO30 (Will also fit ONLY when using our MFS001 manifold, Will NOT fit original manifold as this muffler has a 3 mounting hole flange. ) ], [ TO35, 35 (gas) ]; Replaces: pipe: 181600M91, muffler: 505545M91 * Fits Continental GAS only* Will not fit 135 * Horizontal one piece muffler…

Product Number: MFS095
Price: $109.99
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Manifold Gasket

…Harris - Fits: F226, F245 (CONTINENTAL INTAKE & EXHAUST), 101 Sr, 44 (6 CYL); Replaces: 35642A Also fits:* Graham Bradley & Hough model 30 loader* Silver King 370* Cletrac AG6 with F226 Or F245" Continental Engine* Some F206, F209, F218 F226, F245, 6 Cylinder Continental Engines* Verify exhaust…

Product Number: MHS012GK
Price: $19.99
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Exhaust Elbow

Massey Ferguson - Fits: 65 ( w/Continental G176 gas); Replaces: 184208M2

Product Number: MFS2253
Price: $49.99


…Industrial - Fits: 2200 (Continental Gas), Industrial: 2500 (Continental Gas) Massey Ferguson - Fits: Ferguson: F40 (Continental Gas), MF Tractor: 50 (Continental Gas); Replaces: 1751851M1, 1752393M1 Massey Harris - Fits: 50 (Continental Gas) This 4 cylinder gas Z-134 manifold is designed to exhaust…

Product Number: MFS051
Price: $249.99


JD Industrial - Fits: [ Continental Gas Engine: 125, 24A (skid steer) ] Replaces: HMY400E00421 MH Miscellaneous - Fits: [ Continental Engine: Y112, Y69, Y91 (Used in Fork Trucks) ] Massey Harris - Fits: Continental Engine: Pacer (16); Replaces: 1505085M1 * Measure before ordering;* 10-3/4" C.C.…

Product Number: MHS014
Price: $199.99


Continental - Replaces: Z120E500, Z129E501 Massey Ferguson - Fits: Ferguson Tractor: TE20 (with Continental engine when the TO20 exhaust is used), TO20, TO30; Replaces: 1077789M1, 1750343M91 * Made from ductile iron* This manifold is exactly like the original* No adapter is needed for installation

Product Number: MFS1193
Price: $194.99


Massey Harris - Fits: Pony; Replaces: 1500003M1 * Vertical exhaust* Also fits Earthmaster Model C and CH with N-62 (62 cubic inch) Continental engine.

Product Number: MHS001
Price: $119.99

Cylinder Head Gasket Set, Gas

…the listed brands and models with F124, F140 or F162 cubic inch flathead Continental gas engines.* Includes all gaskets needed to replace cylinder head. Set includes:* cylinder head gasket (17-3/8" overall length)* manifold gasket* side valve cover gasket* valve cover bolt seals* water outlet gasket

Product Number: MHS071
Price: $67.99

Carburetor to Manifold Mounting Gasket (Marvel Schebler)

…430, 430; Replaces: M3993T, M410T, T10079 MF Industrial - Fits: 302, 304, 3165 (with G176 Continental engine) MM Industrial - Fits: Forklift: 336-4A Massey Ferguson - Fits: 165 (with G176 Continental engine), 65, 95; Replaces: 185199M2 Massey Harris - Fits: 101 Sr, 44, 44-6, 444, 55, 555; Replaces:…

Product Number: ABC424
Price: $1.69

Exhaust Pipe

…VI, Crawler: Terra Trac Cockshutt - Fits: 540; Replaces: T19138 Massey Harris - Fits: Colt (21), MH Miscellaneous (Various Industrial applications with F163 Continental Engine), 101 Jr, 20, 22, 30, 81; Replaces: 15122A Oliver - Fits: Super 44, 440; Replaces: 15122A * 1-1/2" pipe* 2-11/16" length

Product Number: MHS006EXP
Price: $13.41

Vertical Exhaust Elbow

Leyland - Replaces: EN-J80-0030 MF Industrial - Fits: all with Continental 4 cylinder gas or Perkins 3 cylinder gas or diesel: 202, 204, 2135, MF20 Massey Ferguson - Fits: all with Continental 4 cylinder gas or Perkins 3 cylinder gas or diesel: 133, 135, 140, 145, 148, [ MF35, TO35 (when extra hood…

Product Number: MFS3945
Price: $34.99


JD Industrial - Fits: [ Continental Engine: 125, 24A (skid steer) ] MH Miscellaneous - Fits: [ Continental Engine: Y112, Y69, Y91 (Used in Fork Trucks) ] Massey Harris - Fits: Continental Engine: Pacer (16); Replaces: 1505086M1 * Measure before ordering;* 10-3/4" center-to-center outside holes*…

Product Number: MHS014GK
Price: $11.99


Massey Ferguson - Fits: 65 ( w/Continental G176 gas); Replaces: 1753820M1, G176E601

Product Number: MFS2250
Price: $219.99

Manifold Gasket

…(Co-Op with Continental F124 ), Cockshutt: 20, 20 Deluxe, 540; Replaces: T11698 Continental - Replaces: F400E-303 Massey Harris - Fits: Colt (21), I-162, Mustang (23), 101 Jr, 102 Jr, 20, 22, 30, 81; Replaces: 32673A Oliver - Fits: Super 44, 440 White - Replaces: 452352A Our MHS006GK manifold gasket…

Product Number: MHS006GK
Price: $9.99
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Gasket Set

…F40 (Continental Gas) ]; Replaces: Manifold to cylinder head gasket: 1750045M1, Exhaust elbow gasket: 180104M1, Carburetor gasket: 181531M2 Massey Harris - Fits: Must also order MFS051GK end gaskets : 50 (Continental Gas) Fits MFS001 Manifold Includes: Manifold to cylinder head gasket, manifold to…

Product Number: MFS001GK
Price: $10.99

Manifold Gasket Set

Massey Ferguson - Fits: 65 ( w/Continental G176 gas); Replaces: (manifold gasket): 1028011M1, (carburetor gasket): 185199M2 * Please also order MFS2253GK exhaust elbow gasket.

Product Number: MFS2250GK
Price: $19.99

Manifold Gasket Set

Oliver - Fits: 70 (with CONTINENTAL 201 cubic inch engine) White - Replaces: B422A * Fits CONTINENTAL 201 cubic inch engine * 5 piece set

Product Number: OLS041GK
Price: $42.99
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Brass Manifold Nut

…Loader: W3, W5, W5A (gas, LP or diesel) ], Skidsteer: 1737, 1740, 1835, 1835B, 1845, 1845B Cockshutt - Fits: [ 20, 540 (with Continental F124) ], Co-Op: E2 (with Continental F124); Replaces: T11695 Massey Harris - Fits: [ Colt (21), Mustang (23), Pacer (16), 101 Jr, 101 Sr, 102 Jr, 102 Sr, 20, 22,…

Product Number: ABC2290
Price: $1.29

4 Cyl Manifold End Gaskets

MF Industrial - Fits: 2200, Industrial: 2500 Massey Ferguson - Fits: MF Tractor: 40, 50 (Continental Gas); Replaces: 182605M1 These are the end gaskets only. Please order MFS001GK for the manifold and caburetor gaskets. 3" c.c. bolt holes.

Product Number: MFS051GK
Price: $10.99
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Carburetor Gasket (carb to manifold mounting gasket)

Allis Chalmers - Fits: G (With N62 Continental Engine); Replaces: 800304, 70800304 Avery - Fits: Avery: V International / Farmall - Fits: Cub (with IH carb, up to sn 196899), 154 (with IH carb); Replaces: 251235RI Fits John Deere - L (Unstyled, up to SN: 624999); Replaces: L349T Massey Harris -…

Product Number: ABC543
Price: $2.99

Full Engine Gasket Set with seals

…70 with Continental DS-202 gas (HC) or distillate engine * Includes all gaskets and crankshaft seals for major overhaul.* 40 pieces totalIncluded in this kit:* BC181A cylinder head gasket* B422A, BA422 intake and exhaust manifold to head gasket* B426A (gas) intake to exhaust manifold gasket* B426B…

Product Number: OLS2367
Price: $299.99

Cylinder Head Gasket Set

…70800295, 70800297, 70800299 Massey Harris - Fits: Pony; Replaces: Valve Grind Kit: 840741M1, Individual gasket: 1500073M1, 1500078M1, 1500074M1, 21209A Also fits: * EARTHMASTER Model C and CH* Fits Continental 4 cylinder N62 gas engine * Includes:* valve cover gasket* head gasket* manifold gasket

Product Number: ACS025VGK
Price: $54.95
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